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New ways for teams to collaborate on projects

Vimeo Staff
February 8, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

There’s a great feeling that comes from collaborating with a good team. While you can already add team members to your Vimeo account, now you can collaborate even better on private projects with an all-new team role: contributors.

When you invite a contributor to a private project (formerly called folders), they can upload, manage, and replace videos within that specific project. Because contributors have access to specific projects, those projects serve as private workspaces for your team. Want Client A, or a specific team member, to have access to the videos in their private project, but not the videos in Client B’s project? Contributors are perfect for that. They allow more flexibility within your team and more privacy for your account.

To get started, you can add new contributors by clicking the + icon within a project. (While anyone can organize their videos into private projects, the ability to add team members to specific projects is available to Vimeo PRO, Business, and live plans.)

Coupled with video history, which lets you track changes made by team members to your videos and projects, team collaboration is easier than ever. Now you can see updates to your videos in one place, from updating a thumbnail, to adding videos to a project, to reviewing notes left on previous versions of a video.

And all of it happens from your Videos page, making your workflow simpler and more powerful.

If team accounts are totally new to you, here’s a handy guide to all the team permissions available:

  • Uploaders: can only upload videos to your account (without being able to take any other action on those videos, or see your account). Videos that uploaders add will appear in All videos.
  • Contributors: can upload, replace, embed, and manage settings for videos within the specific project they’re invited to. They can’t see other projects or videos, and can’t invite other contributors.
  • Admins: can see all of your videos, add contributors to projects, and take all the same actions on them as you can. They don’t have access to your account credentials or billing information.

Let us know how this helps you and your team, and feel free to head to our Help Center with any questions about team permissions.


Accomplice Business

Awesome feature! The only thing that would make it even more awesome is if you could drag out the 'projects' scroll bar so you can easily read your projects at a glance.

Bangkok Production Company PRO

Was just thinking the same thing. The feature is great, we have immediate use for it. But 2 or 3 letters is a bit little to make out what folder I'm clicking on.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Accomplice, hi @bangkokproductions – Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. Our product and design teams are already working on a solution to the cut off project titles. I'll post an update here when the fix is live.

Renny Martinez

Gracias por ser vimeo, son Grandes en buen video.

Juliana Cheng

Send me an audio in any of the "Chinese" you recorded on your mission trip or where ever, I'll give you my opinions....Chinese? Mandarin? Cantonese? a Dialect of the Chinese language? There are supposed to be at least 150 different ways to speak Chinese and I don't think the educational system in today's China had reached the whole nation of China with x billions of Chinese Citizens although the country is much more opened up than the early 1970s to 1997 after Hong Kong was reverted back to China by the Brits etc...

John Andrade Business

my invitees are having a hard time accepting their invitations and joining the project. Are there instructions that I could send to them? These are clients who may not be very tech savvy. :)

Believe Limited PRO

Same concern. Weird, there is no answer from Vimeo. They tell us to go to the forums for help and then reply occasionally, if at all. Great customer service. This is why we use more and more.

Andrei Zakow PRO

Can you share a project with non contributors like you can with Collections?

Believe Limited PRO

Do clients have to create a Vimeo account in order to see/engage w/ the videos in a project?

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