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How to create a gorgeous custom cover video

Rachel Goldberg
November 11, 2016 by Rachel Goldberg Alum

Not so long ago, we launched all-new profile pages to give you more control over the look and feel of your page, and help you highlight the amazing videos you upload. Think of this as your online calling card: a place you can send people to see your work, learn what you’re all about, and understand what you do. Perhaps the most eye-catching change of all? The ability to add a gorgeous custom cover video, so everyone can see what you’re all about right when they land on your profile.


A great cover video, much like cover photos, can draw people in and entice them to learn more about what you do and watch more of your videos. So whether you’re looking to flaunt your filmmaking chops, communicate your brand’s values, or just express your particular aesthetic, here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing that perfect looping clip.

To add or edit your cover video, go to your profile, click the button, and choose one of your videos. As you’re trying things out, you’ll want to...

Consider video length, size, and framing
After you’ve selected a video, you can use the sliders to select a clip to loop at the top of your page. Your clip can be anywhere from a few seconds to the entirety of your video. In addition to duration, you’ll need to decide what you want to actually appear in frame. While our design is dynamic and depends on the screen width of your viewer, a 1920x540 video should mostly stay in frame. 

You can test out a few of your videos to see what works best, or even create a video especially for your profile page. Simply slide the size overlay to the desired position, and preview exactly what will be displayed.

When choosing your perfect video, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • No one likes to see a person’s head cut off (unless you’re a horror director)
  • Don’t cover up text — people like to read!.
  • Remember: your profile picture appears in the center of your frame; make sure it’s not hiding something important

Bloomberg does a great job at showing what their brand is all about, and keeping all the relevant info above the fold.

Put your best film forward
Just like a cover photo, your cover video instantly communicates to visitors what you’re all about. If you’re a filmmaker, flaunt a technique you specialize in. If you’re a brand, think about what best visually communicates your values.

It doesn’t have to be educational, either. In the same way that thumbnails draw in people’s attention, so too will bold visuals, bright colors, and a focused concept. Filmmaker Janssen Powers, for example, uses his cover video as a reel, highlighting some of his best work and letting potential clients know what he’s about right off the bat.  

Switch it up
If you drive a lot of traffic to your profile page, it’s important to make things fresh. Got a new short film premiering? An upcoming product launch? A hashtag for a new campaign? Keep your looping in sync with your latest and greatest projects. Take Jeff Williams, a Walt Disney animator, who chose to showcase some of his most recent and notable work in Zootopia.

Shoot something new
You may not have the perfect cover video already sitting in your Vimeo account. If this is the case, why not go out and make one? Our very own Nick C. went so far as to sacrifice his lunch break in order to shoot something completely custom using only his iPhone and a bit of ingenuity:

Tap into that left-side brain power
Vimeo is home to the most wildly creative community on Earth, and cover videos are meant to help you get those wildly creative ideas out there. So let your imagination go bananas, start customizing, and share your profile with us below so we can soak up your ingenuity, on loop.

Want some more cover video inspiration? Just take a peep at what some amazing filmmakers are already doing: pinball off the rooftops with director Lizzie Oxby, explore graphic techniques with Karolien Soete, delve into boxing with Yael Shulman, uncover striking black-and-white vibes with Maegan Houang, or discover the art of faces with Emily Sheskin below. Happy cover video-ing!


Shai Getzoff Plus

Thanks for the article.
I think I managed to fit a nice cover video to my profile :)

Chef Unplugged

I followed the instructions, and the frame sizing, and it did not match the frame size on my channel, why is that

Huse Kurbegovic

Made a custom video just for my cover! I think it looks nice!

Orange Wedge Plus

I agree. same issue.

I also can't upload a new one. It seems something has been glitching with the cover videos.

Alvin Lui

Hi - has anyone else had issues with the cover video? I had a cover video running perfectly on my profile for a little over a year. I just noticed it was no longer playing so I went to select that video again. Now it is simply churning at the point where you select what section to "loop" and even if I hit next, it churns on the section where I can frame my video. If I hit "Save" nothing happens.

I've tried this on IE, Firefox, and Chrome. All browsers are updated. Any ideas or solutions?

Thank you in advance!

Tommy Penick PRO

Wondering if you have updated specs for the video dimensions--a 1920x540 still seems to be cropped to more like 1920x200.

Nic Yiallouris

Hi, is there a way to not have the sound play ?

Artillery PRO

I have a custom page. I can see it - it looks great. If I go to my page ithout being logged in I just see All the uploads in a list and no customs videos.

Matt Mendoza Plus

Anyone know how tall the video actually is? I made one at 540, but the unexpected cropping has made it worse.

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