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Vimeo + Amara = accessible videos for all

Dae Mellencamp
November 4, 2014 by Dae Mellencamp Alum

We want as many people as possible to be able to watch as many videos as possible, no matter where in the world they may be. That’s why we’ve built these new features that empower both viewers and creators worldwide to watch and share more videos:

Add captions and subtitles with Amara
Accessibility is a major priority for us. In January, we introduced closed captions and subtitles to the Vimeo player and now, we’ve partnered with Amara to give creators the ability to create or purchase captions and subtitles for their videos.

Amara is a non-profit subtitling service whose mission, which we support, is to make as much content as accessible as possible. To help move toward that goal, we’re thrilled to be offering their award-winning editor to all Vimeo creators for free. And for those who’d rather rely on the professionals, we’ve built a way to purchase captions and subtitles from Amara right on

Ready to create or purchase captions and subtitles for your own videos? To get started, log in and go to the Advanced tab of your video’s settings.

Vimeo On Demand: now accepting Euro
While subtitles can certainly help films and series reach more eyeballs, there are other limitations that make it tricky for creators to sell their work to people in multiple regions. To help break down these barriers, we’re excited to announce that creators may now accept Euro for Vimeo On Demand purchases. And that’s just the beginning — in the coming months, we’ll be working to incorporate even more currencies.

To start accepting Euro, Vimeo On Demand creators need only flip a switch in the Price tab of their VOD Settings.

We speak Japanese
Now, along with English, French, German, and Spanish, Vimeo is available in Japanese. Sugee (すげぇ)! To switch your language preferences, scroll to the bottom of and click “Language” in the footer.

Be ye in Japan, Europe, or beyond, rest assured: amazing (and accessible!) videos are headed your way.


Ben Solis

Congratulations Amara for making such an important service so widely available through Vimeo! Continue to reach as far as your imagination will take you.

Estúdio Gunga

We had asked for this feature a while back and it got finally implemented. Fantastic! Cheers.

Mario Bortas

Wow this is a great feature, Brilliant!!!!

stephen metts Plus

I've used it recently; its a great, needed utility for CC in Vimeo.



Denis van Waerebeke Plus

That will absolutely be a GREAT feature...
As soon as it will work !
After spending half an hour trying to figure it out,
I didn't succeed to have the timeline and the video displaying the same thing !
(and YES I've looked thoroughly at the help pages and videos)
I think I will wait for the next version.


This is great but what about audio description for users with sight problems? All Vimeo needs to do to support this is allow multiple audio tracks, this would also enable multi language versions, 'clean' versions, etc.

Actuality Media Plus

That's wonderful news - we've been using Amara to caption our short films since Vimeo began allowing subtitles and have found it a simple process that definitely opens our films up to a wider audience.
Two things that still need to be instituted as far as the subtitling goes:
Automatic subtitles - filmmakers know when the main audience doesn't speak the language and should be able to choose a subtitle/appropriate language to automatically play with their film.
Downloadable subtitles - our films are all set to download freely, but for the latest films with subtitles, people have to email us to request the subtitles file.

Keep up the good work.

estúdio zut Plus

That's great to see Amara become the de-facto standard for captions and subtitles!


just here to chat & to make new friends, hopefully with bennifits




Yay! You are the BEST!!!!!! This is a step forward for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and anyone who needs captioning :) :)

greg kobela

Good job !

Greg Kobela

Norbert PITZ

j'ai été heureux et satisfait de pouvir regarder des petites vidéos de Anna S , une tres jolie fille qui ose se montrer nue et dont je suis tombé amoureux de la voir dans ces petites vidéos , Merçi mademoiselle pour vos jolies prestations
NORBERT du Doubs

Destiny Yarbro Plus

Having trouble with getting CC on my videos. I need the videos hidden from Vimeo so I can control who watched the videos but nearly 100% of my audience is Deaf, so CC is a must. Any help would be great!

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