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See 7 of the most breathtaking drone videos on Vimeo

Rachel Goldberg
September 1, 2016 by Rachel Goldberg Alum

Since time immemorial, the sky’s been a big deal: it’s fueled creation myths, guided important people like Galileo and Magellan, and now, humans have figured out a way to send robots up there to capture amazing footage. When done right, drone and aerial shots add volumes to a video: they can evoke feelings of awe, layer in new textures and depth, or simply cue the audience into the setting. And the world’s best filmmakers just so happen to be uploading incredible drone videos to Vimeo every day — so we thought it was high time we highlight them.

That’s why I turned to my most aesthetically attuned pals, our curation team, to help compile the playlist below. Hit play, indulge in the sights, and experience some of the most incredible videos to come out of our favorite cumulous-filled playground.



Michael Fletcher PRO

Such a privilege to be amongst these fine examples of drone work and editing. Thanks Vimeo. Deeply humbled.

thinkTank Photo

Congrats, Michael (And all) amazing work, mate! --Simon

Bertil Rosenkrands

Awesome collection. Love to live in a time were we can achieve these kind of shots, without spending a fortune on helicopters.

Madebyvadim Plus

Thank you Rachel and curator team, for selecting my short drone film to feature here.

Aerial Entertainment Studios PRO

Rachel, we completely agree with your selection and we feel privileged to have Vadim showcase and sell his work on our platform. If you are looking for more of Vadim's work, as well as all the footage in the Iceland video, feel free to visit Some awesome drone footage from the world's best aerial cinematographers. Cheers.

Rohit Aggarwal

Great work, amazing videos...would be interesting to know what kind of drones were used to create some of these videos.

Madebyvadim Plus

Mine (which is Vindur) was shot entirely on DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Craig Sherod

Wow! As a f/t photographer and journeyman drone pilot/videographer, these inspire and move the bar very high. Kudos to all the filmmakers and to Rachel for presenting them.


Beautiful videos. I create simple videos for local businesses in the UK. Using specialist techniques to get the video ranked on page One of Google. Looking forward to seeing more like this and I have popped it on my FB page too


Thank you for grouping these , it makes it easier for me to find. Very Nice


DEEP ISLANDS deep feelings


Завораживающая съёмка!

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