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Introducing Vimeo Music Store!

Blake Whitman
September 21, 2011 by Blake Whitman Alum
Howdy everyone, [clip:29198414] As many of you know, finding music for your videos can be somewhat... well, painful. Licensing music on your own can be confusing and finding good free music can take forever. Many of us here at Vimeo are video creators or filmmakers as well and we experience these frustrations on a regular basis. So, we decided to do something about it. Introducing [Vimeo Music Store](! Vimeo Music Store is your one-stop-shop for finding, discovering and licensing high quality music for your videos. We've built a simple and intuitive interface for you to easily search for music using a variety of different music criteria, and then purchase and/or download the tracks you want. Search mood, genre, tempo, themes, instrumentations and then use the advanced search to whittle down the results even further. As of now, Music Store offers over 45,000 curated tracks with a three different license options for you to choose from. Here's the skinny: **Creative Commons-licensed** music is curated and provided by [Free Music Archive](, one of the most-respected curators of Creative Commons-licensed music. There are many different Creative Commons licenses available, so make sure to learn more about Creative Commons and how to use them in our [FAQ]( **Paid** music tracks are provided by [Audiosocket](, a music and media company that curates its content to deliver up-and-coming talent to the marketplace. Audiosocket's catalog includes over 33,000 songs from more than 1900 emerging bands, composers and record labels from around the world. Audiosocket's catalog offers both personal, non-commercial licenses for $1.99 per track and commercial licenses for $98 per track. As a a token of our appreciation, we're offering all Plus and PRO members one FREE, personal license track (a $1.99 value). This offer is only available for one week starting today, so make sure to head over to Music Store and cash in! We're very excited about this first phase of Vimeo Music Store and we hope you like it. Look for more features, more partners and more options for bands and musicians in the future! Love, Vimeo p.s. If you have any feedback or have any issues, please post in our [forums](



Ah it's madness we can't use alot of musics in our videos, this people restrict everthing :-( PRO

Awesome! I hate to be a pain but as a frequent licensor of music, it's really necessary to be able to "scrub" through a track quickly (like Soundcloud). Do you see yourself adding scrubbing on the search results page? It really helps when you're going through 100-200 tracks per hour, looking for the golden needle in the haystack.

Soxiam Staff

It's something we thought about and we might be able to add it later but please keep in mind that not all of the content partners we work with will have the full track available to sample.


Thank you Vimeo. This will be very helpful!

Eugenia Loli Plus

Very nice and useful, thank you! This is an important part in the video making process and your new feature simplifies things. I just wanted to mention one bug report, and two feature requests:
1. Type "ambient", press ADVANCED SEARCH, and select "FREE" and "a creative commons license". This yields no results, while if you change FREE to "any price", then creative commons free songs do show up!
2. I need to be able to search per Creative Commons license. I personally only want to use Creative Commons Attribution, not CC-BY-Shared-Alike, because I want people to be able to remix my own videos and re-license their work as they see fit. This can only happen if my own video is licensed as CC-BY only, and I can't license it as such unless the music is also CC-BY too (CC-BY-SA forces my video to become CC-BY-SA which I definitely don't want). So far, I haven't found a single song on your results list that are only CC-BY. There are pages and pages of results of CC-BY-SA or CC-BY-SA-NC, but I only want to see CC-BY. There are only 4 main CC licenses, so why not split them in the advanced search UI?
3. I need to be able to search videos on Vimeo based on their CC license too. When you introduced CC videos on Vimeo 1.5 years ago you replied to my comment that this was in the works. The feature is still not here though. The whole point of CC is to be able to easily find and remix videos, but if I can't search to find CC videos this defeats the purpose.

But anyway, thank you for the music store, it will really help people to find legal music and get in touch with their indie self. :)

Nigel Sia Plus

Is there a time limit to get the free personal license track? 45,000 is huge! :P

David C. Hill Plus

I just did a quick browse of the music offerings. AWESOME!! Thank You Vimeo!!

Article19 PRO

I'm still hoping for a free pony! This will do for now I suppose.

Luis Lodos

Fantastic. Prices are very affordable and licenses are very simple incomparison with Jamendo.

Luke Hagan

Where was this yesterday when I had to trawl the web looking for music for a client?

James Miller PRO

Great job guys.
Be nice to have a reward scheme for promoting a used licensed track via click through from a Vimeo flick.

txcrew Plus

Vimeo, Thank you for keeping it awesome.

RodSag Photo & Video Filmaking

Yea! this is great! Sometime we kust look for the perfect song for our videos, and i think this is the best way to explore so many sounds! Thanx!

Justin Leyba PRO

One of the best things that has happened to vimeo! I hope you guys do more amazing things in the future!! =))

Casey McKinnon

Hey Vimeo, Can you find a way to make the music searchable by license? When I search for Creative Common music, I only want to see Attribution Only... it would be helpful to us if you can filter the results by license as well. Thanks!

Daniel Hayek Staff

If you click on advanced search you can narrow it down further but not quite in the way you are describing. We might add that later on, thanks for the input :)


This is really impressive. I did not see this coming at all.

Don't stop Surprising me.

frans bølling

great ! then how can I, a musician, put my music in the store ?

Joseph Schmitt Staff

You can head on over to either one of our partners and submit your tracks: Free Music Archive ( to give away your tunes with a Creative Commons license, or Audiosocket ( where you can submit your tracks and get paid when people buy them on the store!

Wood Sugars

Sweet, very helpful, thanks vimeo-ers!


Great idea. Hope this can bring about some cool collaborations between film makers and musicians.

Joel Curran

Yeah this really is a great idea guys!

Matt @ Plus

AWESOME! Also there's a typo on the music store FAQ. Under "What do I do with the License" someone spelled "loose" instead of "lose" :)

MoonSong Plus

Very cute do realize that its kind of a ripoff of Red Giant's "Plot device" film, right?

Nikolaus Kellermann

This is fantastic. I know why I am PRO Member. You guys do a great job, thank ya' all folks!

Workshops n' Docs Plus

Absolutely love it. You lot are amazing. This has saved me sooooo much time w/my work!


Cool to be a part of this!

Paul 'Robson' Robertson

Congratulations on making my life easier and freeing up more time for me to drink coffee by the cooler... Awesome job!

Sam Shapiro

so awesome, vimeo is a great brand that knows its users so well.

Charlie Huette Plus

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Daniel Hayek Staff

You're welcome you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome

Juan Eskurial

Vimeo honestly, this is what I have always dreamed off! This is truly great! Downloaded my first song already and it won't be the last one for sure! Thank you so much. Vimeo you are awesome!

gunterblokken Plus

Would be nice to be able to skip forward within tracks. Takes forever to find something like this.
Keep it up!

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