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More customization, more engagement: all-new end screens

Vimeo Staff
April 18, 2017 by Vimeo Staff Staff

What happens when your video finishes playing? That precious final screen not only makes a lasting impression, but also helps determine where your viewers click next. And that’s why we’re thrilled to roll out new end screens (formerly known as outros), populated with eight gorgeous options for Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business members.

These customizations were built to pack a punch: from all-new calls to action (CTAs) to custom background images, it’s easier than ever to drive conversions, direct viewers to new places, and get more control over the look and feel of the video experience.

How to get started

Simply head to your Embed settings, and you’ll find your sleek new end screen options below your player preferences, ready and waiting for your customization.

What’s special

Drive conversion with CTAs
Seamlessly direct viewers straight to your site, product page, or anywhere else on the nets, so you can point them precisely where you want them to go once your video’s complete.

Once you select “Call to action,” you’ll be able to add a button with a custom link, and include an optional title, description, and additional custom link as well. The button color is customizable too, matching the colors you’ve selected for the player. Have a look:

8 super sleek, customizable options
What if you want to upload an enticing (and clickable!) custom image? Whether that’s a still from your video, an image from your landing page, or just gorgeous “click-me” photograph, the visuals are your oyster. 

How about a slew of share icons so people can spread your video far and wide? Easy peasy.

Or perhaps you want your video to loop eternally each time it finishes?? That’s totally your call. Just select “Loop” from the dropdown.

The customizations are many: there are eight end screen options in total, so you can quite literally put the finishing touches on your videos just as you see fit.

As always, Vimeo Business members can also add email capture to the player to generate leads, send email addresses to their email marketing software, and drive conversions. That’s an extra extra powerful end screen.

Because we’re always looking to nudge ourselves in new directions, some Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business members may be whisked away to a new page where they can enjoy tinkering with Embed settings and end screens.

To wrap up our post on end screens, we wanted to end *this* screen with an invitation: head to your Embed settings, start customizing, and share your feedback. What other CTA features are you craving? What other end screen options would you like to see? Our community truly fuels our decision making, and we’re knee-deep in building things to help your wondrous videos go even further.


Diversey PRO

I just tried this and it does not seem to work.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

hi @sealedairdiverseycare – It looks like you were using the link outro option for your embedded videos. We've replaced the link outro with the CTA end screen. On the Embed tab of your video settings, you should see a blue "Opt-in" button below the *End screen* heading (like in this screenshot:

Once you opt-in, you should have access to the new end screen options in the dropdown menu.

Diversey PRO

I've done exactly that but when I add an image or change the title or anything, it gives me an error symbol with a red box but it does not have any text to tell me what I am doing wrong.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks for clarifying! The only required fields for the CTA end screen are the link and title for the Primary button. Our engineers are pushing a fix for that error message ASAP.

Diversey PRO

Thank you. It seems that my issue was that the button text was too long. The old format allowed for the text link to be longer than 20 characters and it was automatically ported over for the new format and it was too long.

Malthouse Films Plus

This is great, my only issue is looking at analytics no one waits until the end. Is it possible to have it appear say 10 seconds before the end like over the credits?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @malthousefilms – End screens only show up when you're video finishes playing, but we are already working on other ways to driving engagement with embedded videos. I've made note of your suggestion and will pass it along to our product team to consider.

Martin Dean Plus

Hi - my CTA seems to disappear. I have set a CTA with a custom image which seems to play ok in preview mode. (
When I view it by visiting the link, I get a blank screen with a Share button only ( Also, I have uploaded custom images which sometimes are creating an 'invalid image' error message. Is there a spec for custom images (size, type etc.?)

UPDATE - It seems that the end screen works in preview mode AND it works when the video is embedded in a website, but it does not work when I visit the video on the Vimeo site. Does that make sense?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Martin! The CTA option is only available when customizing the embedded player, which is why it will only appear on in the preview mode and when the video is embedded in a website. We currently do not have the CTA option available onsite. Sorry for any confusion!

Martin Dean Plus

Thanks for the clarification Amy - I thought I was going bonkers!

The more 'interaction' you can provide, the better from my point of view. I would love to create interactive buttons that appear on the timeline so that users can interact with my videos. Hope this is the sort of thing Vimeo has planned!


I'm annoyed that Pro members do not have the 'card' options. The ability to link to another video from the mid-content of one playing is a basic feature that so many independent 'one man bands' regularly need. As far as I can see the only options I have are to a) tell people to press pause and write down the relevant URL placed within a call-out b) mention that the relevant link will be available at the end of the video, (as a call to action). Neither of these feels particularly 'Pro'. Can you consider a change in policy?

Cryptosmith Plus

In my experience with Vimeo, the outros only worked if you were playing a Vimeo video anywhere EXCEPT Vimeo. Is this also true for "end screens"?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @crysm – Yes, that is still true of end screens. All of our video interaction tools were made for the embedded Vimeo player.

Duchin Productions Business

Crazy frustrating. Wish this was on the website instead of having to Google the answer. Will this be fixed any time soon?

Open Renewal PRO

It would be really great if the CTA and other end screen options were available when playing on Vimeo itself (rather than just an embedded player).

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @openrenewal – Thanks for the feedback. All of the customizations we've rolled out so far have intentionally only been available on the embedded player to keep the on-site Vimeo experience consistent, but I can see how these tools would be useful to have anywhere your video can be viewed. I'll pass your comments along to our product team.

RoverRadio Archive Premium

CTA doesn't allow me to upload an image. The dots just keep going forever and ever.

In addition, when you click upload, it makes all the CTA fields disappear. They're still there, but you need to re-select CTA from the dropdown list of end types.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're going to follow up with you via email!

Malcolm Cox PRO

Hi, two things. Do I understand this right?
1. The end card will not show when I am viewing my video on my vimeo site
2. It will show when my video is embedded somewhere else

3. Which embed code is right? I can see two for my video:


Tuesday Teaching Tips: "How to use a lectern" from Malcolm Cox on Vimeo.
Neither are working on my web site.

Many thanks for your help, Malcolm

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Malcolm! You are correct about 1 and 2. In regards to the issues you are experiencing, we're going to follow up with you via email so we can troubleshoot with you further.

SailFlix PRO

I'm a Pro user and believe I should see CTAs for the video end. When I try to add a CTA to a free Extra attached to an On Demand Video, I don't see them on the embed page. I have the custom controls, including Select as Logo (BTW can you make it transparent?) but that's it. What am I missing? See...

Amy Horton Staff

Hi! We're going to follow up with you via email so we can look into this further. You'll hear from us soon!

Dr. Coker PRO

I love the Call to Action option for embedding but I noticed that it only shows up on mobile devices if the phone in is landscape mode. If the phone is displaying in portrait mode then it only shows the replay there a way to fix that or is that something that can be updated by Vimeo?

Facilit FDVU PRO

Hi, I'm doing some research to services that offers embedded videos that will only show in a chosen website (not searchable). In this article you describe some of the options available when the video ends. Is it possible to make a list of suggested other videos to show (with criterias like similar tags as in the video shown, or other chosen criteria). Do you have another article giving a fuller description of end-screens and other settings available for pro and business-users?

Omlet PRO

We are trying to use a call to action feature and this all seems to work fine but when looking at he video from another computer it doesnt seem to work The end board doesnt have any of the buttons added. Can you help get this sorted?

Jacob Klipper

Jacob Klipper is also We are trying to use a call to action feature and it seems to work out great awesome video!

RMP Filmmakers Plus

This is a great feature however we are getting 'One or more of the outro background images provided is invalid'. Any idea what the problem is?

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Plus

I had that issue too. I went to the "Interaction Tools" section (in the Embed section), then clicked the pencil (ie edit) in the 'End Screens' part of 'After Video'. Scroll to the bottom and turn off the toggle for Background Image. I guess the issue was we were telling Vimeo that there was a background image (ie the toggle was ON), but we hadn't uploaded an image.

itay oren PRO

Can I add the cards for the whole length of the video ? is there a 6 seconds limit to the cards ?

Leigha Senter Plus

Hello - I've added the CTA on a video (I'm a Pro member) but when I share the link, there's no CTA. In fact, from some web browsers it says "you don't have permissions" but it's publicly available. Please help.


The rationale of 'keeping the experience consistent' for not including end screen options for the site player is absurd and will likely cause me to cancel my membership.

Hollow Earth PRO

I agree. It's incredibly annoying that the videos played on Vimeo go to "Up Next"

OZO huren Plus

Indeed, how to kill this ****** annoying "up next" horror! :-\

tailbiter Plus

Hi - can you please give an option for links to open in the same window - at present they always open a new window - thanks.
I used to put the link as html (with target="_parent") in the 'text' field but this function seems to be broken now :-(

Adam Dębowski PRO

Hi ;) Is there any option to add CTA to player via player API oraz oembed API?

Robert Greens Plus

Embedded videos don't work for me either and the film that comes next in the automatic "up next" button is not the correct one (it's not the order of my films on my profile). Can you change what video is suggested next in the "up next" box? It seems to take them in order I uploaded them which isn't what I want. Please Help!

Closing The Gap PRO

The character count limit on the Required Button of the End Screen is I understanding this correctly? Tell me this isn't right. Please advise.

R Marine Crawley PRO

Incredible. I have just signed up my business excited to get these end screens happening......then I see that only on embedding ! Is this Vimeo serious. haha. Why why why wouldn't this be prominent when advertising this feature? It's a big waste. I just tried it on facebook....and it's just redirected to vimeo....where it doesn't work....on it's on website. I feel so taken.

Jamie McAleney Support

So sorry for the trouble. We understand how this would be an important tool for your business. At this time, the only place onsite you can view CTAs would be in Portfolios. We have also passed your feedback along to our product team for consideration.

Bell Works PRO

Is there any way we can change what happens on Vimeo at the end of a video?

Hearts&Minds PRO

Any way to have the CTA target _self instead of new window/tab?

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for sharing your interest in this. We've taken note of the feedback for a CTA target _self and have shared it with our product team for their consideration.

sas Business

I just discovered this feature but haven't use it yet. I have two questions:
1) Just like previous user who commented, I need the CTA target to be "_self " and not a new tab or window. Can this be done?
2) Can you create a CTA before the video has ended?

Webrunner Media Group PRO

Hello everyone.

We would like to use the end screen CTA as a button that calls a phone number. Has anyone figured out a way to do this? Typing "tel:123-456-7890" doesn't work in the url field and says "Invalid URL"

Thank you for your support.

PS: VIMEO Team, this would be a great feature to enable (for sure you can do this easily)

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi Barrett, thanks for reaching out. To customize link colors, visit Embed>Customization>Custom Color in it's settings!

Eva Easton Plus

Same question... How can one change the CTA button color?

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation, Eva. To customize link colors, visit Embed>Customization>Custom Color in the video's settings!



I want to embed an overlay on a certain part of a scene in my existing video, in my video there is a "Click here" scene where I would like to overlay my website's landing page.
This functionality is there in youtube but I could not find it here.

Please help.

Scott Mead PRO

Very frustrating...I have 95% of my stuff on Vimeo...but we are doing more and more content that needs a call to action not only at the end of the video...but during the video (w/ link boxes). Not having that option in non-embedded videos is forcing me over to YouTube for that content. As much as I would hate too...I can foresee moving over to that site full time so I have those options when I need them....

Luis Medrano

Where can I find an example of how the "More Videos" end screen looks? I'm designing a background image for that screen but can't any reference to how it looks in order create the right composition.

Eva Easton Plus

Add yet another vote for having the CTA link, or any end screen link, open as "_self", not in a new tab.
... and selecting the CTA link color would be a nice touch too.

Then, as so many others have mentioned, how about CTA overlays throughout a video? More than just "nice," it would be "AWESOME!"

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for the feedback, Eva. We've taken note of your interest for CTA target _self and overlays and have shared them with our product team for their consideration.

As for your interest in customizing link colors, you can do this by visiting Embed>Customization>Custom Color in settings!

Hedgespoken Plus

And another voice to add to the clamour for CTA in non-embedded video. It's crazy.

Jamie McAleney Support

Sorry for the trouble. At this time there are no plans to incorporate CTAs onsite, that said, they do work in Portfolios.

TechScreen PRO

I am both gratified (and horrified) to read how many people have been frustrated beyond words about getting a CTA to work at the end of a video playing on another site like LinkedIn or FB. If I have a video that has a laser focus on the IT staffing market that I post in an IT staffing group on LinkedIn, I want those users to take an action, not watch another video that is meant for the corporate Talent Acquisition space. This should be a drop-dead easy fix for you guys. I will never use this service if you can't fix this. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Jamie McAleney Support

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, we can’t control how other platforms display Vimeo videos but we will continue advocating for this change on behalf our users. Apologies for the trouble.

Tammy Bogestrand Plus

I have chosen "Loop" from the dropdown, but the video isn't looping when played from my Vimeo profile. What am I doing wrong?

Jamie McAleney Support

Hi Tammy, thank you for reaching out. The customizations you're making only apply to the embedded player. Once you embed your video onto a third party site, the outro should display as intended!

Tammy Bogestrand Plus

Oh! Ok, that makes sense. Bummer though, because I would really like having the option of looping a video from within Vimeo (for cinemagraphs).

Jamie McAleney Support

We will pass along your feedback to our product team!

Bexperience by BCNscience PRO

Hello, Vimeo staff! We're interested in adding two buttons on the end screen to offer a double choice interaction option at the end of some videos. Can this be done? And if so, under which type of account?

Thanks in advance!

Jamie McAleney Support

Thanks for reaching out. You're not able to do 2 buttons or 2 links, but you can do one of each and both are clickable!

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