Church Father Hall of SHAME

Rest of subEpisode 11t9 is on this book. It's a game-changer. If you want to see what Paul means in Ephesians 1:9-14; if you want to understand how Diocletian is the mold from which the 'Catholic Church' was born, you need to read this book. I'm not sure its author realizes how important it is. (Maybe he does, but is being modest?)

This is an excerpted review, with written permission from the publisher. Best $100 I ever spent, was on this book. Maybe even, were it my last $100. I don't know why this book isn't at the top of the best-seller charts in every seminary, worldwide. It should be.

BOOK THEME: how to trace the development of 'apostolic succession' versus Bible and history, from Christ to Constantine. BOOK THESIS: the idea of apostolic succession grew from political needs, not Bible. Bible's doctrine on MISSIONS was essentially hijacked (by mistake or on purpose, who knows) to haphazardly craft the idea of apostolic succession, beginning in the 2nd century. Williams presents this thesis nicely, blaming no one.

This is the most exciting book I've bought in years; the only one on Church History, which actually makes sense of that history. You wouldn't think so, from the title, Bishop Lists. Here's its link:

My review in Amazon, here:

Videos excerpt and comment on the book, but I could only access up to page 86 or so in Google. I have express copyright permission from Gorgias Press, in exchange for the first link above, to provide a pdf of pages 146-148, where Dr. Williams shows the Bishop List of Eusebius in a better format than you can read in Eusebius, here: . I scanned it from my hardback.

These videos are in my PopeMyth (PopeM) playlist, and in vimeo, all under the GGS11t9 rubric. Video link names are the same as the episode moniker, i.e., this video is named ggs11t9a (vimeo doesn't allow capital letters).

Book is a revision of Dr. Williams' dissertation. It's a gripping read, not like your typical snoozy dissertation which after all, is supposed to prove you can properly do homework and synthesize. The book's salient feature, is its PROCESS of analysis, which can be extrapolated into any topic. So it's worth reading over and over.

I found this book by mistake, when vetting my own videos for 11t (and soon 11u) GGS, to see if I misrepresented anything, etc. Meanwhile, you can read it yourself, up to the limit allowed in Google. Then you too, will want to buy it.

It doesn't come in Kindle form. Yet.

Here's the link to my Church Father Hall of Shame section mentioned in the video. Its links are to the Church Father writings, usually at (underlined words): . The original Word doc is better formatted, else the same, .

Sample shame, Hegesippus, which is not listed in Eph1REPARSED. Which is more shameful, the guy's own LYING about James and others -- Heggy clearly knew nothing about the Mosaic Law, for his story makes James into a LAWBREAKER -- or is our insipid praise of what he says, more shameful? You decide, here's the link: .

Production note: the 'credit card' was done by a friend of mine. It's not copyrighted. But the book I show in the video, IS copyrighted, so be sure to give credit to the author, Dr. Williams.

File Name: BishList1-3.avi, 6/5/12.

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Church Father Hall of SHAME

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The lying, lousy, Bible-ignorant Church Fathers will be the theme of this channel. No one who praises these…

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The lying, lousy, Bible-ignorant Church Fathers will be the theme of this channel. No one who praises these awful people, can competently read Bible.

Wow, that's a strong statement. So it better be backed up with proof, huh. I started doing just that, back in my Youtube 'Pope Myth' playlist, which is housed in . Eventually, ALL those videos will be ported here. Right now, I've already ported some to vimeo, to illustrate Paul's scathing prophetical sarcasm in the GGS 11 series, against those very 'fathers'. Yeah, fathers of apostasy.

But apparently more needs to be shown, so this channel will house live sections from these bilious liars who wouldn't know the Bible if it bit them. So you can understand better, how apostate Christianity is, today.

For if someone praises obvious liars, then that person either a) has no discernment, hence no Holy Spirit (so is carnal, even if saved); or b) never actually READ what those liars wrote, and so is a hypocrite. Take your pick.

We need to clean house in Christianity, or God will clean us out. Cleaning starts by admitting these horrible people of the past, only fathered the lies many still cling to, this day.

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