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Publish videos to your social channels, instantly

Vimeo Staff
November 15, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Update: This feature is available to all Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium plans! AND, you can now publish natively to LinkedIn’s Company Pages, as well as to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

A clear trend has emerged on the internet, and it’s only getting bigger: videos are dominating social media. We’ve talked before about why it’s so important for brands to incorporate social into their video marketing strategies — and we want to make it even easier for you to succeed. That’s why we’re rolling out a new publish-to-social feature, which lets Vimeo Business and Business Live members publish videos as native posts on social, directly from Vimeo.

Why it’s awesome
You can now grow your audience and distribute videos across Facebook and YouTube instantly — and do so with native videos, instead of links. One major benefit of this is that social platforms tend to favor native uploads. Take Facebook. Their current algorithm displays native videos more often than links on the News Feed. And since those videos will auto-play, you’re much more likely to see an increase in viewers and overall engagement.

Y’know when numbers move up and to the right? Few things are so sweet after you’ve worked so hard to get that video out the door. That’s why we’ve also got you covered on key social data points. See plays, likes, and comments per channel, side by side, so you can compare what’s working on each platform, and optimize accordingly. And of course, that’s in addition to all the other powerful stats you currently enjoy.

Why we’re launching this
Above all, we’re a creator-first platform. We know that your business may exist across multiple sites — and we want to help you succeed wherever your videos exist. We believe in empowering creators in this way, and ensuring we remain your independent home for videos — offering you one central location to manage and organize securely, collaborate with your team, and distribute across all your channels. With this rollout, you can better make your full video ecosystem work for you.

How it works
Head to your Videos page, click the Share button for any video, and then choose the “Publish to social” option. For now, you can post natively to Facebook, YouTube, or both simultaneously.

The first time you post, you’ll need to give Vimeo permission to connect to your social accounts. Then you can enter things like title, description, and privacy settings — and hurrah! Your video is ready to be published on the platforms you choose.

To make sure your videos post successfully, you’ll want to adhere to the specifications for each social platform. After you let your videos loose, you can easily view all your stats from your dashboard, optimize videos based on the data you see per channel, and keep improving your videos over time.

The takeaway
Now it’s extra efficient for Vimeo Business and Business Live members to publish videos natively on other social platforms, all from their Vimeo account, and see results. As a creator or business owner, it means you can streamline your workflow, understand what’s working across major platforms, and better achieve your goals across this big wide internet.


Chad Mahadevan Plus

Just to clarify, it is no longer possible to post a native video to Facebook with a Vimeo plus membership, correct? I was informed by your support center that this was a Facebook error.

Mark Cersosimo Staff

Facebook has recently decided that they are no longer supporting any external players to play inline on their social platform (this includes Vimeo, YouTube and all others). Any videos shared on Facebook will link back out to the platform they were uploaded on.

Unfortunately, we do not have any control over this decision. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Chad Mahadevan Plus

Facebook is no longer supporting Vimeo videos to play inline, but with a Vimeo Business account you can post natively on Facebook? Whats the difference between inline and native videos?

Mark Cersosimo Staff

Inline means the video is still hosted on Vimeo and plays back in Vimeo's player. That's what Facebook has chosen to no longer support. Posting natively to Facebook actually uploads the video to Facebook and uses their player instead.

VideoSuite PRO

Can you just clarify what we can do with this as I'm considering upgrading. When you publish to facebook does it still show the call to actions within the video if it's not using vimeo's player?

Mark Cersosimo Staff

Nope, this publishes it natively to Facebook and uses their player and tools.

cityInfo.TV Business

Right now there is no option to put a video, that you upload to YouTube, into a YT-playlist. Will this be possible in the future?

Mark Cersosimo Staff

We're glad you like it! Adding to a YouTube playlist isn't currently available but we'll definitely consider adding this in the future. :) Business

I think Vimeo should consider expanding this to other sites. It would take the burden off the creators in their distribution content.

Ser LibreMente Plus

Instagram & Twitter would be amazing, (with their time limits of course)

Mirella Christou

Agreed, please add these, especially Instagram, if possible.

Chelo Plus

I think that Facebook in this way makes a user not want to share something on their platform and over time will cause the user disinterest in sharing things on Facebook

Win-Win Poker Business

Already enjoying the youtube integration, it works pretty much perfect!
What about posting to a FB page you manage instead of your personal page? Can we expect that to happen? Thanks!

Ser LibreMente Plus

To post in my FB page is a must for me to start using this new feature.
Thanks Vimeo! i wait for it! ;)

Alastair Humphreys Plus

+1 for me - I need this too for it to be a useful feature. (My 'real' friends don't care about the stuff I want to post on my Facebook 'work' page.)

Baris Atayman

How about sharing native on LinkedIn? Also - could you please clarify if you can still collect metrics from FB shares and the CTA's remain active?

Mark Cersosimo Staff

We show plays, likes and shares. CTAs would not remain active as this publishes the videos natively to FB and uses their player and tools which aren't as robust as ours right now.

DanHoven PRO

This is bullsh@#$.
I didn't need plus, but got it, I certainly don't need pro, but got it. Now a change happens with facebook and instead of just finding a solution to help your premium account holders you think it's better to just make it a new "upgrade". Drug dealers have higher ethics. I already pay $200 a year as do many and you should be giving your work around to all Pro and Plus members. I will not be redoing my contract and something tells me I won't be alone. The hit vimeo pimps will take will then make them make it available for the other accounts but hopefully most will no longer give you a red cent.

Mark Cersosimo Staff

Sorry for the confusion! We didn't launch this feature in response to Facebook's end of supporting 3rd party in-line content. This was something we were working on far in advance as a perk for Business members.

Mark Cersosimo Staff

It will just upload to the Facebook account you've connected. Within Facebook, after it's uploaded you can share it elsewhere.

Suk Law Firm PRO

So I can't only upload it to a page I manage? I don't want the content on my personal page.

MaleCall Dance PRO

I agree with Suk Law Firm. Adding to a FB page I manage without initially posting on my personal FB page is a vital feature to me.

MonaraKudumbiya Plus

Hi, I intend to release my first music video soon. I have chosen vimeo for this because of the quality of audio and video. I will embed the link on my facebook page and boost within facebook to attract viewers. However I hear that facebook might not approve my boost ad because the link is embedded from vimeo. Is this true? Please help me what to do proactively. My apologies, if this is the wrong forums, if so kindly direct me to the right place. Thanks a million.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi @monarakudumbiya! If you use this tool to publish Vimeo videos to Facebook, the video will be uploaded to the native Facebook player (and won't be using the Vimeo player at all). I hope that helps answer your question! Let us know if you have any further concerns.

Angel Llacuna

On what types of Vimeo accounts is this feature available ?
Can I share a Vimeo video so it can be displayed on someone else's Facebook page using the native Facebook player ?

Kent C. Jaffa Plus

I make tutorial videos showing spreadsheets and other types of lists. When I uploaded them to facebook, the resolution was not sufficient to follow what was going on because the picture was blurry. Will this still be a problem if I use Vimeo to create a YouTube video?

Jamie McAleney Support

The quality of the video should be maintained, but if you're seeing otherwise please reach out to our support team directly at and we can help!

Kent C. Jaffa Plus

Wow! Thank you for your reply. I will have to give it a try when I have time.

KM Squarespace Studio PRO

When posting to YouTube it does NOT use my first custom thumbnail that I created in Vimeo. Can this be fixed? It works fine on Facebook.

Ser LibreMente Plus

Interesting, Did it happen with uploaded thumbnails? or only with the custom you created inside Vimeo? Clarification from any Staff member is much apreciated ;)

Jamie McAleney Support

Thumbnails do not transfer over to other site's systems-- you'll need to re-upload or re-select a thumbnail using their setup!

panagenda Business

Will be testing this again with our next video. Tried it after it was announced at the end of last year and the video wouldn't upload on YouTube. Response from Vimeo was "take it up with YouTube" (support request (3460053)). Hopefully it works better now.

Additional feature request: when embedding with email capture, we'd love to determine which which video was watched when an email was entered as opposed to a full list of captured emails - anything like that coming up soon?

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for following up. Let us know your thoughts after you test it out!

At this time there are no plans to specify the email capture list but I've made note of your request and will pass it along to our product team!

Long Run Media LLC Plus

A question...I just tried this with a recent project. I specifically changed the featured thumbnail for the FB share but it appears with a random frame (which, BTW, is terrible). Can this be addressed?

Jamie McAleney Support

Thumbnails do not transfer over to other site's systems-- you'll need to re-upload or re-select a thumbnail using their setup!

Long Run Media LLC Plus

That's odd...I had shared the link before and FB exhibited the Vimeo selected thumbnail. Now it's random.

Jamie McAleney Support

Simply sharing a video to FB should still display the correct clickable thumbnail, but publishing that video to FB using our publish to social feature will not.

Red Brand PRO

How can I change my social connection from my personal fb account to a page I manage, so that my client's videos go to the proper page?

Red Brand PRO

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but when I go to 'Facebook Settings' and click on the drop down by 'Connected As', my personal account shows up and so does 'Connect to a Page'. However, when I select 'Connect to a Page', nothing happens. Is there a way to re-set my connection to point to my client's Facebook page?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing. Please write into and someone can assist you further!

Jamie McAleney Support

There are no plans to incorporate LinkedIn but we're making note of this and passing it along to our product team!

Jeremy Nicholl PRO

Will this allow me to publish my videos to another party's Facebook page from my Vimeo account? A charity wants to publish a series I'm filming on their Facebook page and upload it from their Facebook account because FB favors native uploads. I want them to use the series, but I'd rather upload the films from my Vimeo account to their Facebook account as a native upload so I can track the viewings. But is that possible? I suspect that something in the system will only allow my to upload to my own Facebook account and not anyone else's.

Lynne Phillips

Why can I follow you on Instagram, but y'all haven't made it possible to post video there?

Jamie McAleney Support

Sorry for the trouble, we'll be sure to pass along your feedback for an Instagram integration to our devs for their consideration!

Bluefin Business

This only seems to be for Facebook & YouTube - what about the rest?

Jamie McAleney Support

For now, you can only post natively to Facebook, YouTube, or both simultaneously. If you have recommendations for other platforms to incorporate in the future, please let us know.

142Productions PRO

Holy Ravioli, this will save us some time. Thanks Vimeo - keep up the good work! :D Looking forward to you supporting other social platforms in the near-future. :D

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate the kind words :)

daniel alexis sanchez uribe

Hola espero tu respuesta si puede
pero pago es un me regalo tarjeta de banco retiro subida si puede
soy sordo video diferente si o no te suena ? espero razon 1 mes tiempo ok

Jamie McAleney Support

Do you mind clarifying, we're having a bit of trouble with the translation. Are you having trouble purchasing using your billing card?

Property Tours Business

Hi, I've tried this feature and it works well. The quality of the post to YouTube is great (Auto 720p HD label is displayed in YouTube confirming it's playing in HD). However, the quality is very poor in Facebook. I notice that the HD tick box in Facebook is not ticked by default (causing the video to be played at SD rather than HD). To emulate the quality of video we have on Vimeo, the HD box needs be ticked. How can this HD box on Facebook be ticked by default when we publish videos to Facebook using this route? Thanks Nick

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Unfortunately, we do not have control over the Facebook player once the video has been uploaded, so there is no way to ensure that the HD box on Facebook is ticked off if you upload from Vimeo.

Indien Media PRO

Trying to clarify, can this be used to publish videos to a Facebook Business page?

David D Lowe

Is it possible to publish a video to Facebook as a draft? Then I can use all the options that Facebook provides, including scheduling, without having my followers see the video before the edits.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there David! Sorry, this is not possible, but we will log this feedback as a feature request! Thank you for reaching out.

Jamie McAleney Support

Facebook plays won't apply to your video's page on, but in your statistics you are able to see plays, likes, and comments per channel, side by side, so you can compare what’s working on each platform, and optimize accordingly.

Will Weprin PRO

Well this seems like a good feature considering the way Facebook is handling linked videos now. However, Some of my videos require the best streaming quality possible, which is why I use Vimeo in the first place. If we use this new publish to social and the video is uploaded to Facebook servers, I can't imagine the quality will be the same. Please let me know if I am wrong because I have a video ready to go out and would like to use this feature.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Will! We will send the highest quality video file transcoded on Vimeo to the other social media platform, where it will go through their upload and conversion process. This will depend on Facebook and YouTube!

Will Weprin PRO

Also, based on comments above, it looks like HD is turned off by default with Facebook videos. That's not good because it will look pretty bad in SD. Any work around for that?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Unfortunately, we do not have control over the Facebook player once the video has been uploaded, so there is no way to ensure that the HD box on Facebook is ticked off if you upload from Vimeo.

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