With nearly half of potential homeowners now beginning their home research online, your listing’s digital presence has never been more crucial. And photos alone? They just don’t cut it anymore. “Really good video for real estate is essential to actually selling,” says Ohio-based real estate agent Chip James. “A photo can make a room look 20 feet wide. Video is harder to cheat, so a buyer feels more comfortable putting in an offer on something they have a video of.”

For many agents, including real estate video in listings means stitching together high-quality images in a slideshow, or simply recording a walkthrough of a listing, smartphone in hand. While these are great options when it comes to getting started, there are plenty of options for cool and creative real estate videos that can help take listings to new heights.

Whether you’re just starting out in the real estate video space or are looking for fresh ideas to spice up your social feeds, we’re rounding up the best real estate videos (complete with highly-customizable real estate video templates) to make it easy to stand out.

In this article, we’ll look at 4 types of videos top-notch realtors use in their marketing:

  • Real estate listing video ideas and templates, 
  • real estate promo video ideas and templates, 
  • agent video ideas and templates, 
  • and some creative, out-of-the-box real estate video ideas,  

all designed to take the guesswork out of your next listing.

Real estate listing videos

Let’s start at the very beginning, the cornerstone of real estate video marketing: the listing video. Whether you embed on your listing or promote on social, there are five variations of the humble listing worth trying for yourself.

PS: if you want some high-quality advice on how to make the best real estate video possible, check out our report for priceless video insights on things like video length, arrangement, audio, and more.

1. Voiceover property listings


This stunning listing from The Locals Real Estate Team gets a loving video treatment complete with drone shots, to-the-camera video introduction, and a narrated video tour.

This is a great example of a listing video that does almost as much work as an in-person tour. Both agents utilize their VO to paint a picture of how the house could be utilized by a family, and video to show off the house’s interior/exterior as well as the local sights.

2. Time lapse video listings

For listings with high-watt views or properties located in bustling city centers, consider capturing a time lapse or two to convey powerful imagery in conjunction with your listing’s plush interiors.

The brains at theREALhomeTOUR highlight the city of San Francisco as a main selling point for their listing, allowing them to highlight location, location, location.

3. Drone video listings


The folks at a birds eye real estate knows the power of a good drone shot. For listings with breathtaking surroundings or even just a quaint neighborhoods, including an overhead view of the property can help lend a sense of place to your video listing without your viewer having to hop in their car to take a look.

4. Lot preview video listings 


No house? No problem. Video can be a vital tool when illustrating the potential of a lot for future buyers. The Fabulous Homes team uses video to highlight this lot’s high-value surroundings as well as its impressive stats, allowing viewers to envision the endless possibilities.

5. Block video listings

Because blocks and empty lots can be hard to visualize, the aptly named Block + Lot real estate uses video to tell a story to potential clients. By adding text overlay to their overhead drone footage, they’re able to tell a story and highlight the listing’s many offerings while making sure they tell a cohesive story.

Realtor videos 

Even if you’ve got the listing game on lock, there’s still plenty more you can do to beef up your brand with video. These real estate agent video examples will give you plenty of inspo to help you tell your story as an agent and a human, and build stronger relationships with your clients along the way.

6. Agent story videos


Real estate agent Jenn Blake knows how powerful video can be when it comes to driving sales, so she turned to the folks at Video Sells Real Estate to make a video that highlights her core values and identifies her as a leader in her space.

“We believe that video helps sell real estate, but it does more than that,” says David Moya, Strategic Media Partner at Video Sells Real Estate. “Our clients leverage video to communicate their brand, marketing efforts, and their personality — which ultimately helps them sell more homes.”

7. Agent promo videos


Agents Lindsay Stuckey and Michelle Doherty take the good old fashioned infomercial approach to highlighting how they can help buyers make their home purchasing journey simple and painless. It’s a relatively basic video structure — problem, solution, CTA — but it works well to leave viewers with a clear message, and establishes them as authorities in their field.

8. Agent neighborhood videos 


It’s no secret we have a bit of a video crush on the folks at The Jane Advisory, and this neighborhood video series is no exception. Built on the idea of highlighting the parts of New York City that the agents themselves love to live in, this video is a great way to build a relationship with new and existing clients as well as offer a clear value proposition for any future listing.

What makes a great real estate video?

We studied hundreds of real estate videos right here on Vimeo to determine the ingredients you’ll need to make a video that keeps clients watching.

Real estate promo videos

Agents and brokers are no strangers to self-promotion, but there are plenty of out-of-the-box ways to get your name out there without the need for print ads or ad-hoc emails. Here are some video examples we love for promoting your business in style.

9. Client testimonial video


Never underestimate the power of a great testimonial. This video testimonial, produced by the real estate brains at Aerial Canvas, is a powerful calling card for an agent looking to lock down their next listing.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is the whole story,” says Matt Wood, Director of Business Development at Aerial Canvas. “Video allows a story to be told for each and every house, and engages people in a way that photos do not.”

10. Agency promo videos


When it comes to highlighting the value propositions of your agency or brokerage, don’t be afraid to address your value head-on. The team at MODUS real estate isn’t coy about what makes them different. To do the same, detail the exact value of your specific business for prospective clients in your next promotional project.

11. Local information videos


California-based Gregory Real Estate Group uses video to provide deeply researched, local perspective on the neighborhoods and communities they live (and operate) in.

“Remember, it’s not just about a single listing,” says founder Pete Gregory. “Prospective home seller clients may look at your marketing efforts for past clients. If they see nicely created videos, your chances to earn more business goes up!”

Creative, out-of-the-box real estate video ideas

Wanna get funky with it? These creative real estate video ideas should help you take your video marketing to new heights.

12. Powerful promotion videos


Creating a mission video is a great way to get your brand out there, all while doing some good. Agent Chip James wanted to honor veterans, fire fighters, and first responders in his hometown. So he made a commitment to financially support those figures in his community through his business, then shared his promise with a powerful video.

13. Creatively edited videos 


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to home tours, but getting creative with your transitions, video overlays, music, and more can go a long way to making your video stand out from the crowd. 

Video allows a story to be told for each and every house, and engages people in a way that photos do not.”
Matt Wood, Director of Business Development at Aerial Canvas

14. Cinematic videos 


If you really want to go all out, channel Hawaii Life Real Estate and make a video worthy of a whole television spot. While we wouldn’t recommend investing your entire marketing budget into a video like this, if you’ve got the time and the resources, this kind of slick content can act as a powerful calling card for you and your business.

15. Local spotlight videos


Double Boldt Real Estate puts their money where their mouth is in this sweet small business showcase. By highlighting the power of commercial real estate, they’re able to clearly illustrate the value of what they do. (And highlight the power of real estate in the process.)

Wrap up

Feeling inspired after browsing some of the best real estate video ideas in the biz? Good. Before you run off, don’t forget a few of our findings from our major real estate video report. For best results:

  • Add a voiceover, or at least music, to your real estate video content 
  • Don’t start your video with a text card, if you can help it 
  • Include drone or aerial shots where you can
  • End your video with outdoor shots of the surrounding neighborhood

Happy video-making!

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