1. With countries like the USA reporting over 100,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases per day in November 2020 and a "second wave of the pandemic" hitting Europe, some have wondered, how we can better prevent future pandemics? Researchers believe that Chinese horseshoe bats and probably pangolins were involved in the creation of the novel coronavirus. Pigs, chimps, monkeys, and other unclean animals have been connected to pandemics over the course of human history. Does the Bible prohibit the consumption of these animals as well as the consumption of animal blood? Could it be possible that the human digestive system is not intended to properly digest unclean flesh or animal blood? Does the Bible warn about future pestilences and death coming? Will most humans repent or are they prophesied to not do so despite plagues that the Bible says will come? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this video.

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  2. On October 30, 2020, New Zealand voters approved a measure to allow euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Is this the legalization of mercy killing or murder? Is poison used to end life with euthanasia? What other lands allow euthanasia? Why are some leaders and some in the media supportive of physician assisted suicide and abortion? Is suicide murder? Did the original Hippocratic Oath permit or prohibit euthanasia or abortion? What has been the Church of God position on mercy killing and abortion? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

    A written article of related interest is available titled "New Zealand votes to legalize euthanasia (physician-assisted suicide), but not recreational marijuana" URL: cogwriter.com/news/doctrine/new-zealand-votes-to-legalize-euthanasia-physician-assisted-suicide/

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  3. On September 26, 2020, US President Donald Trump announced that he was nominating the Roman Catholic Amy Coney Barrett to become a justice on the US Supreme Court. Why did he say he wanted to nominate a woman? What are the biblical criteria for appointing judges? What are some of Amy Coney Barrett's views. Why would Republicans and conservatives like her, while Democrats and liberals oppose her? Did a study from the Institute for Family Studies and the Wheatley Institution find that "the happiest of all American wives consider themselves religious conservatives." Could Joe Biden's vice-presidential choice of Kamela Harris have presidential potential? Are there any prophetic ramifications of having more women in rulership positions in the USA? Does the Bible warn about rulers and others in the last days? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more.

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  4. Is the world moving more towards Marxist morality? What is Marxist morality? How does it differ from Biblical morality? Dennis Prager wrote about how what he calls "the left" have adopted aspects of Marxist morality. Marxist morality is based on certain interpretations of writings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Has the USA seen a shift towards socialism in the past 70 years according to Michael Snyder? Is the USA becoming more accepting of socialism according to Harvard? Does the Bible give reasons why? What did the Apostle Paul warn about the last days? Was there a generation prophesied by Jesus and the Book of Proverbs to have a morality similar to those of the Marxists? Will this end up with totalitarian control? Will most people go along with the 'morality' of the Beast? What does the Bible say will happen with those that worship the image of the Beast or take the mark of the Beast? Dr. Thiel addresses these topics.

    A written article of related interest is available titled "Dennis Prager on the morality of the Marxists" URL: cogwriter.com/news/prophecy/dennis-prager-on-the-morality-of-the-marxists/

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  5. Why did God create anything? At the 6th World Day of Prayer for Creation, Pope Francis stated, "The world was made to communicate the glory of God.” Is that correct? Is God an egotist that made humans and the rest of the creation to extol His glory? Is, as Thomas Aquinas explained and the Lutherans teach, the Beatific Vision the ultimate goal of human existence after physical death? Did a version of the Beatific Vision come from the pagan Greek philosopher Plato? Do the Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists teach a version of it? Were all things created for Jesus? If so, were humans created to simply look at Jesus for all eternity? Why did God made you?
    Did God make humans so that they could develop their own unique talents in this age so that they would be able to give love in such a way as to make eternity better for themselves and others? Does the Bible reveal the mysteries of why God created anything and why He made people? Dr. Thiel address these issues and more.

    A free online book with more information is available titled "The MYSTERY of GOD’s PLAN Why Did God Create Anything? Why did God make you?" URL: cogwriter.com/mystery-gods-plan-why-did-god-create-anything.pdf

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