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Just in! Showcase videos with playlists and customizable albums

Vimeo Staff
June 25, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

You work hard to make your videos come to life. And you need the right tools to present them in the best way possible, and help you share them with your audiences beautifully. That’s why we recently redesigned albums, one of our most popular features, and moved them to your Videos page — making it easier to manage your entire workflow from one place. And you gave us some great suggestions to make it even better.

So today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve rolled out all-new ways to showcase your work: now you can customize albums for more control over how you present your work, or embed them as video playlists on your website.

What’s new

Embeddable playlists
Vimeo Plus members and above can now group videos together into a playlist that can be embedded and enjoyed by their audiences on mobile or desktop. This is perfect for those looking to showcase their work on their website: from video pros with film reels, to marketers with thematic webinars, to businesses with a related series product how-tos — or anyone else looking to engage viewers with a group of videos, perfectly curated by you.

Customizable albums
There are more ways to share your work than adding a playlist to your website. Vimeo PRO members and above can create Vimeo-hosted album pages with their desired look and feel, and do so in a matter of minutes — no website required. Once everything is looking good, you’ll be able to share your album publicly, or password-protect it to share with a specific client, team, or whoever else you choose. To customize your design, you can select a layout option, add a custom logo, and choose your accent color to showcase your work, just the way you want to.

While all Vimeo members can create an album to share their work, only Vimeo Plus members and above can embed playlists, and only Vimeo PRO members and above can customize albums. Basic members can create up to three albums, while Plus members and above can create an unlimited amount.

How to get started

Every Vimeo member can create an album. To do so, simply head to your Videos page, and click the + icon next to “Albums” on the left-hand side of the page, which sits under the “Showcase” label. From there, you’ll be able to add a title and description, start grouping videos together, and determine your privacy settings. 

Depending on your membership, you’ll be able to embed or customize your layout as well. You can add your own videos to albums, or select some from other creators if they’ve allowed it in their video’s privacy settings.

Even more tools for your workflow

Of course, albums aren’t the only way to group videos together. While albums allow you to showcase videos, we launched projects a few months ago to help you organize, manage, and collaborate on your work. With projects, anyone can group and organize their uploads together, and Vimeo PRO members and above can invite collaborators to work on projects and add team-specific permissions. 

A video file can be added only once to a project, and if you add team members to that project, they’ll have access to those files in order to collaborate on them. With albums, you can include a video file in as many albums as you choose, and share it with your desired audience beautifully — without giving them management access.  

Putting it all together

Thanks to these updates, you can now present your work, your way, and share groups of videos more beautifully than ever — from playlists you can embed on your site, to customizable albums you can present in minutes. As always, we hope you try it out, enjoy all the new features, and let us know your thoughts. There’s much more in store for these tools!

Until next time, here’s to showcasing all that you do.


Neil McClure PRO

How about doing something with the extremely clunky Portfolio interface, don't care about albums

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Neil! Thank you for the feedback. Portfolios are something we do hope to improve in the future!

Victory Harvest Church PRO

How do you create a playlist for the new embed option? Seems to be the same dialogue when I click the < > on the album page.

Nico van Niekerk

I want vimeo to only play the video on a crowdfunding site but at the end of the video, vimeo displays a playlist, which is not acceptable. How do I set up the vimeo URL in the crowdfunding site to finish the video without displaying the play list.

Kendall PRO

Good improvement! Do you anticipate adding the ability to keep the individual video embed customizations working within the Album.

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