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A revolution in collaboration: add people to your PRO account

Vimeo Staff
July 14, 2016 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Liberté, égalité, fraternité. If you’re a PRO member, now you can revolutionize your video workflow by adding up to three team members to your account. Très bien! Gone are the bourgeois days of adding secondary email addresses and sharing your password with colleagues. Instead, you can invite your teammates to join your Vimeo account to help manage your videos and collections. But not all permissions are created equal. You’ll still be the account owner, and the people you add won’t be able to delete it, or alter your profile settings.

Here’s how it works:
Go to your settings and click on the new “Manage team” tab. Click “+ add team member” and in the window that pops up, enter their email address and a brief note. (Hint: to make their lives easier, enter the email address associated with their Vimeo account.) Once you hit send, your teammate will receive an email inviting them to join. When they accept, they’ll have access to your stuff including (but not limited to): 

  • Purchasing Vimeo On Demand titles
  • Setting up Vimeo On Demand titles for sale, including entering a PayPal email address to receive payment for sales
  • Creating, managing, and deleting collections
  • Changing the privacy settings of your videos

You can return to the “Manage team” tab in your settings at any time to check on pending invitations, send reminders, and remove people (off with their avatars!). Easy as Marie Antoinette’s cake.

If you’re invited to join another person’s Vimeo account, you can assume their identity (ish) by hovering over your avatar and clicking “Switch accounts.”

So the next time you need your DP to upload some clips, or your editor to drop the latest cut on your account, simply send an invite their way and voilà! C’est magnifique.

Happy Bastille Day, PRO pals!


Caleb Pike PRO

Can I setup a member account that will receive a percentage of sales for a particular VOD project?

Tamara Hilmes Staff

Hi, Caleb. At the moment, we don't have a way to split On Demand revenue across accounts, but we'll pass your feedback along to our product team. Thanks for asking!

Caleb Pike PRO

Thanks Tamara, also, an affiliate program would be slick. Probably a massive pain in the hump to implement though.

Nils Clauss Plus

Now we know that Doug has 1,045 unread messages in his inbox.^^


C'est une bonne fonctionnalité !
Merci pour votre message de soutiens envers l'attentat de Nice

Chris Campbell PRO

Thank you so much, I upgraded to Pro on the 17th and already feel like I got a bonus!

Sadie Granberg

Okay so someone added me to their account using my email associated with the account - however that email has been deactivated so I can access the email in it - and I can’t access the account using any of the features within Vimeo - I’m wondering why the email couldn’t also be a message on Vimeo too since there is a messaging function?

Paige Bierma PRO

Can I invite someone to just one project folder, or does a team member automatically have access to all of my files? (I'm using review pages with clients and don't want to have to send them a separate link for each video in a folder.)

BNSF Railway PRO

Can collaborators be limited to a specific project? I wouldn't necessarily want them to see other projects, albums or video. Thank you

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