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Staff Picks: The Best of October 2012

Jason Sondhi
November 5, 2012 by Jason Sondhi Alum

In our recent blog post eulogizing the HD channel and announcing the relaunch of Staff Picks, we promised that we, your trusty Vimeo curation team, would be experimenting with fun, new ways to highlight and package the consistently excellent content you bring to the site. In that spirit, enjoy what we plan on having become a regular feature—plucked from Staff Picks, a Best of the Month watchlist!

Innovative? Perhaps not, but it's such a no-brainer of an idea that it's astonishing we haven't done it until now. The Staff Picks Channel currently features over 150 videos every month, which, frankly, can be a little overwhelming. Why not collect our favorites—the essential, must-watch, instant classics of the previous month into one mind-melting aggregation of awesome?

That's what we've done here, and I think you will agree that the films represented are amazing work. The techno-futuristic sci-fi True Skin was bought for feature film development by Warner Brothers the very week it debuted, and while no official word has come down yet, Hollywood is circling around Dan Blank's amazing sushi chef vs. sea monsters teaser, Monster Roll, as well.

Stepping back from the fantastical to the merely fantastic, Staff Picks alumna Celia Rowlson-Hall and Matty Brown return with some of their strongest work ever, a brutally funny satire and a wonderful visual travelogue respectively, while newcomer J. Alan Spearman, a photojournalist for the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, blew us away with his sensitive and richly-realized portrait of South Memphis as seen from the eyes of a young poet.

And how could we have a list without time lapses? This month we've got two, both pushing the artistic limits of the form in addition to the technical, showing us our world in startlingly unfamiliar, yet beautiful ways.

We've also added a peppering of brilliant music videos and animations to this tasty stew. Aaagh! Too much good stuff! But, even though it's jam-packed, the whole package's runtime is less than your average feature film. Spin through the hubnut below or lean back, watch in Couch Mode and enjoy. This is the best of October. This is Vimeo.

Much love,

Vimeo Curation:
Jason, Sam + Jordan


Luca Tarantini Plus

The amount staff picks can be overwhelming, but it's a natural result of the abundance of talent in our community. Amazing, I can't wait to go through these.

H1 Plus

Thank you Jason, Sam, Jordan & vimeo!


Great selection, very impressive pics. Great post...

Jeff Frost PRO

Great idea, and great films. Thank you vimeo, Jason, Sam and Jordan! :)


The True Skin to feature film development is definitely inspirational -really shows what online exposure can do. Monster Roll was crazy dope as well.

Jason Sondhi Staff

Tons of Vimeo success stories in that vein just this year. Could make a great list in its own right.

Alan Spearman Plus

Thank you Jason + Sam + Jordan + Vimeo. I wish you all could see Chris Dean’s eyes when he reads the comments people are posting in response to AS I AM.

Based on feedback we are working now to set up a fund that helps support the educational dreams of Chris and several kids who appear in AS I AM and another short film made in South Memphis called APRIL.

Also, within this fund, assistance will be given to others who appear in the film. The fund will be managed by an organization in Memphis called the Women’s Foundation For a Greater Memphis. They have the expertise to help significantly.

I'll keep you posted as we announce more details.

We love you guys.

Alan, Mark and Chris

Jason Sondhi Staff

That's really inspiring guys. Keep us up to date so that we can do we can to help.

Jack&Jill Productions Plus

Just a Question Vimeo Staff. How do you go about picking your staff picks. Just uploaded a short film from South Africa and would for it be considered.

Thank you very much

Jack&Jill Productions Plus

Aaaahhhhh so that's the trick, you guys are like ninja online stalkers. Vimeo's MO is very very nifty.

Here's the link:

"Jeffery Somers is down on his luck wannabe actor. Jeffery is always smiling and his cup is half full. A chance encounter with his idol results in a Domino effect which leads to Jeffery finally taking centre stage."

Thanks so much Jordan.

Veronica Alice Plus

Maybe you can direct me to someone who can direct me to a contact that I can direct a question? I've had a vimeo account for some time but I find it difficult to use hence I've been using Youtube more often but I like my contacts here - that brings me to my question - I am looking for one of my contacts and I can't find the right set of links to get me to them. How to I quickly access my contacts list? I did search the name but so much comes up that it is not quick. I notice you seem to have a category for almost everything else but no category called my contacts - I believe you had this on your old format - btw, I preferred that format. Thanks!

Loupe Films

Hi Jason, I'm reasonably new to do you pick your staff picks? Are they submitted to you or do you find them by searching your database? Looking forward to watching more of them. Cheers, Darren

Loupe Films

Woops, sorry, just scrolled up and found a post that might answer my question. Call off the hounds :)


hi guys i was just wondering if any one knows about the site called crushed? plz let me know

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