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Show off videos in style with your all-new profile

Vimeo Staff
October 17, 2016 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Creators and videos are the heart and soul of Vimeo. And profile pages are the first place people look when they see an awesome video and want to find more, or to see what else that person has made. To help creators like you make the very best first impression on viewers, we’ve redesigned your profile to give you more control over how it looks, and how you showcase your videos online.

Once you log in and go to your new profile, you’ll notice a few changes:

Cleaner, less cluttered layout
We’ve stripped out unnecessary elements to draw more attention to what matters most: you and your videos. And instead of adding links to your bio, now you can display them as icons under your profile picture.

All-new cover videos
We’re all pretty familiar with the concept of cover photos at this point. But have you ever seen a cover video? Now’s your chance: click the “Cover video” button to choose a video or clip to loop silently at the top of your profile page for added customization — and awesomeness.

Featured videos, and the ability to choose their order
Now you can choose up to 10 videos to feature on the front page of your profile, and pick the order in which they appear. Click “Edit profile” and hit the “Featured videos” tab to get started.

To recap: now all Vimeo members, regardless of membership type, have even better ways to customize their profiles. And we’ll be adding even more profile customization tools in the coming weeks — including a slick new Videos page, with extra control for you — designed especially with creators like you in mind. But for now, start customizing your all-new profile.

And because we can’t read your minds, we’d love to hear your feedback so we know what to focus on next! Leave a comment below, and we’ll make sure our Product team hears about it.


Martyn Randles

Love this, love Vimeo!
I noticed the change when I logged on earlier today...but, I didn't know about the cover video until I read've blown my mind...again!
Thank I'll have to find a clip to use ;)

Martyn Randles

...just checked back again but, my profile page when viewed on Chrome & Safari only shows the "Edit" button...can't see the "Settings" or "Cover Video" buttons as shown in the blog above...
Any ideas?
PS: will the "cover video" become a hyperlink to a video(s) [multi videos if you break up the space, or give dimensions of the space in order to create a custom video(s)?] :)

Martyn Randles

...Forget the above...I'm disabled & zoom in (a lot), found the buttons when I zoomed out.
Would still appreciate the dimensions though :)

Rachel Goldberg Staff

The design is dynamic based on screen width, so there isn’t a fixed dimension to share. But if your video is 1920x540, that should mostly stay in frame! Once we’re done iterating on the design, we’ll publish a support article with more detailed guidelines.

On-Going w/ Matilde Keizer PRO

Totally agree that this is a great change! Only challenge is that it makes my profile page rival my channel page in terms of which I'd prefer to share...

Video@CDL Business

Not bad. A little more customization here would have been appreciated. For example, we'd still prefer it if we could limit the amount of videos (to between 4-6) that we'd want displayed publicly on our profile page, instead of being forced to pick our Top 10 or having Vimeo populate those blank spaces for you based on "newest videos."

The Cover Video option, though a nice addition, has too extreme of a crop factor. I guess we'll just have to produce a separate video "just" for our cover. =)

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Thanks for your feedback. We definitely plan to add more customization in the future, and I’ll pass your suggestions on to our product team. In the meantime, if you’re so motivated to create something new just for your cover video, we’d love to take a look at the final result :)

Video@CDL Business

Upon further inspection, I have to agree with some of the posters after me, re. the now-invisible link icons, cut-off bio descriptions, and gray shade that is laid over the cover video.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks @cdlvideo. We hear you on these issues in particular, and we’ll do our best to improve on the pain points in future iterations.

H. Paul Moon PRO

It's a big step backward. The most important part of any profile, the description under our names that we want people to read, gets cut off arbitrarily mid-word after less than one line of text, requiring a click to read more that probably won't happen (and this wasn't a problem before, showing in full on the left). It makes Vimeo look bad, like a site bug. Then, the barely visible, light grey social/link badges have no descriptive text, making Vimeo look unpolished as a platform because the result is numerous badges that look identical (e.g., chain links), as if also a site bug (compared to before too). And in an era (finally) of responsive Web layout designs, why is everything centered down a narrow column, wasting screen real estate? Seems to be another example of the kids taking over the system to make it look pretty on a first glance for corporate boardroom presentations about Vimeo site changes, irrespective of actual functional purpose for the users themselves.

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hi @hpmoon: Appreciate your specific feedback about the bio, link icons, and overall design. We plan to keep improving the page, and I’ll share this with our product team for future iterations.

Caetano veyssières

Although I'd like to see how this new layout goes over time, at first sight I'm on H. Paul Moon's side. Removing stuff and narrowing a page for the sake of minimalism makes it actually slower to use and not any clearer.


Totally agree with H.Paul Moon.. step backward in personal info !! the layout .. very... smartphonish..

Szymon Jan Sinoff Plus

I agree with the unhappy critics: please change back the "chain link", cause seeing the actual link, would be more clear for the viewers. Having back the bigger frame of the first promoted video, with at least beginning of the description visible, would be also nice. Peace! ;-)

simone zuccarini Plus

Totally agree with Paul...
In my opinion the profile page looks too big and empty with less content: I can't even read my description now, only if I click on "Read more". With the old look everything was there without scrolling down the page too much, more compact and functional.
It also looks too similar to all the social networks out there... Facebook, Twitter, Google+... even Linkedin! It was cool to have the Vimeo page different from the others, keeping the core structure over all these years.

I appreciate the effort, but I really prefer the previous look. Can you please restore it?
Thank you, Simone

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi all – Thank you for sharing your frustrations. We take all our community feedback seriously, and are relaying all the specifics you’ve outlined to our product team so we can keep improving our profile page for everyone who uses Vimeo.


seriously Suri? a layout design for 1 column ? the format of the new feature video just works on One column width.. have no sense the crop dimensions of it!!

H. Paul Moon PRO

Just following up to note that Vimeo's response to this entire page's nearly unanimous rejection of their disastrous re-design can be summed up as: damage control + no change. (Feels like the stuff of Presidential politics...)

mista skee

The mobile version still looks the same though ( On mobile browsers that is )

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hi @mistaskee, the cover video functionality is not currently supported in most mobile environments. But we’ve always got our eyes (and engineers) on innovating our mobile experience, so be on the lookout for updates on this version as well.

Blake Hausman Plus

I produced a special cover video to highlight 4 videos side by side, but I'm noticing the cover video area has a shadow or something over it and it doesn't look quite right. What should have been white background and blended with the Vimeo page is now gray, and the lighting on the videos all looks too dark.

Any way to fix that? (You can see it on my page.)

Rachel Goldberg Staff

This looks awesome, @blakehausman. I’m asking one of our video specialists to look into the color shift and we’ll follow up with you directly.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @blakehausman! The design is dynamic based on screen width, so there isn’t a fixed dimension to share. But if your video is 1920x540, that should mostly stay in frame! Once we’re done iterating on the design, we’ll publish a support article with more detailed guidelines.

Blake Hausman Plus

Hey Suri, thanks for the response, but the issue isn't with the size. That's all good, I've got it sized up perfectly. It's with the shading that is over the cover video section. The background on my video is white and should mix right in with the background on the page, but with the shadow effect it makes everything gray, and makes the videos look darker than they should. I can't seem to turn this off. Please take a look at my page, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Gotcha! We've heard this from a few Vimeo members, and the feedback will be reviewed by our product team before we release the next iteration of the new profile design.

Blake Hausman Plus

Thanks! I know removing that gray overlay will make it just look great, but it's not there yet.

David Cebulla PRO

I have the same color problem as @blakewhitman. I think there is some kind of graduated grey filter on the cover video. I was one of the Beta-testers and also respond this problem, but until now it was not removed ;) @rachelann

Rachel Goldberg Staff

Hey @davidcebulla - thanks for surfacing this again. We're passing all of this back to the product team so they're aware of the request, and when updates roll out we'll be sure to let you know!

Rachel Goldberg Staff

This looks great! The balance between the shots in the ring and of the ropes are really well done.

Soxiam Alum

Nice work, team Vimeo. Very cinematic, open and inviting.

Dedalus Project

Not good! Not good! Bad! This doesn't work for us. Our videos are part of our message. But there was some explanation that needed to go with it. Now this explanation is almost totally obscured. I just joined a few days before the change. I would not have joined if it was this way to begin with. I will probably cancel at some point if it doesn't get better.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @dedalus – Sorry to hear this, and thank you for this feedback about your need for the full bio on your profile. We’re relaying all our community’s feedback to our product team to review. In the meantime, we’re reaching out to discuss the issue further, so be on the lookout for an email from us.

Nathan Rodger Plus

Here's a refreshing change to most responses: love this...
Comped a current vid for the cover video, but will be making a custom one. Thanks!

Alex Dao Staff

Looks great! Gonna have to check out that apple tart video now.

Of Two Lands Plus

Awesome guys !! Loving the cover video.
Just wondering if it possible to add an older video that we were credited in to be shown at the end and not first ?
Also, is there a way to display icons for website and other vimeo channel ? It also shows for our instagram and Facebook at the moment.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

@oftwolands For now, you can only choose videos you yourself have uploaded as your featured videos. In terms of websites, if you tap the “Edit Profile” button below your cover video and scroll down to “Your websites,” you’ll be able to add personal, Vimeo, and social links there (looks like you've already done that). For now, these links appear with the same link icon, but our product team is considering alternatives. We’ll update everyone as we make changes in the future.

Grant M. Fletcher Plus

Would love to know the pixel aspect ratio of the cover video so I can make something custom. I'm assuming its somewhere around 1920x450?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @grantmfletcher! The design is dynamic based on screen width, so there isn’t a fixed dimension to share. But if your video is 1920x540, that should mostly stay in frame! Once we’re done iterating on the design, we’ll publish a support article with more detailed guidelines.

Edo Amin

The new design shortened my text, in the name of better design - and to add insult to injury, there is no large leading video. Rows of equally-sized items is a step back to Pre- Windows 8 design sense. Why on earth would Vimeo want to look like MySpace?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Edo – We appreciate the feedback on the shortened bio and the overall design. We’re relaying all our community’s feedback to our product team and are working to continue improving profiles in future versions.


Why you continue to ruin vimeo? Stop doing that(
I see only four big preview and one two words in every new string in description

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hey @fencer – We’re sorry you’re frustrated with the layout of the bio, and we’re relaying that to our product team. Our plan is to continue optimizing, and we’ll update everyone as we make changes in the future.

Matthew Sterling Plus

Heya, loving the update. There's a slight delay on the cover videos before they start playing. I know they probably need to take a second to load but it'd be awesome if they started playing a bit sooner!

Matthew Sterling Plus

One last thing as well - the videos on our profiles have a play button on them but if you click it you're taken onto a new page with the video like before. It'd be pretty neat if you could have the option to watch them in a smaller size on the profile instead as well.

Ben Plus

I love the new look of my profile page! I can imagin that some people don't like it that the description is covered by 'read more' . But maybe it is possible to give members the opportunity (settings) to show their information or leave it like it is now.

Dina Smither Staff

Hi @benfilm! Glad you're feeling good about the new look! We'll be rolling out a number of additional features over the next few weeks, so we should be addressing your concerns coming up :)

Shai Getzoff Plus

I also like the new design, managed to fit a video nicely to my cover video :)

But I also agree there should be more room for text and maybe also if we would want to highlight a certain video over others. Otherwise, looking good!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks for the feedback, Shai! It's been passed along to our product team.

That cover video does look great :)

No Magnolia Productions PRO

It's nice, but... we found it really useful to see how many likes a user has, because we follow a lot of people who are active "likers" as they're often really good lightning-rods for discovering excellent new work. This new layout, while less cluttered, does remove information like that which can be a good snapshot of how active someone is (which a curated list of videos doesn't).

Dina Smither Staff

Hi @nomagnolia! Glad you like the new look. We'll be rolling out more features to the profile page over the next few weeks - "counts" being one of them. So worry not, user activity will be back!

Nick Wood

Great idea in theory, but a victory, I think, for style over functionality. Important features (bio and links) have been minimized, and I find the showcase banner simply irritating. I love Vimeo and the videos everyone works so hard to produce - so it's a shame to see beautiful work reduced to decorative loops. Sorry.

Dina Smither Staff

Hi! Sorry to hear you're dissatisfied with the new profile page. The good news, we'll be rolling out a number of additional features over the next few weeks. Some of your concerns have already been addressed and I'll be sure to share any others with our product team. Sit tight, you can expect improvements in the near future!

Nick Wood

Hi Dina, That's very reassuring - I look forward to seeing the new features. Many thanks for the update - and for putting up with stroppy Vimeo members. All the best.

Leo Plunkett

HELP! Why can you not feature videos that you have been credited in anymore?! I set up a personal account specifically for this reason as I have videos across many organisations and don't want to have to re upload them all. My profile is now blank :(

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @leoplunkett – For now, you can only choose videos that you yourself have uploaded as your featured videos, but I can totally see how this doesn't work for your profile. Your feedback has been shared with our product team.

Roman Held Plus

Love it. I just don't like the gray overlay (Cover-Video). BTW: re-ordering of the featured videos by drag&drop would be very nice..

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Roman – Glad to hear you're liking the new design overall. We'll be passing all community feedback along to our product team, so we'll be sure to include your suggestions. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Bart van der Gaag Plus

I know not everybody loves it, but I'm a fan, makes me look better then I am. Thanks for making me look good.

Timur Tugalev Travel Filmmaker

Hey Vimeo

I think it's great that you're changing the look and I think that with a little more development you'll make the new profiles much better than what they were. It's also awesome to see that you're actually responding to every member - that's one of the reasons why Vimeo is so awesome and I think we all really appreciate this.

For now, I have to agree with many folks who have concerns about the new design, I also think that the info, which is one of the most important parts of the profile page, needs to be fully visible. This is where our potential clients and collaborators can find the info on how to connect with us.

The video header is awesome, I make videos for another vimeo account thelostavocado tho, and as the credited director/filmmaker behind those videos unfortunately at the moment I can't chose those as my header video which I think also needs to be fixed.
Thanks guys!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thank you for the thoughtful feedback about why the description is so important to you, @licor. We really appreciate it, and will pass it along to our product team. Glad to hear you like the cover video feature!

Nick Wood

I'm not too happy, but looks like I have to make the most of it. I've made a work-around video that suits my style, and there seem to be two problems:
1. As someone above has mentioned, there's a slow fuzzy upload of the video header - I've counted four seconds.
2. I seem to losing some contrast, with white lines (text) a little (but noticeably) darker. Is this the case or my eyesight?
I know you're doing your best for us - cheers!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Nick – Thanks for your thoughts. We're looking to lighten up the gray overlay on the cover video in the very near future. Fixing the brief playback delay on the cover video is also on our product team's radar. Thanks for using Vimeo!

Nick Wood

Many thanks for the update, Suri : )

Melanie Nolley Plus

I like the new look over all however, the text field for the profile should be several lines longer and the header video needs an optional description space! Thanks!

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks for the feedback, @cinematiccreative! It's been passed along to our product team to consider. Glad to hear you generally like the new design.

Roman Held Plus

Dump question: Wasn't there a "report this person"-link on the old profile? Can't find it anymore..?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Roman – you can find the flag icon to report a person on the bottom left corner of the profile. We just added it to the new profile at the end of last week.

Panama Wave

I notice my unwanted, pornographic spam "followers" are gone. Thank you for that.

WMS media Inc. PRO

It would be great when I upload my videos the privacy setting would default to unable for viewer to download my videos. I sometimes forget to go back to the privacy settings and make sure my viewers can't download my programs!

Marcela Werkema

to change it you have to go to "account settings" -> "videos" and then uncheck the download option.

Harli Ford

Vimeo is the best it is like a whole new world

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