At Vimeo, we strive to provide the best video-viewing experience possible. That starts with our HTML5 player, which is engineered to make videos look their very best, anywhere.

Beyond being one of the highest quality, fastest loading, and most reliable players on the planet, it’s also customizable for all of our paying members.

Thinking about upgrading? Here are a few ways you’ll be able to customize to your heart’s content.

Choose your embed settings

Our Embed settings allow you to apply your custom look to an individual video or multiple videos — your choice.

To change the look of a single video, go to the Embed tab of its video settings and make your changes (more on those later). This will automatically update your video anywhere it’s embedded. (Note that this will not update the player on; only on other web pages.)

To change the look for several of your videos, create an Embed preset in your account settings, name it, and apply as you wish.

You can also choose whether to show or hide your portrait, title, and byline when your embedded video first appears. These options are available in your Embed settings.

Similarly, you can decide what you want viewers to see when they finish watching your video. These options, such as end screens or email capture, are available in the Interaction tools tab.

Choose your look and feel

And now, the fun part: the actual customization options themselves. This is where you can match the Vimeo player to your homepage, portfolio, brand identity, or marketing campaign.

To change the colors of your play bar and text, simply enter your preferred hex code in the Embed settings (the individual tab for a single video, or in the Embed presets of your Account Settings for multiple videos).

To add your logo, go to the Videos tab in your Account Settings and select the Player logo tab. Next, click the Upload new logo button and voila. (Pro tip: Transparent 200×200 PNG files work best.)

Choose your privacy levels

Last but not least, let’s talk about privacy. Vimeo lets you share your videos with the world, but if it isn’t quite ready you can protect them with passwords or private links. We think that’s so important, we have a whole other article all about that.

Domain-level privacy lets you specify which websites are allowed to embed your video, giving you full control over where your videos appear. Depending on which plan you choose, you may also be able to share private links and collaborate with your teams (even more reason to upgrade).

Ready to customize your player, player?

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Header image from “Everest: A time lapse short film” by Elia Saikaly.