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Meet exclusive Vimeo Stock creator: Raphael Rogers

Kate O'Connor Morris
September 5, 2018 by Kate O'Connor Morris Staff

We strive to give our creators the features they need to tell incredible stories. That’s why providing a stock offering was a no-brainer. In working to bring high-quality video to our filmmakers, we immediately thought of the moody and inspiring travel videos of Staff Pick alum, Raphael Rogers. We’re beyond excited that he’s decided to make his footage available to other hardworking creatives, exclusively on Vimeo Stock.

As a way to honor the incredible footage our exclusive stock filmmakers have put forward, Raphael crafted the short film, “Scavenger.” Using Vimeo Stock and his own filmmaking expertise, Raphael weaved together a moving and otherworldly piece that truly stands on its own. Even more exciting, the footage he produced himself for the film is now available for stock purchase on Vimeo.

Watch “Scavenger,” and read on to learn how Raphael used Vimeo Stock to create this incredible film.

Vimeo: How did you come up with the concept for “Scavenger”
Raphael: I love Sci-Fi, so when the project was first presented to me, my initial instinct was to show someone traveling to different environments, exploring new worlds, simply because Vimeo Stock would give me access to so many different landscapes.

I designed a few shots on my own — the jumping down to the building shot, as well as the astronaut floating near the planets. I’m all about that Tomb Raider in space vibe. I then took the concept of a scavenger on different planets and showed what I had to Joshua Banta. He has amazing instincts and right away thought of the Voyager story. He showed me Ann Druyan’s space episode on Radiolab and it became obvious for us to center the story around the real-life events that took place in 1977. The fact that her brain waves were recorded onto the golden record two days after she fell in love with Carl Sagan is just amazing. So the idea was born that two lonely space scavengers would one day be connected by the brainwaves found on the two records.

Can you share a little bit about the process of putting this together?
This was actually a little bit of a crazy process because the timeline was so short. I received the footage around August 1st and ended up delivering August 24th. Normally a short-form narrative project could take 6 months or more in production and post — often longer, with visual effects involved. This was only three weeks from start to finish. First was initial story conceptualizing. The idea was to think of something that would really utilize stock footage well. After that was shot design. Then we laid out the structure of the piece which changed on the fly as we got closer to the end. Finally, it was bringing in the talent necessary to make it a reality.

I brought Paul Rennick on and we worked over Skype. He brought the 3D elements to life using Cinema4d and Octane. I chose the animations and directed him as he lit and textured the models to make them look realistic. He would then animate a virtual camera move and render out each shot. Afterwards, I brought each shot into After Effects to either composite them with the stock footage or create matte paintings to match the renders.

Only after we did all the visual effects did we shoot. I was fortunate enough to get Jowaan Sullivan and Lauren Gottlieb to agree to help out. They’re both incredible performers. We rehearsed for one day and then went out and shot in Malibu with a team of about 5 people. This was only 4 days before we delivered the cut. Kristin Gerhart then worked straight through, editing it all together into something that made sense and flowed beautifully with the stock footage and the newly shot footage of Jowaan and Lauren. The final step was working with Joshua and recording Jowaan’s voiceover to make the piece cohesive.

If you didn’t have Vimeo Stock as a resource, how much effort would have been involved for capturing the footage you were able to use from our stock library?
Not having stock footage would have immensely added onto the time required just to physically go out and shoot. Not to mention the money needed for that long of a production.

Can you quantify the number of clips that would have been shot?
A hundred or so.

Now that you know our stock library so well, what are you stoked to make next?
Right now, I’m focused on this. I’m excited to continue this story in a feature film format. Having Vimeo stock as a resource to use for a launching point is incredibly useful. I have no doubt that when I make proof of concepts or shorts in the future it will be the perfect tool to speed up my workflow.

What is the message of “Scavenger”?
Scavenger’s message is simple. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Even when you’re the last being alive scouring the ancient remains of dead planets, it can save you.

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This is the most beautiful piece of film making that I've ever seen! You've truly inspired me to develop my own sci-fi ideas into a film. You have a remarkable future ahead as a filmmaker and I look forward to the full feature version of Scavenger!

Fulgencio León

very nice video, congrats raphael rogers. Hope to see more.

Macgregor Douglas

Did Vimeo pay the film makers who shot all of the stock footage? Or were these people just offered the privilege of 'exposure'? I'm not saying this WAS the case, but there is a fast growing 'sweat-shop' mentality in the global film community of just giving away royalty free footage and music that people can use without charge to reap the financial rewards from while the true geniuses go without. So if you're a good film editor, it seems everything can now be handed to you on a plate.

Lorraine Garnier

Will this be a feature film and when do you imagine it will come out? I do believe there is a very viable market for stock footage whether video or photography, if spun together, can make something truly beautiful and inspiring. You my dear sir, have done just that.

Roland King

that looks amazing. keep it going on like that!

Anna Malinowska

Wow, you have so match talent! I like to watch a realy good video

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