As any creative professional will tell you, it’s essential to have beautiful, simple ways to share your videos with the world. And with our latest feature Showcase, you can do exactly that.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to acquire new clients or a marketer aiming to promote your products, Showcase lets you highlight your videos in their best light, on virtually any device out there.

Want to see Showcase in action? Get inspiration from four top creators, businesses, and organizations below.

1. The Mill

A lauded creative technology and VFX studio, The Mill tackles cutting-edge projects across a range of industries, including advertising, gaming, music, and film. Their services run the gamut from designing and coding to conceptualizing and building; their finished work takes many forms. Explore them all in their showcase.

Why The Mill uses Showcase: “We’ve built virtual and physical worlds through moving image and live interaction across many different mediums. We really love what we do, and the work it takes to get these concepts off the ground and into the world. Sometimes it’s hard to translate the lengths we go to to create these experiences for our clients, so we’ve found that a behind-the-scenes look really paints a realistic landscape for our clients.”

2. Future of StoryTelling

FoST is an organization that brings together a passionate community of people from the worlds of media, technology, the arts, and communications with one common goal: to explore how storytelling is evolving in the digital age. Their yearly invitation-only summit gathers 500 experts to hold intimate roundtables and exhibitions, some of which are highlighted in their showcase.

Why FoST uses Showcase: “In addition to the FoST Summit, we also produce a wide range of year-round content and programming, including an annual award-winning series of short films. Showcase allows us to highlight some of our favorite content from over the years. It’s a way for our community to look back on some of our most inspiring and thought-provoking topics to-date, but also a way to share FoST with a wider audience.” — Carolyn Merriman, Executive Producer

3. Sean Wang

Sean Wang is a director whose short film “3,000 Miles” won our coveted Best of the Year badge back in 2017. His work ranges from emotive, creative personal essays to commercial projects for Google and other big name brands — and his showcase reflects this.

Why Sean Wang uses Showcase: “Beyond my reel, Showcase lets me highlight the work I do and the type of work I want to do more of. If I’m applying for grants or showing my work to prospective clients, I can really represent my films in one focused place.”

4. Vimeo

We’re using Showcase, too. When we launched our Vimeo Can Help* brand campaign earlier this year, we wanted to keep all 14 of our spots in one place so viewers could appreciate the complete story they tell together. Showcase created a home for them all side-by-side, and it also proved to be an essential tool for executing the final stages with our internal team.

How we did it: “Before we launched, we set our showcase settings to ‘Private’ so we could arrange the order of our videos, review with stakeholders and collaborators, and make sure we had all our ducks in a row; then on the publish date, we simply updated our settings to ‘Public.’ Showcase proved an essential tool when executing the final production stages with our team. Beyond that, it’s a sleek and simple way to drive everyone to our videos, no matter what screen they’re on.” — Courtney Horwitz, Director of Brand & Content Marketing

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