Streaming to LinkedIn Live is one of the best ways to reach your followers and connections. But with 645 million LinkedIn members (!), knowing how to create engagement with live streaming on LinkedIn can feel a touch overwhelming. What topics should you cover? How often should you stream? What should your setup look like?

To help answer these pressing questions, we’ve compiled examples from companies of diverse industries, sizes, and technical setups already live streaming on LinkedIn. From small startups to Fortune 100 companies, promotional content to product demos, check out these 16 inspiring examples of businesses live streaming on LinkedIn from around the globe.

And, if you’re keen to try it for yourself, Vimeo has a handy live streaming integration with LinkedIn for all Enterprise and Premium users. We also have incredible LinkedIn video post templates for non-live video content!

1. Hootsuite

Industry: Marketing & Advertising Strategy: Recruiting, demos

Hootsuite on LinkedIn Live

Hootsuite uses live streaming to attract job candidates and communicate product updates. Earlier this year, Hootsuite’s sales team shared what it’s like to work for the company to attract applicants for open positions. They also live stream product demos, making updates and launches accessible to the masses in an instant.

We’ve seen impressive engagement and viewer rates, and see it as a key way to reach and communicate authentically with our audience.

Amanda Wood

Social Marketing Lead, Hootsuite

2. MIT

Industry: Higher education Strategy: Panels and interviews, promotional content

MIT on LinkedIn Live

MIT spotlights emerging faculty research, symposiums, and community programs on LinkedIn Live. One middle school summer program culminated with an out of this world experience  ⁠— literally ⁠— when MIT live streamed astronauts testing student-engineered satellites from the International Space Station.

3. Best Buy

Industry: Retail Strategy: Leadership spotlights

Best Buy's LinkedIn Live Stream

Promoting an annual leadership meeting for store managers, Best Buy held a super quick (less than five minutes) live stream with CEO Corie Barry to talk through her vision for the holiday season. We love the brevity and transparency here of promoting internal communications externally.

4. Vimeo

Industry: Internet Strategy: Industry news and trends

Vimeo's Working Lunch on LinkedIn Live

Hi, it’s us. We host a weekly show on LinkedIn called “Working Lunch,” where we sit down with experts in business, tech, and communications to pick their brain in the time it takes to enjoy your midday meal. You can catch all episodes on-demand on our “Working Lunch” Showcase page, too.

5. Nutanix

Industry: Software Strategy: Conferences and events

Nutanix's LinkedIn Live Streams

Nutanix is a software company focused on cloud-based infrastructure technology. While that may sound complicated, their live streamed opening keynote from the .NEXT conference was captivating. (Who knew IT and customer delight had so much overlap?)


Industry: Software Strategy: Industry news and trends's LinkedIn Live Streams’s weekly show was inspired by existing content. “We decided to share our popular Gong Labs blog series, add video, and make it interactive,” says Devin Reed, Content Strategy Manager at Their multi-cam setup makes a small space feel bigger, and creates a more engaging viewing experience.

LinkedIn Live’s best benefit is the notification it sends to your followers when you start the stream. It’s a casual tap on the shoulder that says something is happening now. There’s really nothing else like it.

Devin Reed

Content Strategy Manager,

7. Pfizer

Industry: Pharmaceuticals Strategy: Employee spotlights, panels and interviews

Pfizer's LinkedIn Live Streams

Pfizer’s LinkedIn Live streams hit a sweet spot of career-oriented content that’s closely tied to medicine. One recent stream featured a candid interview with a CFO battling cancer, while another highlighted Pfizer’s Chief Patient Officer interviewing patient advocates (a welcomed 180 from traditional leadership interviews).

8. Digital Trends

Industry: Publishing Strategy: Industry news and trends

Digital Trends Live Stream on LinkedIn

Digital Trends streams its daily news program, “DT Live,” to LinkedIn. It’s an extensive show that moves at a fast clip to keep the viewer’s attention. “The LinkedIn audience fits in perfectly with our audience,” says Paul Dousett, Director of Audience Development for Digital Trends. “It allows us to reach them, as well as high-level execs across a wide array of tech industries.”

LinkedIn and its live functionality have been vital to us continuing to grow our live efforts.

Paul Dousett

Director of Audience Development, Digital Trends

9. Publicis Media

Industry: Marketing and advertising Strategy: Industry news and trends

Publicis Media's Trends and Insights Live Stream

Publicis Media hosts a monthly “Trends & Insights Live” series, interviewing marketing experts from major brands and agencies. With their simple set up, easy viewing time (roughly 20 minutes), and thought-provoking questions, it’s no wonder their episodes rack up tens of thousands of views.

10. Facebook

Industry: Internet Strategy: Panels and interviews

Facebook's LinkedIn Live Stream

As Facebook endeavors to further humanize its brand, it promoted an internal event ⁠— Community Week ⁠— to its near-5 million LinkedIn followers. The live stream spotlights leaders of its Facebook Resource Groups, and how the company embraces and supports diversity and inclusion.

11. PTZOptics

Industry: Telecommunications Strategy: Promotional content

PTZOptics on LinkedIn Live

PTZOptics holds a weekly show talking all things streaming video. Note their simple and effective setup ⁠— a table and monitor, flanked by the hosts ⁠⁠— as a valuable reminder that you don’t need an elaborate studio to create a welcoming environment.

LinkedIn is currently the best place for professional live streams in the B2B space. Our LinkedIn profile visits have skyrocketed ever since we started live streaming on the platform.

Paul Richards

Director of Business Development, PTZOptics

12. PwC Sweden

Industry: Accounting Strategy: Recruiting

PwC Sweden's LinkedIn Live Stream

Global consulting firm PwC brought LinkedIn Live to its international offices. Check out this casual panel discussion with members of its team in Sweden, where they discuss what it’s like working at PwC and answer questions live from the audience.

13. Microsoft

Industry: Software Strategy: Conferences and events, promotional content

Microsoft LinkedIn Live Stream

Keynotes from CEO Satya Nadella are popular on Microsoft’s LinkedIn, like this one from the Microsoft Inspire event (preceded by an anthemic rap performance, naturally). Other streams include the Imagine Cup pitch contest at Microsoft Build, and live coverage of its London flagship store opening.

14. Audible

Industry: Internet Strategy: Panels and interviews, promotional content

Audible's LinkedIn Live Stream

Audiobook mainstay Audible partnered with author Mel Robbins for an hour-long Q&A on LinkedIn to promote her new book. With thousands of views, it just goes to show that even a simple webcam setup can spark an engaging live stream.

15. Bold Commerce

Industry: Information Technology & Services Strategy: Leadership spotlights

Bold Commerce on LinkedIn Live

Manitoba-based Bold Commerce launched its “Off the Script” series on LinkedIn Live, interviewing their CTO about life at the company, creating a double-whammy of a leadership spotlight and recruiting content.

16. LinkedIn

Industry: Internet Strategy: Leadership spotlights

LinkedIn's Networking Your Way Live Stream

Meta? Maybe, but we’d be remiss to not include LinkedIn, which has multiple pages with awesome live streams every week, like “Networking Your Way” on LinkedIn’s Guide to Networking page.

We can view a participant’s professional background, title and location, and provide a helping hand in a personalized and authentic way. Afterwards, analytics help us understand performance, so that we can continue to improve our content.

Chloe Rowshani

Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

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