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Staff Pick All-Stars: The most badge-laden creators on Vimeo

Jason Sondhi
May 15, 2015 by Jason Sondhi Alum

We think of members of the community that get Staff Picked as part of an exclusive club. Not only do they get that laurel-coated badge to display on their video, but we also invite them to be a part of our directory of directors, which makes them eligible for cool opportunities like our Brand Creative Fund. This club includes some of the most famous and talented directors, animators, and multi-talented video makers in the world, but we want to keep adding to it! There are no occupancy restrictions here — every day, we’re actively looking for new folks to join the ranks.

Still, when we sift through all of the Staff Picked people on Vimeo, we see a few creators who have been honored over and over and over and over again. It’s a testament to their talent, longevity, and loyalty, and interestingly, many are not household names (yet!). If you’re not yet familiar with their work, we’re proud to introduce you to a selection of creators whom are among our most Staff Picked community members of all time.

Matty Brown - 13 Staff Picks

Mr. Brown is an editing wizard! His trademarked style of quick cuts and in-camera motion has been oft-duplicated in the six years since his first Staff Pick, and his fingerprints are all over modern travel videography. A community ambassador and all-around great guy, we’ve been very lucky to work with him recently on a Brand Creative Fund vid for Samsung. That film should be out in the next couple of months, so be on the lookout.

Michael Coleman - 12 Staff Picks

There is a certain series about 420-loving Brooklynites that’s gotten a lot of press of late, but this series has it beat in number of Staff Picks. We love Michael Coleman’s splendid Soundworks Collection, a behind-the-scenes project which utilizes Coleman’s access as a long-time producer to profile the unsung creative work of sound designers on major Hollywood features. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that a “Mad Max” episode is on the horizon...

BRTHR - 10 Staff Picks

Coming in strong with four Staff Picks last year, this dynamite creative duo is precociously talented — they’ve yet to reach 25 years on this planet! Kyle and Alex have been gaining in industry stature of late with high profile videos for the likes of Charlie XCX and Iggy Azalea, but we still remember them as the unsigned wunderkinds behind one of our favorite Japanese travel videos.

Mark & Angela Walley - 9 Staff Picks

Husband and wife creative duos are the epitome of cute. Amirite?? Texas-based, this couple has found their niche in creating delightful artist-profile documentaries. With a careful eye and effective interviewing style, they somehow manage to find that deeper layer in an artist’s work and manner, the space beyond the surface gloss so many profile documentarians get hung up on. Sounds deep, but somehow they can still get silly, like in this first vid.

44 Staff Picks...that’s a lot of recognition for just four filmmaking teams. Before you throw your hands up and quit your dreams in a fit of status insecurity, I wish to instill you with the confidence that we love every Staff Picked creator equally as the unique snowflake they are. Seriously, we do! And not just that, it’s such a brave act to share a work of your creation that we have the deepest admiration and appreciation for everyone who attempts it. Every single creator with a Staff Pick to their name remembers a time that they didn’t have one. You’ve got to start somewhere, and we can’t wait to potentially be wowed by what you have next for us.


Bold Content PRO

Thanks for highlighting some of the greats. Please keep 'em coming they're inspirational!

Polna Productions

Thank you Matty for the amazing film about my country, So much pain and sorrow in the past, so much energy today.

Matty Brown PRO

Michael, I hope you do a piece on Mad Max: Fury Road! Would be awesome! And lovely videos, man!


thanks for this writeup! this is awesome

Matty Brown PRO

Guys this just made my day! Thank you so much for all your years of encouragement!

marta dymek Plus

what a great collection of videos! Thanks so much for this, Jason! :) I really love the vimeo community! So much amazing talent here.

Oliver Astrologo Plus

Great post Jason,
not only masterpieces, in my opinion Matty Brown made a "style" from which many Vimeo artists were inspired on.

K. Bayquoi

Thanks Jason, for this post. All are incredibly inspiring, but Matty Brown, really stands out, for me. Lots of GREAT ideas in videography and editing to be learned here...

Remyyy Plus

So cool to have Matty at the top. Almost born in here. ;) Always so impressed by his videos. Congrats for the amazing job !!

Walley Films Plus

We're so honored to have our work included in this! Thank you Jason! Vimeo has always been an amazing platform and community for us to share our work.

Jason Sondhi Alum

Honored to have you. Always look forward to what you come up with.

TM Films HD

The gravity video is really inspiring... the film itself is breathtaking, really made an impact on me.

Shane Rankin (Acid Inks)

nothing quite like quality videos to get one inspired! Love hearing about talent much recommended you just got me drive on 😉✌


Thank you to Vimeo for providing the stage for the most talented people.

Daniel Halley

I've watched Gravity three times and will probably watch a few more times. There's not one wasted frame/soundtrack in this movie. Sandra Bullock, WOW!

Myles Thompson Plus

I have one tiny Staff Pick. Was a great feeling though...often there are two or three Staff Picks per day. When mine was picked it on the front page for 24 hrs.

It's a great way to honour creativity and promote new talent.

Vegard Flatoy

"series about 420-loving Brooklynites" is referring to what series?

Vegard Flatoy

I saw this trailer a long time ago, then completely forgot about it! Thanks :)


Wonderful! Thank you Vimeo


The world is a more beautiful place with you Vimeo!
Thank you :)


By watching Bipoland we can think: human beings are monsters.


Brilliante, muchas gracias

Mary Hutchinson

Love all these staff picks they are well deserved. There are so many wonderfully executed films here, glad it's not up to me, everyone would get a staff pick. Congrats to everyone. Keeping doing what you do best bringing our world into focus for the rest of us. Thank you!!!!.

Craig Bracefield

Matty Brown....You legend....would love to work with you on some bike related films.....wonderful,really wonderful. Loved the high speed mix up, really takes you on a journey and get the pusle racing. Also loved the zoom effect put to great use too......

All in all, brilliant


This is a great work, i first got this through my , and i so like it...

shahidiqbal qureshi

may ju bhi kam karon gha wo donea ke liye new ur anokha hugha,es ke liye may staff ka damagh par kar khud fesla karon gha,muje donea mae phelna hae chand city mae nahe,may ne 4 sal 7 month mae 3 arab insan register karwae apni team mae,jise france mae russia,jurmany,mae 8 million march karwaya JPIO ne next date 8 billion march karaya,muje peche rehna nahe ata top and selection top very important staff will be after my training,love you all,

Mark Wilkins

Wonder Object.
Wonderfull. Very thought provoking and inspiring.
I enjoyed it very much.
A great pick.

Ann Marie Haase

These are fascinating works. I'm not sure I understand all of them, or maybe just the experience is enough.

Nagesh Kandel

Such a wonderful community, n thanks for this list... amazing people, amazing works ..

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