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Adaptive streaming and 4K: coming soon for your videos

Brad Dougherty
December 9, 2015 by Brad Dougherty Alum

Hello again, fellow Vimeans! As some whispers on the web may have indicated, we have begun to roll out adaptive streaming in the player for a small percentage of creators and their videos.

The right file at the right time

Adaptive streaming means that instead of loading the video as a single, large file, we load a bunch of much smaller files as the video plays. We can then choose from all the qualities available, factoring in your Internet connection speed and screen size, to make sure that playback is always the best it can be and is never interrupted. To see adaptive streaming in action, hit play on the videos below:

We’ve already implemented adaptive streaming on iOS, Apple TV, and Xbox 360, and over the next few months, we’ll be updating the rest of our mobile and TV apps to use it. We’re still in the process of testing the performance of these features, but everyone will have access to them within the next few months or so.

2K and 4K streaming = coming soon to you

Adaptive streaming is great, but we’ve got even bigger news to share: with these improvements, we can now support 2K and 4K resolutions! That’s right: ultra-high-definition streaming has arrived for a small percentage of creators and their videos, and we’re rolling it out gradually to all members — everyone should have it by early next year.

Here’s what you can expect once we enable adaptive streaming for your account:

  • PRO members: Any 2K or 4K video files you’ve uploaded since August 4, 2015, or anytime thereafter, will be streamable in 2K and 4K on compatible devices and connections.
  • Plus members: Any 2K and 4K video files you’ve uploaded since yesterday, December 8, 2015, will also be transcoded and ready for ultra-HD viewing.
  • Basic members: Hold tight: we’ll start transcoding your 2K and 4K uploads very soon!

Why the gradual rollout? We could talk about how this has been an “enormous undertaking” with tons of “moving pieces,” but in reality: this is insanely complicated stuff. We want to do it right.

Easier HD transcoding and embedding

In addition to adding 2K and 4K resolutions, for Plus and PRO members, we’re automatically making both 720p and 1080p versions of the videos you upload (no need to upgrade each individual video any longer), and we’ll do the same for Basic members starting next year. And to make sure that adaptive streaming works well for all, we’ve also removed the HD embedding restriction from Basic members’ videos — which means people can watch your HD videos outside of, too!

Hello, higher frame rates!

To top it off, we’re also supporting up to 60fps for all HD videos from all creators uploaded from today on. Given all these awesome updates, now is a great time for Plus and PRO members to start uploading 2K, 4K, and high frame rate video files. For videos you’ve already uploaded at a lower resolution or frame rate, simply use our replace feature to swap out the source file.

Phew! Talk about a whopping update. While the videos you upload may not be available for 2K and 4K playback straightaway, you and your viewers will be able to see them in all their glory as soon as we enable adaptive streaming for your account. This is just a start — we have more great things coming up, so keep your eyes open for more updates! If you have any questions about the rollout, visit our dedicated forum topic.

Until we meet again,


**UPDATE AS OF MARCH 28, 2016**


p>We’ve rolled out adaptive streaming to 100% of new uploads! Additionally, we’re now creating 1080p, 2K, and 4K versions (up to the quality of the source file) for all new files uploaded by all members and making them available for streaming within our player. If you uploaded your video before we made this change, you may need to replace your video file to have additional versions created. To see which versions are already available for your video, click the HD icon in the player.


Robert John Plus

I've just been watching a creative content vimeo video with adaptive streaming, and the video quality was really awful.
There is no way to know what resolution is being played on Auto, so after testing all the different resolution settings it seems it was playing at 360p.
I selected 1080p and the quality looked great; it didn't buffer, or maybe it buffered for a few seconds at most.
It seems adaptive streaming is delivering low quality videos for those viewers whose internet connection is actually fast enough to view 1080p.
Are Vimeo creative filmmakers happy that their work is playing at 360p on my computer when I can easily stream 1080p (or even 2K at a push)?
The correct way to show creative content is to default to 1080p, and then let the viewer select a lower resolution if they so choose, and in that way the viewer is consciously aware that they have chosen a lower quality playback.
Vimeo adaptive streaming is making high quality work look bad.

Zena Hirsch Staff

@Robert John, I am concerned to hear that you aren't receiving 1080p when your bandwidth can handle it.

To gather more information about this issue, could you please provide us with some detailed debug information? Here are instructions:

1) Open any video you’ve noticed this issue on

2) Press "D" on your keyboard to open a debug panel in the player

3) Press play and watch the video for a full minute (or to the end of the video, whichever comes first)

4) Click the blue "Copy" button

5) Paste the link you copied into a comment below, along with a description of the problem you’re seeing.

Thank you!

DC Brandon Films PRO

This is really awesome news. Now that so many people are shooting in 4K we can finally deliver in 4K. Hopefully 4K monitor sales increase next year.

Daniel Croft Plus

Are there new recommendations on encode settings for projects in Premiere/Final Cut for 1080/60, 2k or, 4k?

andre leblanc Plus

I'd also like to know this. It looks like Vimeo is also supporting 1440p (or QHD), and I'd be interested to know what are recommended bit rates for these different formats.

Brad Dougherty Staff

We’ll have our compression guidelines updated soon! Our recommendations are:

* 2K (2560×1440): 20-30 Mbit/s
* 4K (3840×2160): 30-60 Mbit/s

David Hong PRO

Thanks Brad, what about DCI 4K at those specs?

(4096 x 2160 at 60 mbps)

Will that qualify for 4K streaming?
And does it need to be High Profile 5.2 H264?
Lastly, is this rolled out to all Pro Users now?

Brad Dougherty Staff

As of now, I believe that it will be scaled down to fit within 3840x2160, but we will be adding full support for 4096x2160 soon.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Yes, but the downside it will default to 360p and if the viewer does not know that they can adjust playback quality it will look like total crap. We know...we just tested it with an internet speed of 225 mbps download and 193 mbps upload (very fast) and the video playback defaulted to 360p on auto!
At a pro level you do not want your videos played below should be up to the viewer to determine that the playback is too slowing and elect to play the video at a lower res only in extreme conditions not the other way around. Quality is the number one reason why people use Vimeo (at least that's what I think).

John Bicalho / Motion Graphics Plus

I also had the same problem with my videos here on vimeo . For me appears by default 360p . Every time I give play have to manually change for better quality . My internet is fiber . Before this update , the videos ran for high resolution. The youtube works best in this part of adapting to the user's internet. Please Pack that.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Thank JB...I am glad it is not just me. I have even waited until the video has completely loaded and pressed play again and it still defaults to 360p...Please Vimeo fix this fast! I am not happy to have no option to force higher res playback if I want my viewers to only view in High Res. As it is we have to rely on the viewer to manually select a higher quality playback?...some will, most won't.

Fried Canvas Studio

Ya! this sucks...Auto is for kids...we are professionals...we use HD? play HD...if the client uses 1990´s internet he change that..not you...jesus VIMEO.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

I have to agree...I hate playing the pro card but that's why we are here on Vimeo and not YouTube. We want and expect our viewers to see our work in the best quality possible, even if that means waiting a little longer for the video to buffer. The more artistic the work, the more important this becomes. Nav23 is right it should be our choice not yours as to what standard we are prepared to accept...

Eric Bogan PRO

I am glad to see I am not alone. The adaptive streaming may be great for some but as a pro user I should be able to set the default resolution (I do not want my 1080 to start at 720) and also set the default in Full Screen to "not scale" (I have been asking for this for years). I should have the option of how my video looks and plays not Vimeo and their software engineers.

Bella Luce Productions Plus

Completely agree with all of the above comments. Precisely the reason I did not renew my Plus upgrade this year yet.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

In today's internet environment 720p should be the minimum...with viewer adjustment for playback resolution up and down from there. Please Vimeo make this an option at the deployment level. I am amused that people are excited that they have 2K and 4K options available when most viewers don't even bother to change the defaults and will watch the video as it is presented (that appears to be 360p even with very fast internet speeds).

Zena Hirsch Staff

Thank you for sharing your experience. To clarify, we definitely do not default to 360p during adaptive playback. We show the highest quality playback file within the constraints of the viewer's Internet connection, graphics processing ability, and the size of the player.

Not all videos are opted in to this rollout, so it's possible that the video you're testing with is not yet enabled for adaptive playback. Could you share with me the exact video you're testing with?

The environment where the video is embedded is also important. At certain player sizes, higher playback qualities are disabled. What page are you viewing the embedded video on, and on what size screen?

If the video appears to be playing in 360p in "Auto" mode, despite meeting the specifications outlined above, please contact us so we can investigate further and make any necessary adjustments. You can reach us using the form at

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

With pleasure...and yes, it is adaptive playback I am using and it is enabled on the video I am playing back (having been a member for more than 4 years I hope know the difference). I am playing the video back on a MacPro Tower with 2 x 3.46 GHz 6 core (12 in total) using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 with 2 mb of onboard ram, 48 gb of 1333 MHz ram on 2 x 27 inch Cinema displays at 2560 x 1440 pixels using a 2 gigabyte per second (yes, you read that correctly) fibre optic internet connection with a direct ethernet cable running through an airport extreme. I am running the video inside Safari 9.01 using OS X El Capitan version 10.11.1. I hope this helps...
I still think the video should default to 720p at a minimum and at the users discretion be able to lower the res for extremely slow internet. I am fairly certain that internet speeds that require 360p playback are more the exception than the rule...

Fried Canvas Studio

same here..please kill something bellow 720p...I prefer not working at all or black video than 360p res....360p is worst than old one deserves that...

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Dear Zena, I have tested the video samples above and can play both of them in any resolution instantly and without delays...and have to say from 1080p up they look fantastic! ...yet when I switch to 'Auto' they both fall short of 720p? Come on guys this is ridiculous! If you want to save a little bandwidth create a 'cheapo' version of Vimeo. I could think of a competitor though. I am actually thinking that 270p or 360p shouldn't even be an option! At least not in my world.

Tim Beynart

"720p should be the minimum" is misguided. You need to account for mobile, which is a massive audience for video. It's a waste to send high BW video to a 420p screen. I work on video players for a major broadcast network, and have been since 2007. Streaming technology changes rapidly, but one thing that remains consistent is crappy internet connections. At my job, the goal is to always deliver video no matter what. People want to see something rather than nothing, even if it means 240p. Heck, HLS bottoms out with a static image and audio-only. The trick is to scale to maximum quality as quickly as possible. A lot of fine control over the connection behavior was lost with the migration away from Flash into HTML5, but it's still possible to massage the experience.
I hope Vimeo posts an in depth engineering article about their decision making and implementation around MBR for us industry geeks.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Thank you Tim, I think you are trying to tell me that you need to stream in low res for mobiles? I am sorry to say your logic on this is misguided. You are trying to tell me that the server is unable to detect to what device the video is being streamed to? An industry geek like yourself should know that this IS the case. If you do not believe me then try switching to 720 from your iPhone player, With 35 years of experience I think I could classify myself an industry geek as well.

I am talking desktop, laptop and even tablet in HD...I simply do not want our work streamed to these devices in anything less than 720p (even 1080p) as a 'starting point'. I want to choose the quality I wish to distribute in. I want this control back in our hands...if it was such a bad idea why did Vimeo have it there in the first place? It worked and everyone was happy.

I concede that under circumstances where internet is a problem, then there could be a 'user initiated' option to lower the resolution.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

And to clarify further - Vimeo currently renders three files from you original standard HD upload. SD 360p, 720p and 1080p (if the source file cannot sustain a 2k/4k resolution)...and just like adaptive web design, the server should then send the appropriate size file to the device detected. The thing is, in AWD (adaptive web design) you don't get a design meant for the iPhone being displayed on a full size desktop screen or even a tablet...It would look less than optimal (understatement). The same should be true of video. You should have the option to not allow a 360p file being displayed on a say a 5k iMac (unless, under extraordinary circumstances, it is the only workable solution and even then it should be a user initiated option).

I love that 2k and 4k is now an option but let's not confuse the two. One is good, the other not so good. In my opinion, this should not have been wrapped in the same package for Christmas. You could be forgiven for thinking the 2k/4k option is a sweetener to help you swallow the 'not so sweet' change i.e. Adaptive Resolution. Adaptive Resolution is NOT 4k/2k. That is a user initiated resolution choice facilitated by Vimeo and the producers. The other is a loss of control on the part of the person paying for the service to determine what is the minimum resolution the work will be viewed in.

But Tim, thank you for bringing up an important point that I am sure is confusing to many.

Tim Beynart

My point is that MBR is intended to make video more reliable within the constraints of the unreliable internet. So quality is only one part of the equation. Whether or not it satisfies the needs of Vimeo users is a compelling question. Vimeo's market seems to value video quality above reliability. It's pretty clear you aren't happy with the implementation ;-)

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Thanks Tim and yes, valid point...quality vs reliability is a compelling question...and definitely guessed right...not happy :-) but all in good spirit.

Tim Beynart

Cheers. The technical side of video on the internet is a huge can of worms, but at the end of the day it's still a variation of the old saying, "You can have cheap, good, and fast. Choose 2."

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Though I certainly understand the difference in quality between 1080/2K/4K...all look great on the usual playing devices such as mobile and tablets etc anyway...however try playing your pride and joy at 360p on say a retina screen iPad and see what you think...

Eric Bogan PRO

Or up-scaling on someones 4K monitor in full screen mode (including up-scaling 720 or 1080). I have been asking for control over scaling for years. I should be able to default this to off. I want to know how my video is going to play not have a crap shoot.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Agree...let's sell all our expensive cameras and equipment and shoot everything on a second hand 2nd gen iPhone!

"Oh, hold point, the 720p video we'll shoot will look like rubbish at 270p/360p." :-D

Vimeo you have to understand your customers before charging in and making decisions like this. And before you come back with a pithy retort about the viewers bandwidth, I note that one of the comments on the blogs mentioned they have never had a customer complain about having to view the work in HD (regardless of their internet speed).


Really really looking forward to the higher framerates, even more than the 2K. That is just brilliant. I assume there will be 50p as well as 60p support?

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Thank you Zena...I have sent a message to the developers for you but worth repeating here.
In essence the answer is to have default playback start at 720p with the option to manually downgrade the resolution in extreme conditions. I just read your reply explaining that 360p is not the default...and that it's a bug. That is good news...Unfiortunately my experience is 360p (and I know it's not the speed of the internet) however I look forward to watching the video play at a minimum of 720p.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Dear Zena, I have waited until the video has completely downloaded and dragged the slider to the beginning of the video to replay and it still plays at low res and looks dreadful. I can only emphasise again that if I select 720p it immediately improves in quality and clarity and plays back immediately and without delays? I do not understand that with a high end graphic workstation and as fast an internet as possible (around 200 mbps upload/download) that the server is detecting that I am only capable of receiving a 360p playback?? Please tell me this is not a round about way of saving bandwidth from your server.

Eric Bogan PRO

You are actually seeing the video cache while paused? I have not seen this work in weeks. If I pause a video the cache (gray bar) just stops and sits where it was when I stop playback. Caching does not seem to work any more on any of the 5 computers (and three networks) I have tried using Chrome or FireFox.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

I have...and agree this is a new change. I am very upset that Vimeo has initiated this change without consulting their customers. It is also quite insane to wrap adaptive resolution in with 2k and 4k. If I can't even get a 1080p video to run on auto, I can tell you that there is not a hope in hell it will default to 4k. This is treating clients like cattle or sheep.

Vertical Online PRO

Super excited about Vimeo implementing 4k. We've been mastering the majority of our project in 4k for awhile now.

Just to confirm; we'll be able to “Replace” a 1080 version with a 4k version and still maintain stats, comments, etc., correct?

Alex Dao Staff

Hi there, that's correct! When you replace a video you keep stats, comments, the URL, embed code, etc. You just get a new version of the video. :)

Vertical Online PRO

Cheers, Alex. Looking forward to having adaptive streaming enabled on our account!! :)

Vertical Online PRO

Can we replace clips that were uploaded prior to August 4, 2015 in 1080p with a new 4k version and get 4k (adaptive streaming) on those files?

Alex Dao Staff

You can replace any videos you uploaded before August 4th but they will not be available for 4K streaming until we enable adaptive streaming for your account. However, the 4K versions will be available for download immediately!

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Why worry about 4K if most viewers are going to watch your stuff in 360p? It was one of my major gripes about YouTube that people in a hurry don't bother upping the default and why I always believed Vimeo to be a much better choice if you are uploading quality content...the old minimum on Vimeo was 720p (barely acceptable in today's 4K and 2K world but a world apart from 360p) 720p no one complained but now the default is 360p? I am sorry but I don't buy the 360p option.

Zena Hirsch Staff

The default is not 360p. If that's the behavior you're experiencing, it's likely a bug of some kind. Please check my previous replies, and if you still have concerns, contact us at

Matchstick Film Company Plus

Just to clarify- you wrote: "Plus members: Any 2K and 4K video files you’ve uploaded since yesterday, December 8, 2015, will also be transcoded and ready for ultra-HD viewing." What resolution do you mean by ultra-HD? Are you saying that Plus members can upload 4k videos but they will play in 1080?

Zena Hirsch Staff

"Ultra-HD" refers to both 2K and 4K quality. As a Plus or PRO member, you can upload 2K and/or 4K quality video, and we will generate 2K and 4K playback files. However, these files will only be available for playback once your account is added to the adaptive streaming rollout. In the meantime, these 2K and 4K files will be available for download only.

REB6studios PRO

adaptive streaming = facebook and youtube style streaming where the client/viewer have to be knowledgeable that what they are seeing is not the actual resolution and they have to choose the best ones up first. how about this...make 1080P your default since you're bragging about 2k and 4k. i mean 1080p should be nothing in terms of your bandwidth now.

Eric Bogan PRO

Right on!! And the ability again to shut off scaling (even better let me the creator set this default). If you have a monitor higher than 1080 it scales to the full screen I do not want this. I used to be able to shut this off but no longer.


Congratulations for these amazing upgrades on vimeo. I would like to know which codec will be used for streaming 4k. Will it be h264 or h265 hevc, or vp9? The computer, smatr tv or smartphone will need to support h265 hevc or vp9? thanks.

Anders Goberg Plus

I really think there should be an option for creators to force the minimum resolution to 720/1080p. I'd much prefer to wait a bit for buffering then to watch stuff in 360p. YouTube have this option. The nice quality playback is what made Vimeo better than the rest, now I kind of feel like you're on the same level as YouTube :(

Also, now that basic members can embed all the HD they want, what extra stuff am I actually getting with the Plus account?

Anders Goberg Plus

Most of the videos I am watching on Vimeo now defaults to 360p, some even defaults to 270p. This is really unacceptable guys!

When I watch stuff in "My Feed", all videos seem to default to 270/360p, and when I go full screen it doesn't seem to adapt. The icon is still saying "HD", which is just a lie. I am on a very fast fiber internet connection so I should have no issues streaming 1080p, at least I've never had any issues with that before.

All my embeded videos on my portfolio website also defaults to 270/360p, I am sorry but I can't use this anymore and won't pay for a Plus membership unless this gets fixed asap.

Fried Canvas Studio

auto 360P?? jesus...fix that BIG mistake...we wanna set OUR videos...don´t copy the weakness of youtube...only the good things...we pay that.

Fried Canvas Studio

Sounds like the free youtube...please let the user choose what they want... "Default this video to HD, when possible – This setting will be retired soon. Learn more about adaptive streaming and how it will impact your videos."

Fried Canvas Studio

another everybody can embeed hd and full what"s the REAL benefit for PLUS?more upload space per week? faster upload..not so good... I dont have 2k or 4k yet.., at least don´t remove default HD...and improve the compression...I´m only one little client...but please listen that like i was YOU.

Fried Canvas Studio

or can i have my money back,? plus to the regular account..i only used 2 months since i renew this..i´m a client since 2012...could we make a deal 70% of the price i paid? i´m serious asking that...

John Bicalho / Motion Graphics Plus

I was thinking about renovating for Plus again but lucky I not renewed . Now I have videos in HD / FullHD embeed outside Vimeo . I loved this. Just need to fix this bug default 360p . It has to be standard 720p up. The guy who has poor internet is not my problem.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

It is being sold as 2k/4k solution but 1 in 10 ...if you are very lucky! will even work out that they have that option available to them. In the meantime sit back and watch your video in 270p or 360p. We spend thousands on camera equipment and production to produce something that looks like it was shot on an iPhone 4.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

The examples you have used above look great in a minimum of 1080p...just for the heck of it switch to 270p and take a look...why is this even an option?? It's 2015! ...even my local cafe internet can handle 1080p playback and certainly 720p.

Fried Canvas Studio

back to the future...even first star wars have HD...70´s.....i spend with heavy renderers, good watch it right or don´t watch...that´s why i think this is a "shoot in the foot" if u know what i mean, lol

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

At least someone in Vimeo recognises the issue...
This is the response I received from Support...

"Hi there,
I’m very sorry for the trouble!
Vimeo’s users have spoken, and we’ve brought back the “Default to HD” button. You should now be able to toggle that setting globally for your account at ________
If you select that option for your videos, then they should render in 720p if the viewer’s system can support that.
Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused!"

...but shortly after I received this message...

"I’m sorry to say, but the information you received from (I will leave names out) is not correct. The “default to HD” option is not available for clips that have been added to the adaptive streaming rollout.

To clarify the confusion from your posts in the blog comments, we do not default videos to 360p. We will show the highest quality video possible given the user’s playback environment. These are the factors that we take into consideration: "

etc etc.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Simple question, if this is really designed to bring 2k and 4k options to Vimeo and the viewer, why is 360p even an option...does anyone outside YouTube really watch video in this resolution anymore?

Fried Canvas Studio

and even with good internet this system doesn't works´s like performance vs appearence...if ppl can´t watch they will blame vimeo...but for us it´s better not play, than play like worst quality...i´m tired...ahaha, one thing is last year here.

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hello all! Just a note that we believe we've found a bug affecting the quality selection during adaptive playback. We'll be pushing out a fix tomorrow, which should allow many users who were automatically receiving 360p on "Auto" mode to get HD instead.

Thanks to all the users who pointed out this issue and helped us narrow it down!

Fried Canvas Studio

the bug is...something bellow 720 and auto...and removing the power of the i is free and is like this..and 4k is not NEWS...neighter 60 why copy wrong and right choices of the big youtube? make better like it was in the and vimeo=good LIKE IN 2010 or so.

H A L Y C O N | motion graphics PRO

Thank you Zena...believe it or not, it takes a lot to get me active on these blogs but quality playback is such an important issue for the film makers, artists and professionals paying for this service. I am still a strong advocate for letting the producer decide what should be the minimum default resolution. It really should be something that should be back in the hands of the people paying for the service and not left to chance. Otherwise we'll get..."...saw your film...looks like it was shot on old iPhone!"

Kizzume Fowler

This makes me very, very happy. I do wish I could upload more data per week on a plus account so I could replace all my videos with 60fps versions and still be able to upload something new, as I'm on disability income and would never be able to afford putting out $200 in one lump sum, but at least you have 60fps options, and at least you let people upload a new version of a video.

Thank you for doing this.

Nabil Mendes Plus

Congrats to all the team!
I know my comment will not sound "sexy" but the H265 feature (HEVC) is much more important than 4k, Vimeo compression is pretty bad (in term of color rendition and texture especially) that's why i've decided to look elsewhere.
People don't know what they want, at least not clearly. They ask for 4k thinking that 4k means better quality, but as professionals you have to teach them that "better quality" is not about resolution only, in fact, the "High resolution" argument is a marketing trap, who there can claim that the Gh4 (a 4k camera) produces better images than the Arri Alexa (2.8k)? No body, because color rendition, texture and dynamic range are much more important than resolution, and a player is faithful to these specifications not by improving its resolution, but its "compression".

Again, as professionnals, you have to give your customers what they need, not what they think they want..

Anyway, congrats to all the team, i truly mean it..

Zena Hirsch Staff

Hi Nabil,

We decided not to move forward with HEVC yet for two reasons:

1. Decoding and playback support is still lacking for many devices.
2. The processing cost of encoding and decoding videos in HEVC would lead to reduced performance during conversion and playback.

That isn't to say that we're ruling out HEVC support altogether. We're closely monitoring this technology and may implement it when the time is right.

I'm concerned to hear that you're running into quality issues with H.264 on Vimeo. I'd like to hear more about the problems you're seeing. When you have a moment, mind reaching out to our support team, so we can look into this further? You can reach us using the form at

Airline2Sim PRO

Guys I'm still getting the 'hey this video could look even more awesome' frame rate nag with 60fps content, even though it's giving the option to download the 60fps version.

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