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PRO Power Up: Store up to 1,000GB and get unlimited plays

October 15, 2013 by Soxiam Alum
As you may know, because we repeatedly tell you using marketing techniques and suchlike, **Vimeo PRO is the best** platform for creative professionals and businesses to showcase their work. Well, best is no longer good enough for us. So, thanks to a huge power upgrade that’s unparalleled in the industry, **Vimeo PRO is now even bester**. The besterest. Why? Because we know just what creators and business owners need from a video hosting platform, and we aren’t afraid to give it to them — for a ridiculously miraculous affordable price. (Read: Vimeo loves you all.) [Check out the new Vimeo PRO](! ![Vimeo PRO: Powered Up]( Whether you’re a current Vimeo PRO member or joining for the first time, opt into the new, wildly upgraded PRO to feel the power coursing through every fiber of your being: **It’s got more. Of everything.** We gave Vimeo PRO a massive power upgrade, with more storage, fewer limits, and better support, all for the same ridiculously affordable price. **Store up to 1,000 GB a year** That’s 1TB! With the new Vimeo PRO, you can upload 20GB each week — in other words, about 5 hours of HD video every 7 days. **Unlimited plays everywhere** PRO members enjoy totally unchecked, completely unrestricted, and utterly unlimited plays anywhere their videos appear online. **1-hour email support, around the clock** Get help super swiftly, 24 hours a day on business days Eastern Time, and 1-day email support on weekends. **Everything you need to showcase your work** + 1080p HD all the time, on any device + Priority video conversion and FTP uploading to get your work online fast + As with all Vimeo memberships, we never put ads before, after, or on top of your videos (and with Vimeo PRO you and your viewers won't see banner ads on, either) + Amazing privacy control over how and where your videos appear. See? We weren’t kidding. Power. A lot. We gave Vimeo PRO more of almost everything, but we kept one thing the same: the incredibly low price, which is thousands less than the competition. So go ahead, [power up now](!


TV Languedoc

So nice to see this surprise … whaaaaou … thanks a lot for this really great gift
So happy to be on vimeo since 2009

merci les amis … (and big hello from South of France )

Kevin Luiz | Capion Studio Plus

Hey so I have a question... on vimeo we do not have commercial ads.. are we about to see them soon? Only reason I ask is because of this line in particular....

***No ads before, after****, or on top of your videos (and you won't see banner ads on, either)

Could you please clarify, thanks!

Chris Diken Staff

Sorry to confuse!

NOPE, you are not about to see commercial ads — that line was just a reminder that Vimeo doesn't put gross stuff on your nice stuff!

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the confusion, but there will never be ads in the Vimeo player for any account level.


Killer updates the Priority FTP is key.

Skyrider Films

Awesome offer, I'd immediately buy, BUT I need subtitles capability. More than 50% of our show's viewers come from countries outside the U.S., closed captions/subtitles are a must. And think of the hearing impaired... That's the major drawback that stops me from having PRO. So let's wait...

Matt Davis PRO

+1, and then some. Subtitles are sorely needed. Burned into video is not good - subtitles are metadata and the video/web balance is driven by metadata.

Where is Asturias

The ability to subtitle or closed caption would be a godsend. If you can then make it happen.
Subs would also extend your own audience participation massively! Language access is the one thing holding back Vimeo dominance!!
The WIA team

Teradek Business Live

We've recently paid $400+ to get a meager increase of 100GB storage to our account.
Switching to this new Vimeo Pro... how will this affect our purchase? From my understanding, this makes our purchase irrelevant?

Unfortunately, I thought the "opt-in" button was going to give us a more.. formal and detailed description of what we're signing up for... so I already "opt-ed" in...

Also, just wondering how it would work.. if by some god forbid chance we need more than 20GB a particular week... will you offer an option to increase weekly upgrade limitation?

Don't get me wrong - we love Vimeo! Just want to keep things fair and running smoothly.

XOXO Wedding Studio Plus

Awesome news! Well written post as well!

So Im already a plus member. When I upgrade to Pro will my leftover Plus membership be deducted from the Pro upgrade price?

Matt Schwarz Staff

PRO doesn't affect how you view the normal, so you should be fine!

XOXO Wedding Studio Plus

Yeah I just looked around and figured that out but thank you for your response!

So I'm already a plus member. When I upgrade to Pro will my leftover Plus membership be deducted from the Pro upgrade price?

Joel Jupp Plus

Is there a way to link a Dropbox folder with vimeo? To auto upload in the background?

Joel Jupp Plus

In that case, I'd also like a medium supreme pizza. ;)


Tommy Penner Staff

Your wish is our command! Message me your address, a time you'll be home, and any food allergens you may have. I'd be really sad if we sent you a pizza you couldn't eat.

Ricardo A. Nascimento

"Your wish is our command! Message me your address, a time you'll be home, and any food allergens you may have. I'd be really sad if we sent you a pizza you couldn't eat."

This is why I love Vimeo, thanks Tommy !

Big Idea Photo and Video

Can someone tell me if a Pro account gives you all of the analytics features like Youtube gives you?

MOWO Media Premium

Vimeo Pro Analytics are pretty good. It depends on what stats you rely on with Youtube. It would seem a sample page would be available for you to look at.

MOWO Media Premium

Thanks Vimeo! This will be great for those who produce and serve up long-form video and events. Along with closed about Google Chromecast support? :D


Sweet. Thanks Vimeo :-)


Would love more comprehensive Stats/analytics too. :-|

vimeo thank's for the upgrade you guy's are the best....i love it

Bharat Gohil

Yuhoooooo..... Thank you Vimeo for uping up the PRO Plan without charging us any extra money ! I have just upgraded my plan to PRO on 10-16-2013 ! Vimeo is unbeatable in quality and price !

Chris Diken Staff

Sorry, Vimeo does not offer live video streaming. But thanks for being a PRO!

Chris Diken Staff

Yes, the unlimited plays and 20GB/week storage apply to Vimeo for Business as well. The $139 price may have been a special offer and is not available at this time.

ProEdge Skills, Inc. PRO

That easy? Just clicked the opt-in and it said I'm one of the lucky ones. Is there a way to confirm inside of my account? Thanks again!

Marc Fitt PRO

So basically now we my pro account I don't have to really care about the storage. I have a renewable 20go every week and don't have to check the play. It's just unlimited if I have understand, it blow my mind. It's like unbelievable lol


Will there be any improvement on conversion speed and consistency?
Some times it starts converting right away,
sometimes it is minutes,
sometimes it is hours,
and sometimes it is never.

The bottom line is that it is not reliable. We have sent emails with URLs and that sometimes fixes it but not always and it seems like we shouldn't have to do that.

High Six Media PRO

I've been a vimeo Pro user since it first came out and this morning I discover my account has been down graded to a basic vimeo account. What's going on guys?!

Videogenique PRO

I have exactly the same problem as High Six Media: I have been downgraded to Basic user :-( I've already sent an email Vimeo Support Staff and no reply yet. Feeling like Urban Insight's post below :-( I know the super duper Vimeo Staff is swamped, but still, being reduced to basic usage is frustrating.

Effy Wild PRO

I added storage recently and I'm set to renew in November. At what rate will my account renew now that I've opted in to the upgrade?


Absolutely amazing, Vimeo rocks and now it rocks even more.

Planetizen Premium

Vimeo staff,

First, you're the best option out there for us.

Now: Is the 1-hour or even 1-day email support response time true and correct? We have documented evidence to show otherwise.

We have TWICE submitted support requests and have YET TO RECEIVE ANY HUMAN RESPONSE. I don't care how much Vimeo says they love us if you can't show it with support when we really need it. I'd be happy to pay MORE for what you're giving us if you could actually stick by the marketing claims.

Rather than new deals to get people to sign up, take care of your existing PRO members before we head over to Wistia, the second best option.

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi there, we've replied to you a couple of times now, but it appears you're not receiving those messages. Check your email client settings to make sure emails from Vimeo aren't being blocked. When using the contact form I'd also recommend adding another email address not on your domain:

You're also welcome to post in our Help Forums!

daniele di stanio PRO

Guys this is UNBELIEVABLE! Me and my colleagues are building a huge film school here in Rome, and this is such an outstanding news! Thanks Vimeo, totally love you! d.

Streamline Media

ehehe, this made my day just after purchasing pro a week before, sweet sweet

Ian Smith

Thanks. The best video hosting service just got even better. Great job guys!

Jaime Manera Plus

Very Motivating. I am a Vimeo user since some years now and as the time pass by I only see that here things improve a lot. Thank you Vimeo!


Awesome !! Just what we needed ;-))

Robert M.Reese PRO

I just upgraded. You guy's do great work. Terrific platform to show off my stuff. I wouldn't mind a pizza either!

Treeam PRO

These are some great news! Thank you!
Hope there are more updates coming. Specifically in portfolio templates. There is a practical need of such template which can show a lot of videos in single page (think of 30, 40 50 of them).

Videogenique PRO

Hello Vimeo Staff,
It's been two days that my account has been downgraded from PRO to basic. I am stuck not being able to upload videos for my clients to review. Can someone get back to me on this and my email sent to support yesterday? Thanks!

Videogenique PRO

Thanks Matt. I know you guys are hard at work! Thanks for getting back to me!

Andy Leverett

Is there a max limit to the file sizes of each individual upload? For instance, if I wanted to upload one file that was 19gbs, would this platform support that (assuming that i had super high speed internet connection)? or is it capped at 5gbs an upload, 10gbs an upload, etc?

Tommy Penner Staff

Hi Andy, you can upload a video as large as your weekly quota allows!

Atlantis Target

I'm already a PRO member and I'm soooo upset with Vimeo Staff...!!! I had an issue three days ago with my account and no response to my emails, no solutions, no nothing!!! and I've had serious problems with my client due to this... And I'm continue without any reply from them...

SOOOOOOO UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darnell Witt Staff

Hi Javier, Sincere apologies for the inconvenience! Your case was assigned to a specialist and required some input from our developers because it was a tricky issue pertaining to a new feature (FTP uploading). You'll hear back from us again shortly!

Atlantis Target

Thanks Daniel but now it is a little bit late... the client is already lost... gone... because he couldn't see the material before publishing it. And we are talking about more than 10 gigs that I had not time to upload to other platform...

I will keep the material but just for me, not for the client that is lost...

thanks anyway for your reply...


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