Connecting with viewers is a beautiful thing: it means you’re telling your story, reaching more humans, and growing your brand. That’s why we’re oh-so excited to release all-new interaction tools, which include:

  • Updated end screens for Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business members let you customize what appears after your video, and drive even more engagement with call-to-action buttons.
  • Mobile-friendly cards let Vimeo Business members link viewers to any destination they choose, at any point in their video. These were designed to elevate the video and encourage viewers to engage with the cards.
  • Email capture forms help Vimeo Business members generate leads, whether it’s before, during, or after their video.

How it works

The controls for these tools live in a video’s Embed settings, but if you’re in need of some directions:

  1. Go to your Videos page
  2. Click or tap the Settings icon for any video
  3. Head to the video’s Embed settings

The “Interaction tools” section is at the bottom of the right sidebar. You’ll get a live preview of your video, so you can see what your changes will look like as you make them.

Customizable end screens

End screens come with eight customizable options, all designed to engage your audience. We encourage you to just hop in and play around with them, but if you want even more knowledge, our blog article has everything you need to know about end screens.

Email capture everywhere

Vimeo Business members can now put email capture forms at any point before, during, or after each video. You can also give your viewers the options to opt out of it, if you so choose. As with cards and calls to action, you can include a message to match the tone of your video, brand, or campaign. These expanded customizations give Vimeo Business members more sophisticated ways to drive engagement and generate quality leads. (And as always, you can sync the emails you collect with Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor, or Constant Contact.)

Brand-new cards

Then there’s the all-new cards — or links to custom destinations — built just for Vimeo Business members. Vimeo’s unobtrusive, notification-style cards let you boost engagement without distracting your viewers, and the sleek, organic design perfectly pairs with the player. You can insert as many cards as you need, to any page you want, at any point in your embedded video.

Each card starts with a headline, and you can add a link, description, and thumbnail, too. They’re perfect for linking to your website, merch pages, crowdfunding campaigns, or you can just use the card as a helpful little note to give context to your video.

And since mobile traffic makes up the majority of video views, and social media is an ever-growing portion of that, we optimized cards for embedding on iOS, Android, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. Meaning, these tools offer a super impactful, super phone-friendly marketing solution, built just for brands and businesses.

Putting it all together

When it comes to having control over every detail of embedded videos, it’s important to us because it’s important to our creators. We want things to be as easy and effective as possible, which is why we’ve updated the video stats page to include impression and engagement stats for your interaction tools.

Phew! That’s a lot of us talking. Now, it’s all back to you: start customizing away, generating more leads, and growing your business. Not a Plus, PRO, or Business member? It’s easy to get started. And as always, if you have any suggestions, consider our ears lent and send us your thoughts.