Custom apps on the platforms your viewers use every day

Power your video subscription service with Vimeo OTT

Host your video subscription service with Vimeo OTT and monetize your content across custom branded applications.

World-class video subscription service.

Your videos look pristine everywhere, with powerful CDNs that deliver adaptive streaming to customers, no matter what device or app they use.

Advanced selling options

Setup subscriptions, ads, and one-time purchases for all your live and on-demand classes with the Vimeo OTT platform.

In-depth view of customer analytics.

Get full access to subscriber data, with insights to help manage churn and grow your video business.

Take control of your videos.

Maintain full control over your video content. Encode, manage, and playback video, enable and disable comments, add subtitles, and more.

Join + channels using Vimeo OTT for online video monetization.

  • + apps created 100% in-house

  • + end users

  • live streams annually

OTT features exclusive to Vimeo OTT

Take advantage of all the Vimeo OTT platform features, from easy-to-use video settings, intuitive functionality, and multiple monetization options to help you grow your business.

Customize your channel without coding

Offer video subscription services without writing a line of code. Create a fully customized, on-brand video streaming service or app in just minutes with easy customization options.

VOD couldn't get easier

Use video on demand to engage your audience and grow your business with ease. No matter what kind of video, Vimeo OTT makes VOD accessible for every business and content creator.

Vimeo OTT allowed us to stop thinking, ‘What do I need to do right this minute?’ and start thinking, ‘How are we going to grow the company for the next five years?’ We literally went from a day-to-day focus to a multiyear focus by turning all of that over to the platform.

Kevin Phillips

Head of Operations ClayShare

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Can I accept payment on Vimeo OTT?

Yes. If you're using the standard Vimeo OTT checkout form, you can (and must) process customer payments through Vimeo OTT. If you build and host your own checkout form, you can process payments externally.

How can I start my video subscription service?

Start a video subscription service in just minutes with Vimeo OTT's world-class technology and support. With advanced functionality and intuitive features, you can create and deliver high-quality 4k videos on any major platform through your Vimeo OTT video subscription channel or app. Once you create a free account, follow this simple setup guide to get started creating your video subscription service today.

Can I send notification to my subscribers?

Absolutely! Send notifications to subscribers to let them know when new content is available.

Does Vimeo OTT include video on demand?

Yes. OTT is a platform that distributes your video on demand content.

Where can my customers find my subscription service?

Vimeo OTT is not a marketplace, but there are many ways to help new and existing customers find your subscription service. Point your Vimeo OTT video subscription service to a custom domain to make it easily accessible to your audience and gain an SEO advantage, promote your Vimeo OTT content on external sites and social media channels to grow your audience, and run advertising campaigns to attract new subscribers. You can also create a custom branded Vimeo OTT app to deliver video on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Universal Windows Platform (Xbox), and Tizen TV, which allows you to increase your visibility by having your brand appear in a platform's app store.

How do I monetize my videos?

You can take advantage of several monetization methods when you create a video streaming channel with the Vimeo OTT platform. Offer monthly subscriptions, sell or rent videos, offer live pay-per-view, and even experiment with ads.

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