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Professional live streaming is here

Vimeo Staff
September 26, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

It’s a beautiful thing to live in the moment. And now, it’s seriously beautiful: the launch of Vimeo Live means that you can now get professional live streaming for all your events. We’re thrilled to reveal live streaming because this request came straight from our community, and it’s designed to help creators tell their stories in pristine quality. So whether you put on lectures or concerts, car races or conferences, Vimeo Live has the tools you need to deliver the best live stream to your audience.

What Vimeo Live is all about

Gone are the days of complex pricing models, hidden fees, and juggling multiple platforms. Our live streaming plan is inclusive and straightforward, and you get one place for all your video storage and management needs. Here’s what makes Vimeo Live so special:

High-quality, embeddable player
We’re talking full HD 1080p and cloud transcoding, so viewers can enjoy stunning video across devices. You can also add your own colors and logo to the player, and embed anywhere.

Stress-free live streaming
Get extra speedy support, stream reliability, powerful privacy options that let you share securely, and the ability to use any RTMP encoder. See our list of preferred partners

Better engagement
Turn viewers into fans with email capture in the player, enable audience chat during your event, and track performance with real-time stats and advanced analytics for post-event videos.

All-in-one home
Get all the tools you need for your live and hosted videos: edit and replace post-event video files in up to 4K, spread out with up to 5TB of storage, and sell your videos after the big event.

All the power of Business, included

On top of all these new live streaming tools, when you join Vimeo Live, you’ll get all the features of Vimeo Business as part of your Live membership. That means powerful video hosting and live streaming capabilities are all in one place, to help with every step of your workflow.

Seamless collaboration
Create a review page for your post-event video and gather feedback before publishing, and add team members to your account to help manage your videos.

In-depth insights
In addition to real-time stats, you can delve into engagement graphs and Google Analytics for your archived and uploaded videos.

Powerful integrations
Sync up seamlessly with all the places you use most, like Dropbox, Adobe, MailChimp, and more.

If you’re ready to get started, you can join or upgrade to Vimeo Live now and schedule your first live event. You can also learn more when you sign up for our 4-day blog series, and get live streaming essentials delivered straight to your inbox. Or, you can view all our membership plans to find the right fit for your needs.

And as always, we’re constantly releasing new tools to help creators reach their goals. Organize your videos with folders, enable speed control for your viewers, customize the order of your profile videos, and more.

This is just the beginning for Vimeo Live. We want to hear about the tools you use most, the features you’d love to see, and anything else you can think of once you give it a go. So create an event, let that blinking red dot fly, and start live streaming in brilliant quality. 


Matthew Burt

A bit pricey considering the free alternatives. It would be nice if we could forward our streams from vimeo on to youtube and facebook to remove the need for another 3rd party app or private RTMP server. Also, the hours/month of streaming are VERY restrictive for the price.

Having said that, I'm very excited about the idea of vimeo live considering we already use vimeo pro and would love to switch if/when it makes sense.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks for your thoughts, Matt. The reason you can’t forward a stream is because Vimeo Live is a stream destination that accepts an RTMP push from a third-party encoder (just like Youtube and Facebook). But there are encoder machines which can simulcast a stream to Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook (such as our preferred partners Tricaster and Wirecast).

Vimeo Live is specifically meant to address the needs of professional event creators. Our embedded player offers more freedom, customization, and quality than the free options out there — and with Business Live, your streaming hours are unlimited.

George Appiah

@Suri Ratnatunga: Our current solution is an RTMP stream destination, just as you say, but also has integration with both YouTube Live and Facebook Live so we can stream simultaneously to those destinations.

This way we have the best of both worlds:

1) Professional stream setup, plus
2) Ability to (selectively) stream directly to YouTube and Facebook, where, frankly, most of our audience lives (without needing 3x the bandwidth if we were to stream directly to all 3 destinations from our Wirecast Studio setup).

Of course, we have full control and decide whether or not to send individual streams to Facebook and/and YouTube.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi @georgeappiah –Thanks for your explanation and for sharing details about your set up for hitting your audience on other platforms.

For others who may not have as advanced a set up, we are looking to eventually forward streams sent exclusively to Vimeo Live to other destinations as well. At launch, we only have the ability to accept a manual RTMP configuration from an encoder. Once we are more deeply integrated with our preferred partners, you'll be able to stream to multiple destinations at once, minimizing the bandwidth strain on your encoder. Stay tuned for updates!

Matthew Burt

One example of this would be Zoom. This is a "meetings/webinar" platform but it allows us to have video conference calls/interviews and stream it live (with the "webinar" package) to facebook, youtube, or a custom RTMP server. (and many others) allow you to send your broadcast stream to them and they will send it out to other RTMP servers with the proper settings.

For about $200 or less you can build your own RTMP server destination inhouse that sends this information out to all your other locations (youtube, facebook, vimeo, etc), but this requires large upload bandwidth that most ISPs don't offer.

Having said that, for the price I would pay for Vimeo live I would expect the forwarding of streams to other social networks to be included from day one without having to mess with all this other junk. I would NOT recommend streaming to multiple platforms directly from your streaming computer for obvious processing/bandwidth issues. Availability To != Ability To

Michael Cohen Staff

I totally understand your concerns about RTMP forwarding. This is a feature we are working very hard to release in the near future. Once we released our Vimeo Live service the feedback from community members like yourself was heard loud and clear that this was one of the most important features we are currently lacking. Please stay tuned for more information on this simulcasting feature in the near future.

Berkay Öztürk

Looking great! I hope this is not Flash based since it is using RTMP streaming...

Michael Cohen Staff

Thanks for the kind words! Vimeo Live uses the same HTML5 player infrastructure as other uploaded videos do. We use RTMP because it is the most accessible and universal streaming protocol, so people can stream to Vimeo with any encoder.

Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater

I am unable to ask a few questions in your "contact us" page - it doesn't allow me to ask my questions the way I need to ask. Maybe I can here: (1) I have an online synagogue through my FB page with a following of around 500. FB does not give me the ability to share my prayerbook on screen (screen sharing or splitting?). Does Vimeo Pro or Business allow me to do that? (2) Can ANYONE view Vimeo or does one HAVE to be a member of Vimeo? and (3) If anyone can view my services without being a member, can I add, invite or include my 500 FB followers easily? Please keep the terminology as easy as possible - I have no idea what RTMP means, for instance.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there – Great questions!
(1) Vimeo Live is a stream destination, not a broadcaster, so screen sharing or splitting isn't done on Vimeo itself. You should be able to show your prayerbook on a stream with Vimeo, as long as your screen is set up as an input source in your encoder.
(2) You have total control over who can and can't see your stream with Vimeo. We offer advanced privacy options so you get to decide who can see your video, regardless of whether or not your viewers have a Vimeo account of their own.
(3) You can invite your Facebook followers to watch your stream on Vimeo simply by sending them a link to the stream.

If you would like more detailed information on how to get started streaming with Vimeo Live, check out this Help Center article:

Matthew Burt

Vimeo would be a great solution for this if you stream to your website instead of facebook because of its built in ability to limit who is allowed to see the videos. This allows you to stream to your membership site with an embed code and only allow people on your website to view it.
Having said that, if all you want to do is show your prayerbook on screen you already can do this using Facebook (or youtube live or any other service accepting broadcast software streams). They both allow you to use a third party "broadcasting software" to send your live video stream to them.

Each service has a "thing you send your live video stream to". This is called the RTMP server. The broadcast software is installed on your computer and you create "scenes" that have different input sources. One input is your webcam, another input is your prayerbook, another is your logo and background, etc. All these inputs can be organized to be in front or behind each other and can be resized to fit on screen.

Michael Cohen Staff

Thank you for your detailed description. I'm sure this will help many as this scenes feature in most broadcast software is very useful for a prayerbook, or other information as well.

Mary Spann

Can you upgrade to a higher level at any time and is there a transfer fee or is it just a matter of paying the monthly difference?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Mary – Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier at anytime at prorated price point. For example, if you purchase a Vimeo PRO annual plan ($240/yr) and want to upgrade to a PRO Live monthly plan ($135/mo) after six months, you would pay $15 at check out ($135 for PRO Live monthly minus the $120 value of the remainder of your Vimeo PRO annual membership).

Randall Packer PRO

Is Vimeo providing an app for live streaming from a mobile phone? I think this is crucial, particularly for my own streaming needs.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Randall,

As of launch, we do not have an app for live streaming from a mobile phone. I agree, this is an important feature and we are looking to add mobile streaming to Vimeo Live in the future.

As an alternative to mobile phone streaming, one of our encoder partners (Teradek VidiU) has the ability to stream wirelessly from any camera as long as you are on a wi-fi network. I know this isn't the same as a mobile phone, but it is a very interesting option you may wish to check out.

Randall Packer PRO

Do you provide server-side live streaming and scheduling of video clips?

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Randall,

Can you clarify what you mean by server-side live streaming? As for scheduling of video clips I assume you mean some kind of EPG where you can select certain clips to roll on your stream at certain times. As of now, Vimeo Live does not have this type of function as we are configured more for live event broadcasting and not linear channels. You could schedule and roll clips from within your encoder, so long as you remain within the 5 hour event duration limit.

We are looking to add this type of functionality soon as we grow and develop Vimeo Live. Thanks so much for both your inquiries. It's comments like this that let us know what our community is most excited for us to build!

Randall Packer PRO

Hi Michael, only just now responding since I didn't receive a notification. Server-side stream, similar to television broadcast, is live (in my opinion) because it is synchronous. All viewers are watching the same thing at the same time, when you access the stream, it is already continuously flowing, like television. It's also like Radio, so that you can add djing on top of the stream. This means that the live stream is a forum for synchronous social media, commenting, chat. That is a big paradigm shift from client activated video on demand. Wowza Streaming Engine offers this functionality, it would be great to see Vimeo providing this as well, since we all have content in the cloud, ready to be streamed live to the viewers.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Randall, Yes we do offer Server-side streaming. I hadn't heard it referred to in quite that way but Vimeo Live is just that. We offer a streaming server system in that you push a Live stream to us via RTMP and we deliver it live to all your viewers, where they can comment and interact in real-time.

Wave Communications Limited PRO

This looks good, however for our purposes we have busy times and quieter times of the year - is it possible to go for Pro Live and add extra hours when we need them? or even switch up to Business Live for a limited time and then switch back? Basically I'm after a really flexible solution!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi there – Thanks for your interest in Vimeo Live! We wanted to give people flexible pricing options, so you can upgrade to Business Live for a month, and then switch down to monthly PRO Live (or any paid Vimeo plan) and retain all your archived videos. If you have any additional questions about this process, please visit and click the "Contact us" link at the top of the page.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Manuel – Vimeo Live is specifically meant to address the needs of professional event creators, with an embedded player that offers more freedom, customization, and quality than the free options out there. And for what it's worth, the price of the Vimeo Live plans is prorated for anyone currently on a paid Vimeo subscription.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @ethreemedia! Yes, the price of the Vimeo Live plans is prorated for anyone currently on a paid Vimeo subscription. For example, if you purchased a Vimeo PRO annual plan ($240/yr) six months ago and want to upgrade to a PRO Live monthly plan ($135/mo) now, you would pay $15 at check out ($135 for PRO Live monthly minus the $120 value of the remainder of your Vimeo PRO annual membership). Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Justin Powell

I noticed in the features list that the Vimeo live player is able to be 'embedded anywhere'. Does this mean that I could put the embed code in an email and have the live video show up in an email?

Douglas Jones PRO

**Not a Vimeo Employee**

Short answer: No. You can't put video in email. You can put pictures of a video with a Play icon on top to trick people to click. You can also put animated GIFs of a tiny part of the video. That's it.

Not sure if you were being sarcastic or not as I can appreciate it if you were lol.

Justin Powell

I wasn't being sarcastic...I was just taking the 'embed anywhere' at face value. I was hoping that the code would allow a video to be playing live when w a subscriber opened up the email, but I know that's wishful thinking. I use campaign monitor for my email service and it doesn't look that it's that far fetched of an idea based off of this article:

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Justin, The "embed anywhere" language we use is in reference to embed code being universal HTML language, so that you can embed the player anywhere on the web that you can access the HMTL of (like a website, blog, or app). Unfortunately, as that article states, "as we know, email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others often don’t support the technical requirements needed to play video right inside the email."

That said, the Vimeo Player does use HTML5, so if you do choose to include our embed code in your emails, it would work for the viewers which open the email in HTML5 compatible email viewers, but it would alienate those who do not.

Justin Powell

Thanks for following up on this. I appreciate it.


I just ended my subscription on Vimeo. It's nearly 2018 and altoug the past year you guys said many times it was coming there STILL is no 4K. Any serious filmer has been using 4K for more then 2 years now. (see youtube!) But more then talk about it, Vimeo hasnt come. That is a pitty.


WHAT??? How is THAT possible? The last answer i got from you guys (if you are from Vimeo) was " We're very sorry but we do not stream in 4K. It will come in the future."
And what is the use in upload 4K, when no one can SEE it in 4K?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Videos playback in 4K, too. Check out our 4K channel 4K Videos and play any of the videos. If your setup can support 4K, the videos should automatically stream in 4K, or you can click the gear icon in the player and select "4K".


Ya too spendy of a price tag especially with Youtube streaming now free. Unlimited viewers is nice.... but I do three day conferences. Eight hours a day for three days.Dont know why some of you need 4k on the web.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi – Vimeo Live is specifically meant to address the needs of professional event creators, with an embedded player that offers more freedom, customization, and quality than the free options out there. PRO Live and Business Live have a maximum 5-hour duration for a single event because they are not meant to support linear channels (we do offer 24/7 linear channels on custom plans). That said, our support team can make adjustments to the maximum event time for Business Live customers who reach out in advance about needing to broadcast longer events.


Why a price for live streaming? when there are various other portals providing it for free!!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @rktoday – Vimeo Live is specifically meant to address the needs of professional event creators. To that end, the Vimeo Live embedded player offers more freedom, customization, and a higher quality than the free options out there.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi there – You'll need to upgrade to one of the Vimeo Live plans to access the live streaming features. PRO Live comes with everything included in the regular Vimeo PRO plan + a live streaming feature suite (similarly, Business Live comes with everything in Vimeo Business + an advanced live streaming feature suite).

We wanted to give people flexible pricing options, so you can upgrade to PRO Live for a month, and then switch back to your regular PRO subscription (or any paid Vimeo plan) and retain all your videos.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please visit and click the "Contact us" link at the top of the page.

StreamScape PRO

Shame that the pricing model misses the mark completely for live stream professionals. As a "professional" there is no package which I could use. Example I am running an event now that streams for 40 hours over 3 days and has circa 100,000 views. Which paclage could I use? Looks like I'll have to stick with wowza cloud whose PAYG pricing model with a small retainer works perfectly for being able to charge clients exactly what they use and deal with the ups and downs of jobs from month to month.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi there – Thanks for taking the time to outline your use case for live streaming. Both PRO Live and Business Live have a maximum 5-hour duration for a single event because they are not meant to support linear channels (we do offer 24/7 linear channels on custom plans).

As you mentioned, there are legitimate use cases for longer events that are clearly not linear channels, and our support team can make adjustments to the maximum event time for Business Live customers who reach out in advance about needing to broadcast longer events.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi – Good question! Pay-per-view event tools are definitely on our radar. I'll share your request with our product teams, and we’ll be posting updates here, so stay tuned!

Matthew Burt

I love how the response to ALL of us saying this pricing model is WAY OUT OF WACK is the same copy/paste of "this is meant for professionals"

You serious right now... ? Are you saying we aren't professionals? It's 2017. We all have a million subscriptions and apps that all work together. Paying this much for something that gives similar if not limited results as free options is not ok. And calling me unprofessional when I question your pricing model is ridiculous. We have 200k+ followers, member site, and two businesses we run. I'm sorry but you pricing is not acceptable.

What you meant to say was "we priced this in a way that corporate businesses with tons of money and a lack of care on how much services cost will pay our fee because "more cost = better" "

Hello Microsoft. I didn't realized you bought Vimeo... Ohh wait Microsoft has streaming built in for free. Guess they aren't so bad after all.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Matthew – I didn’t mean to imply anything about an individual creator's professionalism (and I apologize that it came off that way).

Live streaming was a top request from our current members, which is why we built Vimeo Live to work in tandem with our current hosting plans (all the features of Vimeo PRO are included in PRO Live, and the same for Vimeo Business and Business Live). We're eager for feedback and plan on releasing additional features for Vimeo Live (as we do for all our paid plans) in the coming months. Your thoughts about the pricing model and feature set is definitely being shared with our business and product teams.

Matthew Burt

Please understand I want this to succeed. I like Vimeo and wanted live from day one. Sorry if I came across rude.

I'm not an individual creator.. we have two businesses with three websites all of which we already stream live or plan to stream live on various platforms.We are "professionals" for which I assume this is targeted.

At $75/month we should get 10 to 15 hours. Honestly this is the hardest pill for me to swallow when youtube, facebook, mixer (aka beam), twitch, etc all allow you to stream unlimited. I realize they make money from ads and fee splits with their top streamers. Vimeo Live doesn't . But they also support a LOT of streams that make them NO money.

I respect that you need to be profitable and charge fees for added benefits of whitelabeling, private website streaming, and email marketing integration (albeit insanely priced); however, going from unlimited streaming to 5 hours per month with the only other option being $300/month makes my head/stomach hurt.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Matthew, I understand how you feel and I appreciate your understanding as we at Vimeo are proudly an ad-free platform and do not operate in the same business model as the other streaming platforms you mentioned.

We built Vimeo Live in the same way we built the other aspects of our website, to empower our creators who value things like high-quality video, privacy options, and a simplified workflow. We also integrated our existing Business and PRO features so that our members can easily integrate their existing features, such as email capture, into our new platform.

That said, we are very excited to launch this new live platform and we will be continuing to refine and add features to create a more robust live streaming experience for our users going forward.

Centerpoint Fellowship PRO

Does the live stream go into vimeo in such a way that a viewer can start at the beginning of your event even if you are half way through it. Like a DVR function.

Matthew Burt

Good question. Youtube Live has this, Facebook and others do not.

Michael Cohen Staff

Vimeo Live does not yet have a DVR functionality, but we are working to add this feature very soon.

Fuel50 Premium

Please fast-track the pay-per-view for live streaming feature! We'd be right on board as soon as this were available!

Northwest Bible Baptist Church PRO

I'm in agreement with Matthew above on this point: there needs to be more choices besides a very limited 5 hours/month and a $300/unlimited. I was really excited to see the Vimeo Live announcement since we livestream all of our church services and adaptive streaming is something I've been looking for...but 5 hours will barely cover the 3 services we have per week. You need to either raise the 5 hours closer to 15 or 20 hours, and/or charge us per hour when we go over the limit (on the $75 plan).

Otherwise, as a business or organization owner, if I've streamed 5 hours already this month, and need to stream one more hour, I have to make a business decision whether streaming a sixth hour is worth the $225 difference for that month.

This is the only thing that is preventing me from signing up with Vimeo Live this very minute.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @nbbc – Thanks for your feedback on pricing and for outlining what your expectations are. We've passed it on to our product and business teams.

I am yoga PRO

I’m looking for a platform that I can use to broadcast live yoga classes. This looks really cool and simple to use and I already love Vimeo. My question is if there will be options for me to charge my viewers to gain access to my livestreams, perhaps through PayPal? I’m also interested in offering different tiers of packages, say one level for 1 class a week, another for 2 and another for all 3 and perhaps an option to pay for the whole month. Is this possible if I were to purchase the pro or business package. I would want to keep the livestreams available to the viewers for up to a month after their purchase.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Drue, We would love to be the platform for your yoga classes! Right now, Vimeo Live is not integrated with our existing VOD platform but we will be changing this very soon. The goal with Vimeo Live is to create the ultimate end-to-end destination for distributing your Live videos however you see fit. Once we integrate with VOD you will be able to sell your classes, charge members for different tiers of access, and keep them available for users as long as you would like. Please stay tuned for more information on our integration with VOD and Vimeo Live.

Joshua Leonor

Thanks for the update on the platform. That seems like a lot of $$$ when YouTube is for free with no limitations & can be embedded. This is a very pretty website, but gotta stick with the free on this one. Thank you.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Joshua, sorry to hear Vimeo Live isn't enticing enough for you to make the switch. I was wondering if there are any key features you are looking for in a paid streaming platform Vimeo Live doesn't yet offer?


Is there a link to someone who is currently using Vimeo Live? I'd like to see what it looks like.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Austin, Our Live members have the same privacy as our other members, so they are discoverable on our site. There currently is no way to find live videos specifically on the site, but this is something we are looking to add!

Nathan Jeffery

Will this work without the killer slow buffering that normal Vimeo videos suffer from?

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Nathan, Vimeo Live is built from the same player as our uploaded videos. This means the same quality playback. Buffering events can be caused by a variety of factors, but most commonly Network Connection speed. If you find yourself experiencing frequent buffering events on any Vimeo videos, Live or not, please write in and we'll do our best to identify the source!

Nathan Jeffery

Hi Michael. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

I can stream Facebook Video, YouTube, Netflix and Showmax as if it was running on my LAN but Vimeo is sadly always slow.

I have a 30mbps fibre connection, a 20mbps DSL connection as well as 4G and Vimeo is always a worse experience than any other streaming provider. If you're able to fix this, it would greatly improve the experience.

This isn't a new issue and it's not only impacting me.


Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Nathan, I'm sorry to hear about this playback issue and I can see you are not the only one experiencing it. We will need to conduct some more testing to know for sure, but this could be the result of our geographic load balancing. We are currently working on new methods to more evenly distribute network load to different geographic regions which will improve many people's connection to Vimeo. I've personally seen network issues while troubleshooting with users in the US-West region. Hopefully these changes will increase player stability for many users very soon.

Dynamic Captioning Tech

Does you live player support Closed Captioning through RTMP, through EEG Falcon, for instance?

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there, Vimeo Live currently does not support Closed Captioning but it is a very important feature that is currently in development. We hope to have more information about Closed Captioning support very soon.


Hey guys. We have a Teradek bond 2. How would your service integrate with that unit? Or are there any other Teradek units that allow us to broadcast from remote locations TO vimeo?


Michael Cohen Staff

Hi! Yes, actually Teradek is one of our preferred partners. We've done extensive testing with the Teradek VidiU PRO and it works very well to stream to Vimeo from remote locations. As for the Bond 2, we currently do not have any formal integrations, but any encoder using a manual RTMP configuration can stream to Vimeo as long as they follow our Encoder Guidelines. You can find more information in our Encoder Guide bellow.


Hi There!

1. Where can I find API documentation for developers?
2. Is there a way to try API? Some kind of sandbox?
3. How high is the latency? What protocols does you support HLS/DASH or WebRTC?


Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there,
1. Our Live API is not ready for developers quite yet. We will be releasing it soon on
2. We don't yet have a way to demo the API, but we will be looking into options for this in the near future.
3. Latency depends a lot on network connection, but we typically average around 30 seconds. We support HLS/Dash currently.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Brayden,

Sorry but our Live API is still no available. It is still a work in progress and you can find any updates on

Eglecio PRO

Is there any news on the live api? Or any release date?

Andrew Macdonald

Can i live stream in 360 degrees? If i sign up, How many streams will my account support? For example, if i have four 360 cameras placed around a live event, can i stream all of them at the same time and have them grouped together on a vimeo page so users can select which feed they wish to view in real time? If yes does that also work in a VR headset?

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Andrew, sorry but at this time Vimeo Live does not support 360 video streaming. We are working to get this feature out soon. Also, for Vimeo PRO Live you can only have one stream live at a time, and with Vimeo Business Live you can have up to three streams live simultaneously.

Andrew Macdonald

Thank you for your reply Michael. Please let me know when you can support 360 live streams. :)

BPM Supreme Plus

We would love to give it a try! Is there any free trial available?

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there, we don't yet have a demo mode available but we are working to create one so users can test out the service before making a purchase.

BPM Supreme Plus

Is it possible for us to use wirecast to stream simultaneously to Vimeo and other platforms?
We also need information about the copyrights, we are a music service and stream live mixes from DJs, would Vimeo take down our streaming if we stream a copyrighted song?
As last question, when sharing a Vimeo Live Stream on Facebook, would the link populate with the live video on Facebook? or would it be just the link?
Thanks in advance for the answers.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there, It is possible to stream to multiple destinations at once using Wirecast, and Vimeo is certainly one of those destinations. As for Copyright, Vimeo conforms to the DMCA take down policies. If any copyright infringing material appears on stream, Vimeo will remove the content as soon as it is discovered or reported with a DMCA takedown notice. Lastly, if a Vimeo Live video is shared to Facebook, it would appear as a video player and would play only when a user clicks on the player itself.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi, sorry but at this time Vimeo Live does not offer the ability to export transcripts of the chat. We will be looking into adding this feature in the future so please stay tuned!

Danish Patient Safety Authority PRO Live

Hi, thank you for the reply. I know it will be the first thing the CEO asks when she is presented with the livecast possibility, so it would be a nice feature.


Thanks for these incredible resources!

Michael Cohen Staff

You are very welcome! Please let me know if there's any more I can do to help!


The new live service from Vimeo is very exciting from our point of view. Our clients stream through all kinds of platforms depending on audience, functionality required, secure streaming options and so on. It's really interesting to get into detail on what is and isn't possible and we definitely want our team to be up to speed on the possibilities of using Vimeo live alongside or instead of platforms such as Youtubelive, facebooklive etc. We are always plugging in a production unit, usually from a multi-camera shoot with live mix through Wirecast or a Livestream Studio box. And we stream rtmp using a CDN.. So Vimeo live offers lots of potential and folks should also bear in mind that additional functionality like a live chat room or live Q&A can always be handled on a web page separately where the player is embedded.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi there, Thanks for your excitement about Vimeo Live! We're very excited as well. We do offer the ability to embed live chat in addition to the live player and are working to integrate with encoders like Wirecast and the Livestream Studio box. Simulcasting to FB live and YouTube Live is currently possible at the encoder level, but we are working on a way to simulcast from Vimeo Live itself. If you'd like to check out a Free Demo of our Vimeo Live platform, you can do so here:

Jimmy Hayes

Hi Vimeo! Excited to see you're able to now support live :) how exciting. I'm responsible for external live comms events for my company in Australia, and have a couple of questions around how this could work - I suppose the easiest question is are you optimized to support businesses here, or are you mostly focused on individual content creators, and mostly focused on the US market for Live?

1) Do you or will you provide the means for a "moderated Q&A session"; can attendees ask questions natively through the platform with chat? And if so, can I pick and choose / rearrange and reorder those questions from some kind of control panel?
2) Can I take live videos, download a recording and input into my Vimeo video portal?
3) We're planning to eventually get to a point of conducting 12 events per week at an hour each; would your business plan support this volume?
4) Do you really only have email/chat support during the week and mostly in US hours? No phone? Not the best for Australia... :)

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