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  1. Over the past few years, laid back Bondi lad Pama Davies has unassumingly carved out a rep as one of the world’s premier free surfers. And while it appears that riding 40 foot monsters isn’t at the top of his bucket list, milking the most fun out of every session is, and we’re totally onboard with that.

    Watching the man surf, it’s pretty clear by the lines he draws and his silky smooth style, that his skills have been honed on a variety and different waves and surf craft. Just recently his mojo caught the attention of respected surf brand Rusty, and they promptly signed him up to their program.

    The man obviously has some serious frequent flyer status as well, and one destination that often appears on his itinerary is Bali. In fact, he calls it his home-away-from-home. So, when a early Indo swell appeared on the map back in May, Pama needed zero persuading to go try some new Rusty sleds and Rusty’s Shaper Series FCS II fin.

    In this clip Pama rips into some of Bali’s ultra-fun beachies and delivers an ‘all-round performance’, which is exactly what the Rusty fin is all about.

    Words by FCS - Read more @

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  2. Couple Days Couple Islands

    Lucas Silveira doesn't chill out on down time between contests. Never not working. Never not out there grinding.

    Lucas managed to link up with a few filmer mates over his down time between Barbados and Hawaii and stack together three and a half minutes of solid footage. Enjoy.

    Film by Leandro da Silva, Leandro Dora, Tyler Bell, Marcelo Amaral and Alexandre Silveira.

    Edited by Loic Wirth

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  3. Oh shit, I just realised something. Surf punk rock, is the new sex. It will have you going berserk for more. It’s hot, pretty damn sweaty (if you’re doing it right),
    and the air is FILLED with pheromones and adrenalised SPUNK.

    (Pheromone: a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, affecting the behaviour or physiology of others of its species.) – Shit-yeah that’s a killer definition.

    (Adrenalised: not sure, look it up, sounds good though) Which brings me to the pheromone of the night…
    or as they like to call themselves:


    Hailing out of shark lake city, West Aus, Mandurah. The boys are setting the country up for one giant “shoeey”, taking on one state at a time. I got the privilege to hang (have beers) with the fellas as they took on Gold coast’ “Sharkys Bar”- a music venue notorious for its wild nights and dark pitted grunge rooms. . .

    It was the perfect recipe for the DOOGS to unleash their West Oz steeze and cook up some tasty “Tuna-sangas” on a “keen as mustard” crowd. (Ill let you digest that sentence…) The boys flew in town and I managed to snag their luggage list, I remember it looking something like this:

    - some musical instruments

    - Rusty tees

    - condoms

    - and a F**** load of ENERGY!!!!

    I think they were spewing because they forgot the condoms but I can definitely confirm that everything else on that list was well and truly within the confines of the carry on luggage. The day lit up. The Goldy bloody lit up and it’s always sunny here!!!

    I legitimately saw a bloke putting on sunscreen and a Bunnings hat while swigging from his “seen a few days on the scaffold” water bottle. Just so you know, it was 11:47pm this incident had occurred and the DOOGS were in full hammer swinging mode, nailing the crowd with their 3 piece set and teen angst lyrics.

    Before the show, the hang out (piss up) was with some of Aus’ finest bands,
    (Radolescent, White Blanks and Pandamic.) Shit got weird and sometimes wonderful. There was a homemade “tradie earring”, involving Grudge (GD’s drummer) a rusty nail, and a little too happily swinging hammer from Radolescents Kurt.

    One of the lads also found a cricket bat, then bang, someone threw a mango tin (beer) at him, instead of catching it, he did what any twenty something would do and had a good old Sir Donald Bradman spank at it. TONK. Sending that mango tin, to punk rock heaven. Beer cricket was born.
    (Check out my vid and put those images together).

    What swept me sideways and up to froth creek was the COMRADERY shown from band to band. EVERYONE was psyching on each other!
    It was pure magic. The vibe created an atmosphere. The atmosphere filled the room faster than smoke fills a 17 year olds Nissan Pulsar parked outside the skatepark.

    We had a hot box.

    At one point, there was at least 20 people on stage rocking out, the crowd was bloody everywhere, screaming, sweating, thrashing with pure, unadulterated, JOY. And it was all brought on by that pheromone… that energy that was carefully put on the luggage list… ahh yes


    Thanks for a killer time.


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  4. With down time in between QS events earlier this year, team riders Lucas Silveira, Kevin Schulz and Letty Mortensen were all in town and up to no good on the shores of Hawaii. It is not often that our shit aligns and our team are in the same place, at the same time, on the same waves so we sent over our mate and collaborator, Tyler Bell to join their entourage.

    Turns out the waves were shithouse for almost 2 weeks straight and all the boys ended up doing was drinking beers and eating Poke bowls.

    Zero. Clips. Filmed.

    The boys were getting antsy. Luckily the waves were starting to pick up so we extended Tyler’s trip another week, got the boys off the beers and started to stack some clips with the little bump in swell coming through.

    The result, 2 and a half minutes of surfing with mates on the north shore making the most of what they were served up with Lucas ripping the face of some Rockies rights, Kev and Letty pushing each other and dialling in some air time.

    Video and Edit
    Tyler Bell

    Lactose Intolerant

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  5. An all-Aussie adventure featuring deadly snakes, psychedelic berries and the wizardry of Rusty team rider Harry Bryant.

    Words via STAB

    So Haz, tell us about Rust 2.0, where was it shot and what were you chasing?
    I got a Toyota Landcruiser, like a couple of months ago and I was so pumped to drive it, I pretty much did a lap of Australia. You just see so much more things driving. It just makes it so much more satisfying getting to waves when you’ve driven there, and it’s so good having your car there with all your stuff in it there with you. I just really like the novelty of driving.
    We’ve probably been shooting for it over the last three months. But most of the footage was pretty much shot over a week around home. We just had a really good run of waves. Dion came down, I pretty much surfed with him for a week straight and had a really productive week of waves. Then did a trip down to South Australia with Craig and pretty much surfed all the way there and back. It’s pretty much two trips that kind of spaced out over a longer period of time.

    What were the highlights? Where’d you get the best waves?
    All the trips that I’ve done for this part were really fun. Just driving everywhere sleeping in swags and camping everywhere and having heaps of funny stories along the way. Best part’s been around home though, for sure. I moved to the South Coast around January and pretty much ever since I've been packing the car in the morning and having super productive days then coming back home.

    So tell us about some of these wild adventures, what happened?
    A few funny things happened. We were camping in the desert and one afternoon there was a tree with all these berries where we were camping and we ate some of them. All of us had this crazy experience. We had this hallucinogenic afternoon, we went fishing, there was this crazy sunset, we ate these berries and we were just wigging out all afternoon. Then we woke up the next morning and were like ‘that was wild’. I don’t know what these berries were but they sent us crazy. Craig found this tree and was like ‘I’ve seen these berries before I reckon we can eat them’ he’s watched some doco on them. Me, Craig Dave, Dion and Spon were all stuck in this realm, for like 6 hours it was sick.
    Dave set his swag up and he reckons he had something wriggling under his back the whole time and we were there for like five nights or something. When Dav packed his swag up there was a death adder, underneath. It had made a nest under him and it was this warm little snake, just snuggled up to him the whole time. It was so funny cos he felt it every night – he'd been sleeping on a snake for like five nights but he never did anything about it.

    Was it alive?
    Yeah it was alive. I think it liked the warmth of big Dav. So it just posted up there the whole time. Some of the places in Australia are so outrageous. Driving through towns that you can’t believe people live there, and there’s so much open space that I feel like other countries don’t have. Swear one part of the drive was seven hours and there was nothing in sight, just raw landscape and desert. You just don’t get that in America or the rest of the world. I just love driving around and learning more about Australia and seeing everything that it has, it just blows me away. Especially travelling around so much, like when I was younger going to different countries. But as soon as soon as I got my license and I got my car, I just drove everywhere and the best surf trips I’ve had have been in Australia. I honestly wouldn’t care if the only surf trips I did for the rest of my life were in Australia. There’s just so much vibe and so much good shit happens, it’s fun as.
    One afternoon we stopped into this pub just to have something to eat and it was this chick’s 40th. We all walked into this pub and this chick’s just smashing a Bundy Rum and it’s dripping all through her chin and she’s like ‘where are you guys from?’ and we’re like ‘oh we’re from the east coast and she goes ‘well, don’t act like you’re local! I don’t see you pricks around here, don’t think that you can push in front of anyone at the bar mate!’ She had these yellow teeth, just full maggot on Bundy Rum. You see the craziest things. You think ‘wow, this is so raw’.

    Any sketchy situations?
    We came really close to running out of petrol one night. You just feel like you’re on your own out there, with no reception and if something were to really go wrong you’d just go into complete survival mode, where as if you fly into places, or in a built up area or town you can get help but when there’s just nothing there, when you’re driving away you’re thinking ‘we could’ve been really stitched up there’. You really need to know survival shit. You feel so good driving home after.

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Rusty believes in surfboards that feel alive, clothes that reward a body, we believe the sweat of a hard day's work is the down payment on an all-nighter, and, most of all, Rusty believes that the sun will set and the sun will rise, like always. Is that…

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Rusty believes in surfboards that feel alive, clothes that reward a body, we believe the sweat of a hard day's work is the down payment on an all-nighter, and, most of all, Rusty believes that the sun will set and the sun will rise, like always. Is that optimism in your bones? Ours too!

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