1. When creating new and innovative products and services, it's becoming more and more important to visualise and test your concepts.

    Developers are in a unique position with their access to modern toolchains and their ability to actually craft something quickly. In a sense, developers are the new designers.

    This talk is for developers everywhere whom make something which eventually ends up in the hands of a user. By using modern tools and techniques, we can bridge the gap between design and development and create products which feel amazing.We’ll see how developers create interfaces in some of the worlds most succesful companies. We’ll cover how you can incorporate a modern prototyping workflow in your teams. How developers can optimise their products so designers can do their work and how developers should all know the basics of animation when creating software. Hopefully this talk will inspire you to create interfaces which not only look good, but feel amazing. We will be looking at state of the art prototyping tools, technologies which allows you to both iterate and test faster, and also the basics of animation in code.

    The talk is hosted by Martin Jensen. Martin has been designing and developing interfaces for a number of years, and spends about the same amount of time coding as he does designing. Martin is now working at Microsoft, building Delve, a new Microsoft product out of Norway.

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  2. EcmaScript 6 introduces many new features that will be a great aid to JavaScript developers, and will transform the way we write JavaScript. In this demo-laden talk I have chosen to take a deep dive into the new promise and generator features introduced in ES 6. I will demonstrate how you can leverage promises to remove callback-nesting (hell) and how to write and consume generators using the new yield keyword.

    Finally we'll combine the two concepts to write asynchronous code that has a pleasant synchronous look and feel to it, much like async/await in C# that we have all learned to love.

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  3. Introduction to the Hafslund AMS project and the chosen architecture, with information sources, handling of massive flows, and usage of cloud computing for analysis
    SOA and The common problem with ESB’s, Canonical Data Models, and ETL
    Micro Services: A new and better way - but did we forget something?
    Data Oriented Architecture
    A quick look at how data flows using asynchronous mechanisms and eventual consistency
    How to transform tabular data into RDF graphs and connect them
    Cleaning of data and matching without common identifiers, using trained statistical algorithms
    The SPARQL query language
    SDSHARE - how clients subscribe to changes
    How different systems can enrich each other
    How you can combine DOA with Micro Services
    How to relate to this as a programmer - what are the new skillsets?
    Looking back at ESB’s and Canonical data models - and how the problems just went away
    CASE HAFSLUND: How we solved the AMS challenge with massive amounts of meter readings coming through many channels
    CASE *CUSTOMER NAME WITHHELD FOR NOW* How we solved the other client challenge with diverse system domain Finally
    How to deal with eventual consistency when you don’t want it
    How to deal with information security
    How this new integration paradigm can strengthen the customers position towards troublesome vendors (“I OWN the data now - behave or get out”)

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  4. A Recipe For A Happy Software Development Team - Michał Śliwoń

    Making software developers happy is hard. They're smart, they put a lot of energy and emotion in what they do and their road to becoming better is full of obstacles: slow computers, a need to do guesstimates and ongoing Internet debate whether to put a semicolon at the of line or not.We were lucky, things worked for us. After a while spent together, countless rounds of feedback - we found our rhythm. Boiled in uncertainty, heated by questioning everything, topped with a spoonful of team initiatives - our team was ready to be served. We found ourselves happy to be working with each other.I'd like to share with you our recipe for a happy software development team hoping some of the ingredients or procedures will enrich your team as well.


    A robot is born - Martin Gravråk

    How CAD software, 3D printers and cheap parts from eBay have made designing and building robots a lot easier for the average geek.

    I’ve spent the last few weeks creating a robot arm from molten plastic. The parts have been modeled in Autodesk Inventor and 3D printed in PLA, assembled and brought to life with lots of servos and an Arduino microcontroller. In this lightning talk I’ll share the mistakes and lessons I’ve learnt from this hobby project. You will learn the basics, see the robot and get some tips for how you can make your own.

    Improving web performance - Ronald Mavarez

    Have you been in a queue and thought everyone in front is just so slow!!! Its annoying isn't it?. Now imagine that you designed web pages like that, wouldn't you want to fix it!

    Exactly the same is happening with most web pages where the resources haven't been optimized and in this session we will talk about preventing slow files and loading our code faster.

    I will show you some small simple but clever optimisations that are quick to implement but will have a big impact in the performance of your web applications.

    This talk requires some understanding of JavaScript and HTML5.


    Composing 3D Objects in WebGL - Sean Trelford (8)

    In this live session I will demonstrate the use of a domain-specific language, written in F#, to compose complex 3D scenes live in WebGL.


    Making a web-powered MIDI-controled synthesizer - Stian Veum Møllersen

    The web is becoming a very interesting platform for creative experimentation. The introduction of the WebMIDIAPI and the capabilities of the WebAudioAPI for creating sounds has opened the doors for musical expressions in a myriad of ways.

    One such way is to build a simple polyphonic supersaw synthesizer which you can control with a MIDI-enabled interface (such as a tiny keyboard). This is easier than it sounds, and I will show you how. Leaving this talk you will be equipped tostart creating music and explore the creative side of the web.

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  5. Immutable data structures will help you regain your sanity when programming - even in JavaScript! In this talk I will explain what immutability is, what it's good for, and how to effectively put it to use in JavaScript. We will see how immutability can truly help reduce complexity in the UI layer, and even improve performance while we're at it. Immutability goes hand in hand with functional programming, but it doesn't have to - no matter what your pereferred programming paradigm is, immutability will improve your code. If reducing complexity is your cup of tea, this talk is for you.

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NDC Oslo 2015

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Oslo Spektrum, Norway
15-19 June 2015

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