Create a kids video-on-demand channel with Vimeo OTT.

The number of OTT platforms on the market is dizzying, and finding the best platform to launch your video channel for children is no small task.

Custom apps on the platforms your viewers use every day

Monetize your video for children on the Vimeo OTT platform.

Build a custom video channel for children with Vimeo. You focus on creating great content, we take care of everything else

Custom kid-friendly interface.

Customize your OTT site with kid-friendly branding and interface that caters to your young audience. 

Customizable branded app.

Personalize your app's look and feel to match your brand.

In-depth view of customer analytics.

Get full access to subscriber data, with insights to help manage churn and grow your video business.

Advanced selling options.

Create an on demand channel for kids to sell subscriptions, videos, and more.

Join 1000+ channels using Vimeo OTT.


apps created 100% in-house

end users

live streams annually

Kids video on demand.

World-class video platform.

Your videos look pristine everywhere, with powerful CDNs that deliver adaptive streaming to customers, no matter what device or app they use.

Kids videos online

Watch on the go.

Kids can watch your video content on all major platforms through your custom site and app for on-the-go, anywhere viewing.

Out-of-the-box experience.

Intuitive features and simple customization options make it easy to create a custom kids on demand channel. 

We decided to launch an app on Vimeo OTT as a result of requests from parents and teachers who didn’t want kids viewing our content through YouTube. It’s now the biggest source of funding for our business — by a long way."

Martin Armor


Cosmic Kids

Trusted by top brands.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I include ads in my videos?

Yes. Vimeo OTT offers several options for monetizing your content, including subscriptions, transactional sales, and ads. However, keep in mind that you can't use certain audience tracking options for ad targeting if your service is made for kids.  

Can I add closed captioning to my videos?

Of course. In your video settings, you can add a text track file to your video by selecting Distribution > Subtitles. There are a variety of third-party software applications you can choose from to create closed captions for your videos. When setting up a live stream, you can enable automated closed captions during the setup process.

How can I password-protect specific videos?

Vimeo OTT gives you complete control over your videos' privacy. Users on the Growth and Enterprise plans can click on the Privacy tab on a video's edit page and choose from several privacy settings, including password protection. You can also change the privacy setting of a video at any time and upload default settings to apply to all current or future video uploads.

Do you support customers outside of the US?

Yes. Vimeo OTT uses Stripe Connect to process payments and send payouts via bank transfer. To sell on Vimeo OTT, you must have a business representative with a valid ID and a bank account in one of the countries on this list.

Do I have full control over my subscribers and content?

Absolutely. You maintain full control over your subscribers and your content and have complete access to all transaction and customer data that you can export to a CSV at any time. Vimeo OTT provides the platform and technology you need to sell or rent videos through a kids on demand channel or a kids video app, but you maintain ownership of your subscriber and audience data.

Can I organize my kids on-demand videos by category?

If you're selling subscriptions, you can organize collections of videos into categories based on genre, type (full episodes, trailers, etc.), and any categorization you choose. If you're selling transactionally (purchases or rentals), you can add multiple videos to a single purchase or rental product, allowing you to group your videos however you like. 

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