1. (preview of 40min video) A parable at the end of nature. The Machine Stops is a speculative fiction about the end of the world with libretto adapted from novelist E. M. Forster and decor by architect Le Corbusier, shot in Chandigarh, India. In The Machine Stops two stories of the future collide. A story written in 1909 (The Machine Stops) and a utopian city constructed in 1960s post-partition India (Chandigarh) become a reflection on an imaginary opposition of designed world and nature. This design versus nature struggle is part of a contemporary sense of crisis about the survival of a human-made world. In E. M. Forster's humanist pessimism, resistance to the machine is a heroic venture where a cultured ideal of nature and the body is a coherent surround, or source, or comfort. In this new work, Forster's nostalgia for an arcadian state of nature (a kind of global-colonial fantasy) morphs into a contemporary conundrum where there is no longer an outside 'nature' to escape to, or a coherent 'body' to claim as primal. A single character walks restlessly through the interior and exterior spaces of an empty modernist landscape. A story comes to mind.

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  2. © 2021 Andrew Forster

    Compagnie André Forestier
    +d'info : andreforestier.ca/machine

    texte adapté de
    The Machine Stops de E. M. Forster (1909)
    Mis au point de Le Corbusier (1965)

    enregistré à Chandigarh, Inde, 2017

    performance de Fawas Ameer Hamsa
    son de la machine - Nik Forrest
    traduction et voix - Magali Stoll
    voix de Le Corbusier - Ingrid Vallus

    Extraits de The Machine Stops utilisés avec l’aimable autorisation de Peters Fraser & Dunlop au nom de la succession de E. M. Forster. Andrew Forster remercie Seema Gera, conservatrice adjointe au Government Museum and Art Gallery, à Chandigarh ainsi que l’office du tourisme de Chandigarh pour l’accès au complexe du Capitole. Il remercie également Monique Romeiko et Suzanne Miller pour leur soutien créatif à Chandigarh.

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  3. This installation animation shows a 2-channel installation version of The Machine Stops. 2 synced video projections create a spatial effect with the main action moving from one screen to the other. The plywood platform is a replica of the concrete podium in le Corbusier's 'Trench of Consideration' - part of the Capital Complex at Chandigargh, India. The video installation can be exhibited with or without this sculptural element.

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  4. Paraguayan Sea street views (2017-2018 - ongoing installation). Paraguayan Sea / Mer paraguayenne is a text intervention in public space by Montreal visual artist Andrew Forster in collaboration with the Montreal poet Erín Moure. The yellow band of text wraps around the ground floor of Concordia University’s EV (Engineering and Visual Arts) Building, facing Ste-Catherine street and McKay street in downtown Montreal. This graphic and typographic public artwork in a mix of three languages—French, English and Guaraní—relays Moure’s poetic translation into Frenglish and Guaraní of the novela in Portunhol and Guaraní, Mar Paraguayo, by Brazilian writer Wilson Bueno. The font ('Iguana') is designed specifically for this project.

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  5. Video for installation.

    The installation of this second version of ‘Geste’ is either a) the two synchronised videos are projected on opposite walls so that the performer's actions are mirrored OR b) as in this excerpt with one video above the other.

    This is an excerpt from a piece in which two dancers 'perform' a choreography without moving. The choreography is a 10 minute cycle. The choreography is a coordinated duet between the two dancers which is detailed and physically demanding. My interest is in the origin of thought in movement, and movement in thought. In this sense, thought, or consciousness, begins with our need to move, to retain a past and present in relation to space and time (a here, now and a there, then). 'Geste' inverses this formulation where the coordination of body, time and space is held in memory and re-enacted without movement. The resulting clumsiness on the boundary between thought and action is the focus of the piece.

    Performers: Suzanne Miller & Magali Stoll
    Sound: none
    (video © 2017)

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Video excerpts from recent or in-progress performance and video-performance pieces. "Montage" means short excerpts showing installation views. Newer things are first.

See andreforestier.ca for more info & reluctant.ca/info/ for bio


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Video excerpts from recent or in-progress performance and video-performance pieces. "Montage" means short excerpts showing installation views. Newer things are first.

See andreforestier.ca for more info & reluctant.ca/info/ for bio

AF's practice includes video, installation, and performance and interventions for public space.

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