Isaiah 53 Meter of Time:  1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

GIST. To grasp Daniel 9, you must know his meter; it's based on Isaiah 53's. God ALSO uses Isa53's meter in Dan9:24-27, to reaffirm Timeline for Temple reconstruction. For Isaiah tells it first, in 712BC. His meter reminded Jewish believers of that future, just as you'd use a calendar, by SYLLABLE COUNTS. For Jews already had to count them, to test memorization and copying.

So God made this housekeeping task perform an eschatological duty, too: the entire future through Messiah is tracked. Isaiah tells you when he wrote Isaiah 53, in verse 1, 126 years prior to Temple's Fall, 712BC, during his ministry to Hezekiah -- parallelling future Temple Destruction, which then will also be 126 years short of its promised 490-year time grant from back in 950BC. So Isaiah parses his meter to FUTURE Temple and Jerusalem reconstruction timeline, to show how to balance to Messiah. For he'd been predicting it since Isaiah 39. So now, he tags meter to Psalm 90 and his own verse content in deft dual-entendre, near-and-far-prophetical manner as is the style for all OT prophecy.

God thus needn't but parse the timeline, in His Reply via Gavriel; so Daniel isn't surprised and asks no questions. To us in English, Daniel 9's numbers jump from nowhere, so we don't know WHY those numbers. But in Hebrew and NT Greek, it's referenced all over: for Temple depicts Messiah.

Matthew 1 and Luke 3 thus play on Isaiah's meter to explain the prophesied generations (42) and descendants (77) count down to Christ. Luke lists from Adam (including Gentiles); Matthew, from Abraham, naming legitimate kings of Judah, resulting in a 42-generation count. ALL these also draw on Psalm 90's meter. Even and especially, Daniel. For his prayer is metered based on Isa53 and Ps90, as is God's reply in Dan9:24-27. So too, is Mary's, Paul's, and even Peter's Greek. See my GGS videos, live onscreen Bible proof.

Thus Daniel 9:24-27 is not new info. For Dan9 is an APPLICATION of Isa53. So meter as mnemonic to remind one of future dates, is a major rhetorical style in Scripture. It is not Bible codes, but a CALENDAR.

Eventually, I'll show how Isaiah 53's meter-and-text, tracks Israel's remaining time to the then-scheduled Death of Messiah (should have been 37 AD, but Christ died seven years early); this tracking will be in the Isaiah 53 channel, Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death .

NOTE: back in 2008 when I made this video, I didn't know about Psalm 90, Daniel, Mary, Paul and Peter (well, and Hebrews, plus John in Revelation), also using the meter. Kinda like fingerprints, when you have a lot of matching rhetorical points that 'talk' to each other in content too, you know you've got a reliable style for testing. Yeah, and that's the point of Hebrew Meter. Again, because they had to count the syllables, anyway. is a map of Isaiah 53 in the video. The chronology worksheet, is .

This Bible rhetorical style has never been documented, so far as I can find. Not even my own pastor seemed to know about it. Hence the need to thoroughly document in video and docs, so any claims can be tested with the TEXT. Scholars have debated whether Bible has meter for centuries; since the 1830's, even the most-respected Hebrew scholars doubted whether Isaiah is genuinely from ONE real Isaiah, since he changes writing style (beginning in Chapter 40) and is so accurate. They think the text must be wrong (same stupid objections raised against Daniel, lol). So establishing the meter resolves many interpretation and text-crit issues, especially for those of much education, but oh so little faith. One can empathize. People tend to ASSume faith must mean being uneducated, too.

See: if the Bible is accurate, it's doubted; if it's unclear to the dummies who can't read it, it's doubted; if it seems to have wrong info, it's of course doubted. See the pattern? So God gave us little-faiths a way to have a bit more faith by encoding dates via syllable counts all Jews had to memorize anyway. Prosaic, easy, and profound. So of course the meter will be doubted, so Bible can stay nicely obtuse! Meanwhile, you can prove Bible accurate and clear, just by counting the syllables yourself. So test using 1John1:9 and ask Our Mutual Dad. If you find any mistakes, yell at me.

See the "God's Orchestration of Time" channel videos for important related website links.

If you'd rather download the split made from this video, go to for the first part, then to , for the second-and-last part.

NOTE: at 15:35 there's a video overlay typo of '35' + '42' = '70'. It should be '28', not '35'. That typo is corrected in later reprints of that video section.

File Name: Isa53CalendarVids.avi, 2/13/11. It summed the 9/08 split vids, and is in Isa53Hypo4Add folder.

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Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

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SERIES GIST: This is a collection of all my Isaiah…

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SERIES GIST: This is a collection of all my Isaiah 53 videos, in six topical sections. They all tie to How God Orchestrates Time, Psalm 90, GGS10, GGS11 RFG5 (Paul's Meter, Peter's Meter, and Magnificat) channels/vids; and, to the Youtube playlists with the same names.

But first, it's necessary to correct translation. So the first four videos, prove KJV (and all other) translations, cut Christ OUT of Isaiah 53 (unintentionally, to be sure).

2nd section: I correct and meter the translation in 7 parts (labelled 6b at the end, for many other sites embedded these videos, when originally posted in Youtube).

3rd and 4th sections go through how Bible Hebrew Meter works. Its style is used in Greek also, so the information will be helpful. The 3rd section is a trio of videos on the overall drama of his meter.

4th section: technical GGS and Ps90 videos (in paulmeterggs10 and psalm90 vimeo channels), showing how Isaiah plays back to Psalm 90's meter and text.

5th section: YMH10 videos show how Isaiah's meter tracks Israel's future history king by year, in detail. I'll post more YMH videos in the future, as soon as I figure out how Isaiah rounds syllables = years for first or last six months. This rounding issue is explained in the funky face video YMH10s14-15. Just skip it, if you're not interested in that issue.

6th section: final two videos function as footnotes, showing how I learned Isaiah 53 was metered, and how I tested for the right meter configuration. If you're also testing for meter in some other passage, these last two videos might prove helpful.

Hopefully this channel's listing, won't be too confusing. If you find it confusing, yell at me!

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