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Video-sharing secrets, 98% uncensored

laura turner garrison
April 30, 2014 by laura turner garrison Staff

When we launched the Learning Vimeo series in January, we promised to drop more knowledge on your head, and now we’re doing just that. So look out below! Here comes another slew of Learning Vimeo videos, featuring that screen-savvy Community Team you love so much.

This time around, we’ll show you how to:

Upload videos!
Share videos!
Share videos privately!
Embed Vimeo videos everywhere!

And don’t worry — there are just as many turtlenecks in this batch as in the last one.

For additional pro tips and even some extra credit, visit Vimeo Video School. We have actual physical tons of lessons that will help you get as much from Vimeo as is humanly possible. (Robots can get more out of Vimeo. Sorry.)

Basic Uploading

Basic Sharing

Private Sharing

Basic Embed Customization for Sharing Videos


Maxim Knorz

Love your style! I don't care about the content, but it's funny to watch

Cat Weazel

Why is it not possible to leave comments on private videos to which I have been given access? I heard you were doing something with this but to date I have not seen any change. Xxxcat

Sebastian Neville Plus

LOL ...the cake is a complete show! you are in the wrong place! I needed to laugh this morning...thank you!

Netretina Corp

great videos! like them

BTW what camera are you using to record this cool hd videos ?

:) best regards


Tom Fox

I really hate the presentation of these videos, a lot of efforts gone into making them goofy and narcissistic. As young adult presenters you're influencing a huge number of plastic young people who are already lost and bewildered with the state of the world.
Your presentations remind me of the message of collectivism where it is fashionable to be stupid, Edward Griffin and Charlotte Iserbyt are active American voices against this fashionable dumbing down of society.
It jis a free country though. Do as you please. You are not your brother's keepers.

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Tom,

Sorry you took offense to the way we made these videos. We think they're pretty obviously satirical and only meant to turn what could have been a somewhat dull description of our site's functions into something fun.

If you'd like to discuss more, please contact us directly ( to my attention.

Frank Careta Plus

Wow, is that a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive on the computer? No wonder uploading takes so long. J/K

Hummingbird UAV Plus

Is there a way that I can call up a video in another imbedded player besides the vimeo one?


Will be sharing with co-workers at credit repair agency.

Eli Bo Fa

How to promote our videos? to get more views?

How can I recover my vimeo password, vides are not supported by visiting vimeo, i lost lots of my favourite videos, please reset password



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