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Best of Staff Picks: January 2016

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February 4, 2016 by Vimeo Curation Curation

January brought us resolutions, presidential races, and weird iterations of hot chocolate flavors — but perhaps most importantly, it gave us heaps of new, piping hot things to watch. Videos have come at the curation team from all directions and we couldn’t be more pleased to shine another light on 12 of the best Staff Picks from the past month. If you watch any videos on Vimeo from January, these picks — ranging from documentaries about first love to music videos about evil villains looking for affection — should be them.

“HOLORAMA: An Optical Theatre” from Jeff Desom

Jeff Desom offers his tribute to cinema classics by using a “simple” holographic process and incredibly detailed miniature sets. If Twin Peaks and The Big Lebowski fit within your taste wheelhouse, be sure to press the play button on this one, as your favorite films are now displayed in a third dimension.

“THE CHICKENING” from Nick DenBoer

Fresh from Sundance Film Festival (and our ready-to-watch collection) comes Nick DenBoer’s remix of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and … chickens. “THE CHICKENING” displays impressive 3D compositing, as familiar characters and scenes blend into a horrifyingly humorous chicken-themed world that will stay with you just as long as “Here’s Johnny!”

“Love is in the Fair” from THE BITTER SOUTHERNER

“Love Is In The Fair,” a documentary about young love at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair in Dudley, North Carolina, is easily the cutest, most charming thing we’ve seen so far this year. With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, it’s refreshing to see what first love can look like.

“兄弟 / xiong di” from Häns

Dive into the life of four Chinese factory workers in this wonderfully stylized documentary from directing duo Häns. In this film, the typically under-the-radar crafters of ladies’ garments speak about work, friendship, love, kickboxing, and their dreams.

“The Wire” from Elliot Lim

Put simply, Elliot Lim designed and animated an homage to his favorite show. What we really get, though, is the scenes from HBO’s The Wire come to life in a format we have never witnessed. To do a show of that caliber justice is one thing, but to encapsulate the imagery, tone, and story of The Wire and elevate it into something totally new is something commendable.

Pekko, ‘Hunger’ from ANTON TAMMI

Director Anton Tammi brings us one of the first music video bangers of the year with “Hunger” by Pekko. Featuring style for days and a fantastic edit, “Hunger” shows us that in 2016, even multi-cigarette smoking badasses need to hold hands for a while.

“The Chemical Brothers Wide Open” from D O M & N I C

D O M & N I C’s first video for the Chemical Brothers, “Setting Sun,” was made 20 years ago this year. “Wide Open,” their eighth collaboration, is a video that deserves a big screen and multiple viewings. It’s a simple but brilliant idea, executed masterfully by a dream team. That team also includes The Mill , offering stunning VFX, and Sonoya Mizuno who delivers a perfect performance. (You want to know how they did it, right? Check out The Mill’s behind-the-scenes video here.)

“Dillon Francis - Not Butter” from Brandon Dermer

Director Brandon Dermer and EDM artist Dillon Francis show us all what making a music video is like from the director’s perspective. Romance the drama.

Miike Snow “Genghis Khan” from Ninian Doff

In “Genghis Khan” by Miike Snow, director Ninian Doff imagines what the James Bond series would be like if there were fantastic dancing and an unexpected love story thrown into the mix.

“The Present”  from Jacob Frey

At the end of January, Jacob Frey’s thesis short from Filmakademie Baden Wurttemburg’s animation school went online, and one week later it was cruising smoothly towards 3 million views. No wonder: with charming design, well-crafted animation, and a heartwarming story delivered neatly in under five minutes, it’s a perfect storm of crowdpleasers. Jacob is definitely one to keep an eye on.

“Field of Vision - Peace In The Valley“ from Field Of Vision

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a town divided. It’s home to not only a seven-story Christ statue and the largest outdoor Christian Passion Play in the U.S., but it also maintains a thriving LGBT community. When an important vote on LGBT rights arrives in Eureka Springs, directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher investigate and create a brilliant microcosm for one of our nation’s leading topics of debate.

“Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island” from Lukas Schrank

Storytelling is never more important than when it shines light into a hidden darkness in order to spread information and inspire action. With refugees crises never far from the headlines, Lukas Schrank’s window into the lives of asylum-seekers detained in Australia’s Manus Island Offshore Processing Centre is topical, terrible, and a must-see.

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Really Dim Plus

Boys, Boys, Boys, maybe girls are washing dishes / Vimeo you have a pale blue logo and your best stuff it's made by boys for boys handpicked by boys / Next year i'll love to pay again for my "plus" account to be part of the A Vimeo with a Pink logo / Don't get me wrong i'm not saying this because i need attention...i have enough attention but this starts to look like discrimination for all the girls out there...and it's seems i'm the only one saying something about it...but i know i'm right, im not the only 19yrso girl doing videos...from the perspective of a 19yrso girl this start to look my father. Maybe the lack of consideration its the reason why girls are not doing more videos or sharing more videos.

Jordan McGarry Staff

Hello Really Dim and thanks for your message. I'm sorry that this post is full of boys, but I can assure you that it's not just boys on the curation team at Vimeo. I'm the Director of Curation, and I'm 100% not a boy. I know it looks like the team is all male if you look at the profile picture on our team account, but that's because I was away on maternity leave when that picture was taken - we need to fix that now that I'm back!
Unfortunately, it's true that there aren't as many women making films and videos as men but the imbalance isn't quite as bad on Vimeo and in Staff Picks as it is across the wider industry, and we're very keen to do more to support our female filmmakers. That's not just lip service - we're putting our time, energy and money where our mouths are. I'm not sure if you've heard about our new Share the Screen initiative, but it might be something you'll be interested in, check out Andrea's recent blog post: Thanks again for your comment and thanks for using Vimeo.

Really Dim Plus

If I Keep My Faith Then Vimeo Will Help The World / Thanks Jordan For Your Words I Feel Less Alone Now/

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