Three months ago, we took a big step forward with the release of a brand-new Vimeo Android app. It was totally fresh and it was totally pretty, but there was just one problem: it left out all you iOS people! But good things come to those iPad Pro-compatible friends who wait, and today, that wait is over. Say hello to Vimeo 6.0 for iOS, a completely new experience for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
Here are all the ways it’s better:
  • Fresh redesign: it’s beautiful, it’s simple, and it makes finding, sharing, and discovering videos more intuitive than ever. Gone is the dreaded hamburger menu (although we continue to indulge in real burgers), welcomed is the new bottom navigation.
  • A beautiful new player: watch videos while you scroll through the app thanks to the new mini player. That means you can pump that sweet new Kanye video while browsing endless lists of dubstep time-lapse videos.
  • Discover what you love: Our 100%-human curation team oversees our 100% awesome categories and subcategories — like Reporting and JournalismFood, and Drones and Aerials — all of which are ripe for the following.
  • Upload anywhere: now, be it on mobile or tablet, it’s insanely quick and easy to get your favorite videos up on Vimeo, change your profile info, and manage your privacy settings, all with a few taps in the app.
  • Seamless discovery: consuming the feed in 6.0 is simply delicious. Big beautiful thumbnails, more info about what you’re watching, and a buttery smooth scroll means you’ll stream stunning videos in all their glory.
  • Play away, sans WiFi: save videos to watch offline (or remove them from your playlist) when you’re deep underground or high in the sky.
This is but a taste of the awesome power behind Vimeo 6.0 for iOS, all of which you can experience when you download it for free (or update your current version). We’ve got really exciting ideas for iOS, but what we really want to know is what YOU, our favorite iOwning humans, are enjoying about the app and what you think might make it even better. So get Vimeo 6.0, take it for a spin, then leave us one of those ‘comment’ things below. We’ll read every single one (even if all you write is ‘first!’). Promise!