Custom apps on the platforms your viewers use every day

Distribute your video with the Vimeo OTT platform.

As a leading video distribution company, Vimeo powers your branded apps and delivers your content to any device.

  • World-class video technology.

    Your videos look pristine everywhere, with powerful CDNs that deliver adaptive streaming to customers, no matter what device or app they use.

  • Stream to social and grow your audience.

    Connect with your community globally by publishing videos or live streams to your website, Facebook Live, Youtube, Patreon, and more.

  • Comprehensive video analytics.

    Get access to comprehensive real-time video analytics with Vimeo OTT. Find out everything from watch-time per subscriber to the most popular videos on your channel.

  • Video distribution platform that lets you take control.

    Maintain full control over your video content. Encode, manage, and playback video, enable and disable comments, add subtitles, and more.

Join + channels using Vimeo OTT for online video monetization.

  • + apps created 100% in-house

  • + end users

  • live streams annually

Agile video distribution.

Distribute your videos across all major platforms with ease with Vimeo OTT's world-class technology. With Vimeo OTT, you can embed trailers for video products on an external website to boost sales and grow your audience.

Manage and control your videos.

Manage and control your videos from your Video Library, an integrated CMS and central hub for accessing, organizing, and managing all your video content from transcoding to metadata.

Instantly create a VOD streaming channel.

Vimeo OTT offers seamless functionality, easy-to-use features, and full customization options so you can create a custom TV app instantly.

Vimeo OTT allowed us to stop thinking, ‘What do I need to do right this minute?’ and start thinking, ‘How are we going to grow the company for the next five years?’ We literally went from a day-to-day focus to a multiyear focus by turning all of that over to the platform.

Kevin Phillips

Head of Operations

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Can I embed videos to my site?

You can embed public videos onto an external site using a simple embed code you can find here. To embed a public video, the video's Plan setting must be set to "Anyone." For subscription and transactional products, you can embed a video trailer on an external website along with a redirect for checkout to boost sales. If you use the Vimeo OTT API, you can embed any video onto your site by creating an authorization, regardless of the video's access settings.

Can I create a live TV stream?

Absolutely! Stream live pay-per-view videos to your audience from the Vimeo OTT platform. You can even create a live TV stream that streams simultaneously on other channels such as YouTube, Patreon, Facebook Live, and more. If you're a Vimeo Enterprise user, you can take advantage of additional privacy settings to make your live stream accessible by only those who have the link.

Can I share my videos on social?

You can share trailers for subscription and transactional products (videos available for purchase or rental) on social media. You can also share yours directly to other social media sites, like Youtube.

Can I live stream my videos?

Of course. With Vimeo OTT's video distribution platform, you can live stream videos on your Vimeo OTT channel or app and simultaneously live-stream to other platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Patreon, and more.

Do I really own my subscriber data and audience data?

Of course. We have the technology you need to create your own channel and deliver top-quality video content to your audience while retaining complete ownership of your content and audience data.

Can I schedule to publish content in advance?

Yes. If you're creating a subscription product or adding a video to a subscription collection, you can set a date and time to make your video available to customers.

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