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Hurrah! Easily customize the order of your profile videos

Vimeo Staff
June 19, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

We love hearing feedback from all kinds of creators — whether they’re film students, part of an award-winning international studio, or business owners investing in brand videos — because it helps us build the things you need most. And one thing you’ve shared is that it would be really awesome to have more control over your profile by customizing the order of your profile videos.

We hear you, and today, you can do just that.

Now, you can easily pin your public videos (and videos you’re credited in), and click and drag to customize their order on your profile. Here’s how it works, so you can save time, get more control, and create an even more “you” profile. 

On your profile, click “Edit” and select “Profile videos” in the dropdown menu. From here, you’ll see that each thumbnail has a pin button in the top right corner.

Simply click the button to pin it, and voila! Your pinned videos appear at the top of the page, and you can rearrange them just by dragging and dropping in your profile (instead of having to go into your Account settings). If you’re a Basic member, you can pin up to 10 videos, and there’s no limit for Plus, PRO, and Business members.

Two more things of note: all your (public) videos now appear in your profile page — so instead of having to go to a separate page, viewers can just keep scrolling to see your work. Second, you’ll now see credited videos when you’re editing your profile, but these won’t appear on your profile unless you pin ‘em.

So start dragging and dropping your way to a bespoke profile, and of course, make sure you’ve added your cover video. As always, let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see in the future. Because for you, we’re all ears. 


Dobrivoie Kerpenisan Plus

hi there, nice to see that you continue to improve things on vimeo. very useful - although i ask myself sometimes why these client friendly options are not available from the beginning - when you launch them. e.g. I am asking since a while to implement or allow to display the profile page also on mobil devices ! the profil page idea is GREAT - and should have been available on smartphone and iPad too immediately when you introduce this option. It is a bit strange to visit someones account or profile on desktop and when checking stuff on the go you see totally ´different order of films/work. that should be solved soon please. thanx for consideration and keep moving & improving ! best dobri

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @dobri – Thanks for the feedback, and I'm happy to hear you like the new functionality on the profile! I can totally see why having a consistent profile experience across platforms is important to you, and I'll pass that feedback along to our product team.

Anne Beal Plus

I'm having that trouble, too: when I view my Vimeo profile on my smartphone, my pinned/featured videos are not displaying at the top like they do on my desktop. I, too, would love to see this fixed!:)

Ali Asperheim Plus

Hey I would like to add emphasis to this ! Would be great as many employers review profile from smartphone. Embarrassing!!

Nicolas Boulenger Plus

Second this. I'm removing the vimeo icon from my email signature just in case someone checks it out from their mobile phone.

Aydın Özer Plus

I second this BIG TIME! Vimeo is supposed to be a professionals platform, but it's not so professional at all. I cant send my vimeo link through the phone, bc of the sorting :( In fact this is so important to me I'm planning to cancel my Pro membership..

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @jackmyers – As a longtime member of the Vimeo Community, we'd really love your feedback once you've had a chance to play around with the new functionality. Members of our product team literally read that forum thread you linked to when deciding on this new iteration of the profile.

craig lock

Thanks for sharing with an attitude of "constant and never-ending improvement".A reminder that I must put more effort into learning more. and try these tips. Thanks for the helpful service, Vimeo team.
"Non-techno" craig
Best wishes from the First City to see the light


Now if we could only have uploads play back at their native resolution frame sizes, and not some scaled down version, that would be great (and what many have been wanting for a L O N G time :-). I.e, if I upload a 1080p or 720p HD video, I want it to have the ability to view I at the same frame size with no up or down scaling.

Dana Staff

@tomfrank We maintain the original aspect ratio and resolution for all standard sized videos. This means if you upload a 1080p HD video, our 1080p playback file will be 1920 x 1080—and our lower quality playback files will maintain the original 16:9 aspect ratio (using smaller dimensions). However, the reason we provided lower quality playback files is to minimize playback interruptions caused by changes in bandwidth or player size. This can be bypassed by selecting the highest quality version in the HD quality menu within the player.


So why can I not see this video in full 1080p resolution after selecting the 1080p 0ption in the player?

It still plays in the small WVGA (or whatever the small default size is) frame size. If I toggle to full screen mode, it fills my large monitor screen, but it's up-scaled to fill the full display with lost clarity. Ditto for 720p HD uploads, only worse. Is the full resolution playback available in the free account? If so what do I need to do to use it?.

Rogelio Folgueras

That's something great but where is the real option that everyone is waiting for? customizing your videos for people who access by phone/tablet???

It turns out that producers and potential customers live in the SMARTPHONE ERA, and every time they enter in your vimeo from their phone, they see videos by chronological order. Which is super sad.

Cinema Politica PRO

How do we add a horizontal image above the logo to our landing Vimeo page? We get so much traffic to our landing page, but it looks so drab, any advice on sprucing it up beyond pinning and shuffling the six videos is appreciated. thanks.

Cinema Politica PRO

And for the record, it won't let us change our pinned videos. Just spins and spins with no change.


Merci à vous pour les bons trucs pour nous simple Webmaster.

Zach Settewongse PRO

FYI - This doesn't work. Rearrange the videos, hit save . Refresh the page and it looks the same.

Tùng Plus

The video profile (cover, pinned vids and description) will be reset to default whenever a new video is uploaded! And this issue has been reported for ages. When will you take some actions?

Ekstasy Ltd PRO

Hi Vimeo. The customised profile page where we have pinned the videos in the correct order, don't show on mobile. How can we make sure the same Ekstasy profile page is followed on mobile as well as it does on desktop?

Jamie McAleney Support

At this time any order customizations only apply to desktop, sorry for the trouble. We'll be sure to pass along your interest in a mobile version to our devs!

Maarten van der Wolf Plus

Dear Vimeo, I would like to add videos on my profile that are uploaded on an other account. They don't appear in my video's so I can't select them. Any recommendations? I have been credited in them...

Madeline Blue

Hi! I have reordered my videos using pins on my profile but it does not appear this order translates at all to mobile viewing. Am I missing something? Can you help?

Thank you.

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi Madeline. Sorry for the trouble, but at this time any order customizations only apply to desktop. I will be sure to pass along your interest in a mobile version to our devs!

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for voicing your interest in a mobile customization feature. At this time we don't have plans to implement this but I'm making note of your request for our devs consideration! Apologies for the trouble.

Andrea Corsini Plus

how long we have to wait for get the same on MOBILE? it's completly absurde most of the traffic comes from mobile and i still not able to customize a simply home page. please. thanks!

Jamie McAleney Support

I'm so sorry for the trouble, Andrea-- we understand that consistency is important. I'll be passing along your feedback to our developers so they can consider this in the future.

Sal Bardo PRO

Echoing the sentiments regarding customizing mobile pages!

Jamie McAleney Support

Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation, Sal -- we'll be sure to include you in our note to the developers!


That doesn't really work on mobile devices, does it?

Jamie McAleney Support

That is correct, at this time profile customizations only apply to desktop, but I'm making note of your request for our devs consideration. Thanks!

Stephanie Haddad

CAN YOU PLEASE UPDATE THIS!? This information is totally incorrect. It should be easy, but your new layout is making this annoyingly difficult to figure out where this feature exists now.

Jamie McAleney Support

So sorry to hear you're having trouble. Please click the blue 'Edit' icon on your profile, then click the profile videos option to display the thumbtack editor!

Moises J. Fuentes Plus

Most people are using smartphones to visit websites. PLEASE MAKE THIS FEATURE AVAILABLE ON MOBILE AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I feel like I have to re-upload my videos now in the order I’d like to have it and that it way too time consuming.

Jamie McAleney Support

We understand that consistency is important, and we appreciate you adding your voice here. I'll be passing along your feedback to our developers so they can consider this in the future.

Brad Herbert Plus

I just noticed that the mobile sort order does not match the desktop! Too many clients visit on their mobile device - I am going to have to disable and do something different till this is fixed - I mirror the comments of many others - PLEASE!! Move this feature up on the priority list - THANK YOU!!!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Brad! Thank you for your feedback. We will be sure to pass this along!

Joel Pomonik

Please add my name to the chorus of people requesting consistency between the order of videos on desktop and mobile. I can tell from my stats that most people are accessing my profile via mobile. As a stopgap measure, is there a way to change the upload dates of some of my videos without having to re-upload everything? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Amy Horton Staff

Thank you Joel for your additional feedback. Unfortunately, you cannot change the upload dates of your videos without re-uploading everything. We'll definitely take note of your use case though!

Dobrivoie Kerpenisan Plus

come on Vimeo !!! what is happening ?? how long do we have to wait for the profile function also on mobile devices ???? can't be that difficult...aren´t you listening ? I am not the only upset here

Amy Horton Staff

Appreciate the feedback! We will make sure to pass your comments along to our product team.

Artillery PRO

I second this. I thought I was going mad. I often customise my profile videos based on what Is trending with my work and who’s likely to look at certain times. I’ve uploaded stuff purely to archive work form years back that I’d otherwise not put in the public view. So the profile page is great knowing that clients / viewers won’t see it unless they dig deep. So not having this working on mobile devices is mad! I don’t get why it doesn’t? Surely it’s just a code based thing, like any intuitive site / template.
Next I’m going to try reordering the general files not profile which I think you can now do in ‘my videos’. Please address this Vimeo peeps �

Joe Lavine Plus

It's very frustrating to see that despite the majority of people on here - dating back to 11 months ago - asking for the ability to change the order of videos on mobile, Vimeo has not made that change. It really doesn't seem like that difficult or unreasonable of a request. I recently purchased a PLUS membership, but this is quite discouraging to see that Vimeo developers/executives are not willing to put in this simple change.

I appreciate the staff responding to people on this message board, but I'd like to hear more. So staff: please tell me what happens when you pass along this feedback to developers, and if there is any reasonable explanation as to why this seemingly simple change has not been implemented.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Joe! Thank you for your patience and I understand your frustration, especially seeing how many people also agree with you. The process after we send feedback to our developers and product teams consists of a lot more steps: conducting research, determining priority, working it into our roadmaps, etc. While we do not have any new information about this particular feature, I can assure you that I am bringing it up with the appropriate parties and hope to have an update soon.

the now corporation PRO

It doesn't work! Dragging videos to change the order is not working! the old system was much better! WTF??

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! It sounds like you might be experiencing a bug. Can you send us an email at so we can investigate further?

Axel Bone

What about for album videos order? I want to order my videos by the most recent added
appear the newest option, but maybe newest upload to vimeo. Not to added to my album

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Axel! Thank you for the feedback. This is the current behavior, but we are tracking how many users request this particular feature.

Garrett Martin Plus

Hi Amy, every Vimeo creator I know is frustrated with the lack of functionality for ordering their videos (and albums) on mobile. Could you please provide some information on if/when this might possibly happen? "Thanks for reaching out with this feedback!" is about as disingenuous-corporate-non-answer as a even a Comcast customer service bot can generate in 2018. Would Vimeo please do better than this? Human being to human being?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Garrett! Appreciate your in-depth comment and I completely understand your frustration regarding, not only the lack of this feature, but the vagueness of when this might be implemented. Unfortunately, I do not have a specific timeframe on if/when this might possible happen, but I am trying to get a more concrete answer for you soon! The fact that so many people are requesting it will go into account, so I am making sure that all voices are heard.

Fork In The Road Media

hi! i can't get my public video to show up in the pin options so i can share it on my profile page. what's going on? the link to this video is here: thanks!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi! Sorry for the trouble. Can you reach out to us at Someone from our email support team will be able to assist you further!

Fork In The Road Media

I already have and haven't heard back from anyone. If you could flag them that'd be super. Whatever is going on has also impacted the pull video on my Wix site so that it's now not loading. Thanks!

Raquel Orendain Shrestha Plus

Just here to agree w. everyone else that having the pinned / credited videos appear on mobile homepage would really be awesome so hopefully that’s something that happens in the near future.

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi Raquel, thanks for sharing your feedback. We heard you loud and clear and wanted you to know that we will be implementing these changes to both the iOS and Android apps soon.

Healthy Media

Also agree with the above statements, I've got a series of 5 videos and they're vitally one after the other. Please update me when this feature is added. Cheers

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi there! We're happy to tell you that in the next month we'll be rolling out changes to the iOS and Android apps to display the customized order of your videos. Stay tuned :)

City of Hyattsville Business

Like most other people on here we are very frustrated that our Vimeo videos are not sorting properly on mobile devices. Most people these days are using mobile devices to view online video content. When will this issue be corrected?

Jamie McAleney Support

We apologize for the trouble this has caused and thank you for your feedback. Please know that we will be making these changes within the month so that your videos will display in the customized order of your choosing on both the iOS and Android apps.

joel rookwood Plus

Echo question above. I have ordered my films, but the mobile device view doesn't show this. Will this be changed soon? Thanks Vimeo!

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi Joel -- thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. We've heard you and will be implementing changes on both the iOS and Android apps within the month. With these changes your customized video order will display as you intended!


After more than a year, are there any specific infos when ordered profile videos are going to work on mobile devices?

Jamie McAleney Support

We understand your frustration and apologize for the delay. That said, we will be pushing changes within the month so that your specific ordered videos will display as you choose on both iOS and Android apps. Stay tuned!

Kevin Fox Haley Plus

Hi, can you please send me a generic response, too? Thank you in advance.


Would request you to get it done ASAP.

Siva Romero Iyer Plus

The ordering of videos on the profile page has been a big issue for months. Can we please get an exact date as to when this feature is going to be rolled out? My work depends on being able to display my videos in the correct, intended order. With most people using mobile phones these days to access our work this is a very important aspect for Vimeo to consider when working on the layout of things. Can we please have a date for the rollout of this feature?

Joergen Erik Assentoft Business

I can see that for 10 months ago a lot of people asked about "when I view my Vimeo profile on my smartphone, my pinned/featured videos are not displaying at the top like they do on my desktop".
Why is this not changed yet?? Or am I missing something???

Sheen Plus

Why is this taking sooooooooo long? Consistency is very important and the fact that most people view videos on mobile devices makes this issue a priority. Very frustrating.

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