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Vimeo + VHX = good things for all

Vimeo Staff
May 2, 2016 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Something pretty amazing happened this morning, and that amazing thing is this: VHX is now joining the Vimeo family. We’re yahooing and hooraying the day away!

Now, let us answer some of your questions.

What is VHX?

VHX lets you (or any creator or video seller, for that matter) sell subscription channels with the world, straight from the apps and sites you use the most.

Why are we teaming up?

First and foremost, our values are in alignment: both of us are all about giving creators the best tools in the highest quality possible, so they can make, share, and sell videos online — and earn the most money from their work. 

Second, under VHX’s two truly cool founders, Jamie Wilkinson and Casey Pugh, an incredible OTT (over-the-top) video distribution platform was built, and we’re thrilled to bring those products to Vimeo creators.

What does this mean for me?

Video sellers, you’ll soon have even more ways to share your videos with the world and grow your business with best-in-class technology — without losing any of the Vimeo On Demand features you and your videos use today. Video watchers, subscription viewing means it’ll be easier than ever to directly support your favorite creators and watch the stuff you most enjoy.

We’ll have more news on our joyous union in the upcoming months. Thanks for coming along for the journey, and welcome to the family, VHX!


Robert Bridge

This seems the boost you been waiting for, well done guys.

Alex Dao Staff

Thanks, Robert! We're pumped to be joining forces. :)

Adam Szarmack Plus

At first I thought it said "VHS" and thought you were going old school.

Soxiam Staff

Insider tip: VHX HQ actually uses healthy dosage of VHS tapes as their main interior decoration motif.


Does this mean that my VHX purchases will be available as Vimeo On Demand purchases?

Alex Dao Staff

We love your enthusiasm! VHX and Vimeo will continue operating independently for the foreseeable future. :)


The reason I asked is that VHX currently does not have an app for tvOS (unlike Vimeo), so in order to watch VHX stuff on my Apple TV I need to use AirPlay. :(
It would be awesome if the Vimeo app could load VHX content. :)

Casey Pugh Alum

@Marc - We're actually very close to launching the VHX Apple TV app. Keep an eye out!

Video Library PRO

I bet it will be an option we click that creates an immediately channel on VHX. Smart thinking. I personally didn't want to go through that entire set up process.

James Ratnarajah Plus

I've been following the progress of VHX for some time, and this partnership makes total sense! Can't wait to see the good things that'll come from this

Kagi Media

but vemio checkout is a deal breaker....keep vhx check out and ADD paypal back !!!!!

Green Planet Films PRO

Agreed! We have some same videos on Vimeo on Demand, and altho our website has the nice VHX checkout, people rather click the vimeo link and go to Vimeo and use Paypal to get the movie. Now we are uploading all our 100 films to Vimeo too. Bring back Paypal!

Signe Baumane PRO

What interesting news! Can't wait for the exciting consequences!

Linda Rislin Alum

Aww yeah. My two favorite video companies unite! Congrats to you both!

Rudimental Media

I just bought 10 hours over at VHX this morning, looking into opening up my vimeo on demand again soon. How can we marry the two?

Alex Dao Staff

Hi Rudimental Media, we'll have more updates on this new union in the coming months. Stay tuned!

vidnik PRO

luv you all, thanks for thinking forward...

Rico Michel

Well, this is tremendous. Money to content creators! Vimeo gets that, whereas YouTube/Google think we should survive on virtual medals and colorful analytics ;-)

Dieter Plaetinck Alum

I've been pressing all buttons on my VCR but I can't seem to get this new thing to work.

Alex Dao Staff

Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Stramt Snøre

Now that you have the option to upload 4k videos for everyone to see. Will the plus storage get bigger? Hope so, because 5gb a week isn't that much for a 4k video. Just got plus, so I'm exited to try it out! :)

Alex Dao Staff

We don't have any immediate plans to change Plus storage, but things could change in the future. Hope you're enjoying Plus!


Which service should we sign up for now?

Alex Dao Staff

Hi Michael, that would depend on what specific features you're looking for. If you contact our support team and let us know what you're hoping to accomplish we can help guide you.

Jeffrey Scott Baker

I joined VHX earlier this year, in part based on this news, but I have found VHX's pricing model to be unclear and very close to a bait and switch offer. You are lead to believe you are buying storage hours (in chunks of 10 at $99 base), but in truth you are buying transcode time. It doesn't matter how large your master files is because your not buying space (great), but you are not buying 10 hours of video storage either. For example, If you ever need to re-upload a video, that counts against your hours even if the re-uploaded video is the same length or shorter than the original. In my case, I went over doing a re-upload by 30 mintues -- but could I buy just 1 hour to cover that? No -- I would have to buy 10 more hours...
If you delete a video, you do not get hours back (and many people think they can do that). It is all very unclear on the website, and left me feeling angry with the product because they just don't make it clear what you are purchasing.

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