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Live Streaming

Church live streaming: how to live stream for worship

Learn how live streaming for worship can help you connect with members and spread your message around the globe.

Video for Business

Use these interactive video tools to drive engagement with your videos

From contact forms to custom end cards, there are so many ways to engage your users straight from your videos.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Video for Business

Follow these video SEO best practices to boost your video’s visibility in search

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Well, to search engines, the answer is "a lot."

Live Streaming

The ultimate guide to all hands meetings

Bi-weekly all hands meetings are the new norm at Vimeo. Learn why these meetings matter and tips on how to get yours set up.

Video for Business

8 tips on how to fund your film with short film grants, crowdfunding, and more

Getting resources is one of the hardest parts of filmmaking, so we've gathered wisdom from the pros on how they've done it.

Product News

Just your speed: Adjust video playback with a click

Good news! You've got the power to enable and adjust speed controls for all of your Vimeo embeds. Here's how to do it.

Video for Business

How to grow your email list

Grow your email list in no time with these easy-to-implement tricks of the trade.


How to turn your videos into GIFs

GIFs are an excellent way to convey information quickly without having to link or embed a full video. Learn how to make one!

Product News

Do more with Vimeo's partners and integrations

From live event integrations to powerful social partnerships, here's how Vimeo is making your videos work in more places.

Product News

Collaborate better remotely with Vimeo Record

Stay connected to your team (and your customers!) with a new screen recording tool designed to help you crush remote work.

Case Studies

How video engages employees and benefits CEOs

To sum up this report on workplace communications, video > email.

Product News

Make more money with Vimeo's monetization tools

Try plugging in your own data in our revenue estimator to see how much more money you could be making with Vimeo On Demand.

Vimeo HQ

Get out the vote with Vimeo

Every vote matters. That's why we're making sure every member of the Vimeo community has the resources they need to make a difference.

Vimeo HQ

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion update

We're sharing our DE&I initiatives, workforce representation data, and what we're focused on now and in the future.