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Announcing Vimeo PRO, a new account for businesses

Andrew Pile
August 1, 2011 by Andrew Pile Alum

Today we are very proud to announce the release of a new service, Vimeo PRO.

Vimeo PRO is a simple and extremely affordable video solution for businesses. We've been hearing from companies for years about how they would love to use Vimeo for commercial purposes (something our current platform prohibits) so we've built a service and added some tools that we think small businesses and organizations will find very useful.

What's new with PRO?

We've introduced some awesome new features!

- Portfolios allow PRO members to create unique, stand alone, fully customizable websites, without any Vimeo branding, to promote and showcase their videos and service. Need a website? With Portfolios you can create one in minutes without having to type a line of code. We're launching with several themes to get you started, and there will be many more to come. We even have custom domain support and built-in video SEO! - Video Review Pages give PRO members a way to share unbranded and unlisted video pages with clients or for internal use. We are also allowing anonymous commenting as well as added password protection privacy. - Brandable video player options gives PRO accounts the ability to add their own logo to the player! All embedded videos will show your logo, no matter where they are embedded or shared. - Third-party video player support if you don't like ours ;) We think our player is pretty awesome, but we know you might need something we don't offer. Now you have even more options! - All the best features of Plus are included as well, including Advanced Stats, Unlimited HD uploading, HD embedding (up to 1080p), priority uploading, and great mobile, tablet and TV support.

How is PRO different?
Vimeo PRO lives as a separate service - invisible to the world - and offers all the same tools and features to publish videos. Since most companies only need the Vimeo technology to upload and publish videos for their businesses, Vimeo PRO accounts do not have access to the Vimeo community by default, meaning PRO accounts' activity and videos will not show up on, and they do not have the ability to like or comment. We've taken this step to keep commercial content hidden and maintain the current Community Guidelines. From what we've seen, most companies only care about being able to embed their commercial video, so we believe this private system accounts for the huge majority of business use cases.

However, we know there are those that are still going to want to be part of the Vimeo community. For them, we've built a 'Community Pass' system to allow PRO members to interact on just like a Basic or Plus member. This allows for the individuals and organizations who need the extra features of PRO, but still want to participate on That's fine as long as they play by the rules.

In short, if you like the way Vimeo works now, don't worry! Very little will change. If you're a company, you can now enjoy the same great player, compatibility and video quality Vimeo is known for. We've been working on an elegant solution that integrates business for two years and with PRO we think we've found it.

And best of all, PRO is super affordable. PRO accounts get 50GB of upload space, all at once, as well as 250k embedded video plays for $199 per year. This package is literally the lowest possible price we could offer in order to make this account as affordable as possible for the small business community. We understand this model is a change to our current offering compared to Vimeo Plus, but if you compare this package to any other video hosting solution for business, these numbers are a steal. Seriously, check around.

Is PRO an upgrade over Plus?
No! We built PRO specially for business and Plus specifically for people. We're going to continue to improve the Basic and Plus account just as we always have. A huge amount of effort was put into making PRO work within the current Vimeo ecosystem, that means as we grow, everyone benefits.

This launch of PRO is just the beginning. As always, we will continue to monitor the response from our customers and improve the service in coming months, just like we've done with Vimeo Plus. Stay tuned for more awesome!

Interested? Get PRO now.



Important: In order to incorporate the new PRO service, we have updated our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Please take a moment to review the new Terms-- Most of what was in the old document is still here, but in language that's much more concise and (we hope) easier to understand. Things like your licenses to Vimeo and our Code of Conduct haven't changed in substance. Mainly we shortened it. A lot. We've also lowered the minimum age requirement from 15 to 13 (the rules regarding parental consent still apply) and we reserve the right to disable basic accounts after 6 months of inactivity (previously it was 90 days). An account is 'inactive' when it hasn't been logged into.

P.S. If you are thinking of switching from Plus to PRO, please read this important FAQ entry before you do. We are offering ALL current Plus members the ability to switch to PRO for $139 till August 31st! Again, PRO is quite different from Plus in how it works, so please make sure you are absolutely sure PRO is right for you before you switch.


Short of the Week PRO

Way to go guys! I know a ton of organizations and professional media outlets who've been hoping you would do something exactly like this.

Brandon Tauszik Plus

OK I've known about PRO's existence for a week now. Are the pop-up tabs still necessary every time I login?

Eric Buist Plus

Awesome new feature! Now I feel like I can suggest Vimeo to my clients without worrying about breaking the terms!

Jeremy Fuksa

Are the analytics any different than the Plus version?

Scion A/V

Did I read this correctly? PRO accounts get 50GB per year? With my plus account, I currently get 5GB per week, meaning I get 260GB per year.

Definitely was considering this until I read that part. I need more upload capacity!!!

Soxiam Staff

PRO is maxed out at 50GB for the account (You can purchase additional storage packages). This is not something that is refreshed every year. It's the max limit for the account. This is one of the reason why we want to make it clear to the people that PRO is NOT an upgrade path for Plus users. It's a highly affordable package for business users with commercial needs who weren't allowed to use Vimeo in the past.

Alistair Loveless

THIS... Makes sense, please put this on the pro announcement page to clarify.

Joshua B. Pribanic

"With commercial needs"... does this mean the Pro account is allowing for video ad space to be sold by the company and played back on vimeo as a pre-roll?

Blake Whitman Staff

@The Erie Wire - we are not offering that feature at the moment. But you can now add your own ads in front of your videos, if you like, as long as they do not appear on

Southpoint Church PRO

Clarification is needed. Soxiam states that 50GB is a FLAT CAP for a Pro account. ("PRO is maxed out at 50GB for the account... This is not something that is refreshed every year.)

However, at the top of this page it says "And best of all, PRO is super affordable. PRO accounts get 50GB of upload space, PER YEAR, all at once, as well as 250k embedded video plays for $199 per year."

Also, if a Plus user already has more than 50GB of videos, what then? The user has already paid the agreed upon price for upload/hosting and these videos, presumably, meet the non-commercial ToS.

As a non-prof, we will not likely be switching to Pro - but I agree with others, more options is a good thing. I look forward to seeing your "big plans" for Pro.

Andrew Pile Staff

I'll try to phrase it another way: it's 50GB of storage that you pay $199/year for. If you want more, you pay more, it doesn't automatically add 50GB each year. Hopefully that clarifies it.

As far as Plus users switching to PRO, the 50GB limit only applies to videos you upload after the switch.


50GB is not too much for guys talking about pro???? how the hell im going to upload 4K videos and keep it under 50GB?

Michael Koerbel Plus

This is very very cool guys. What is the difference between the unlimited HD embeds and the 250K bandwidth cap? My only concern and hesitation in signing up is (and I might have read this wrong) that if you had a video go viral, you could spend $1400 before it hits a million views?

Do videos just stop playing when you hit 250K? I couldn't find that in the FAQs ... again, huge step forward - very excited for this. Congrats!

Soxiam Staff

That is correct, Michael. Once you reach the play limit, your embedded videos will no longer play. On, however, the videos will continue to play.

Blake Whitman Staff

But don't worry, we'll notify you long before you run out so you can add additional packages if need be.

TV33 South

I know you guys keep saying pro is so much different than plus.... but the real major difference is that as a business you can now use your service. There is also the minus of "no community". Some types of business like mine would want this. $200/year seems alot especially when you tube is free and has better bandwidth. What happens to all of your work if you skip a year and decide later to re-join? Make it $99/Year for small business and I'm in....

Blake Whitman Staff

Like we mentioned above, the Community Pass allows for PRO members to participate within the community as long as you abide by the Community Guidelines. I think if you compare PRO to any other business solution, you'll find it's the most reliable and affordable service out there.

Locomotora Media /// Pedro Bros Plus

I see it's a really nice feature bus for me, a really small business owner is too expensive. I know that with time you'll create some other cheaper versions of this pro feature. The full 1080p is a really good feature!

The possibility to add a custom logo too. but the price a think is too expensive for something we find free on the net. Actually, there's a really good site that offers almost the same for FREE! It's called vimeo! hehe

DVM Plus

I think you'll find Pedro is even cheaper. LOL.

Memories In Motion Plus

TV33 - also keep in mind that if you put videos on YouTube, your viewers will likely need to sit through an advertisement before they actually see your content. Vimeo is just such a clean site, without ads and pop- ups plastered everywhere.

robotboot Plus

i would love to build a portfolio site through vimeo but this pro option is not for me.

Kasra Design Plus

Good job guys. Your platform is way better than Youtube. However, this playing limit isn't a nice idea to me!

Rob Green

Wow, I've seen the Pro badge for over a year now and figured it must be an exclusive (high contribution - financially) club! I am very pleased to hear that I am wrong!!!

The organisation I work for is a Multi-National, and I can see huge benefits to using this service. There are several avenues that can be explored, as well as those which are yet to be explored that would benefit Us. I would love the opportunity to discuss, as well as explore, potential uses of your new service?

Would it be possible to enter into some official communication to explore the potential at a corporate level?


Are custom domains a feature of vimeo pro?


Ah cool!

We are a start up business, so obviously a little hesitant considering the upgrade fees.
Ideally we would be able to enjoy a short trial on the new pro account in order to test out the new features.
Is this something that would be possible for vimeo plus users?

Blake Whitman Staff

We aren't offering a trial, but we have a 30 day refund period of you aren't happy with the service.

Xavier Burgin Plus

I like this but a big question. For the customizable portfolio site. Would you need to pay anything else other than the fee you would already pay with plus. This is what would really make me jump over to plus status.

Dan Nelson

Does this mean I could charge for access to videos uploaded with a Pro account?

Ronan Gladu

Might be out of context, but how could you charge something to end up on your pro vimeo video?

Big Time Hype

Solid work everybody in Vimeo Land. Quick question, any sort of a discount for Plus company accounts to upgrade to Pro? I would also be interested in the answers to the questions above. Cheers!

Blake Whitman Staff

Yep, check out the P.S!

We're offering PRO to all Plus users for $139 till August 31st!

Gene Sharp Plus

I was hoping that this would be a viable option that I could recommend to churches, but the 50gig limit is a no-go.

I need to be able to upload at least 4 sermons a month at around 35 minutes per sermon. How about a 500 gig option???
I am afraid after "checking around" as you suggested, that sermon still has vimeoPRO beat by a mile with unlimited archiving of all video as long as I am a member.

I gotta say I was really hoping this would have worked out.

Josh Alden Plus

Churches are already covered by Plus they aren't commercial in nature. See the guidlines on number 3 you will find

"Because Vimeo supports the creative arts, small scale production companies, non-profits, and artists may show or promote their works."

A church is a nonprofit entity.

Angeline Gragasin Plus

What exactly constitutes a "small scale production company"? When does a highly creative, high-production value video cross the line over into commercial content territory? What about branded content, what about transmedia? What about commercially commissioned web docs with subtle (or overt) branding? This move, while very smart from a business perspective, raises all sorts of questions at the community level, and especially what it means to support creativity in the face of big media, and big money. How can the little guy compete with the big guys on the same distribution network? I fear this may be the beginning of a fierce new breed of competitive Vimeo users, whose goal will be to get "noticed" by PRO users and VimeoStaff (who are now beginning to fund and produce original content), and the slow extinction of the purely creative, non-industry (or at least not explicitly industrial) user... I do hope I'm wrong about this and that Vimeo is aware of the possible consequences of continued advancements on behalf of corporate or industry users.

Blake Whitman Staff

@ Angeline - That language has been part of our Community Guidelines for the last 3 years, so nothing is changing.

We are very committed to keeping the community exactly as it is: awesome.


i agree it has worked for the last 3 years but it dose sound like a grey area between small scale production companies and commercial content

Melting Point Media

What count as one play? If someone loads the video up and plays 5 seconds then closes the window. Does this count towards the play limit?

Andrew Pile Staff

Yes, a play counts as soon as the user hits the play button.

However, plays are only counted against the limit when played off-site. Anything played on doesn't count against the limit.

Calgary Scientific PRO

Just for clarification, if you use the portfolio function with a custom domain, does that not count against the play limit?


for real though, 50gb is not enough.. neither is 250k

Blake Whitman Staff

In our research we found that for a vast majority of businesses, this package will be more than enough. Of course, if you need more space or plays, you can always add more!

Check out other video services for businesses, you'll find it's one of the most affordable solutions out there.

Andrew Pile Staff

The difference is Pro is for businesses and commercial purposes. Plus is for individuals.

Our research showed that the play and storage limits will be more than enough for the vast majority of biz users, and for the price it's incredibly competitive. If you want more plays, you can always buy more.

MaxFilm Plus

Nice idea. I'm sure 95% of people don't upload more than 50GB a year anyway! But who knows..

I'll consider going Pro soon..

Legit Figurez

Maybe, but I don't need it right now. I just want to invite my friends to Vimeo and this add is stopping me. Come on guys....

Nothing Impossible Films

How is the Vimeo Pro video available for streaming on our Roku channel? Is there a special url that we need to use to get the stream for a video to put on our Roku Channel?


I think it's a great addition, from what we see the worry of viral videos and cost may hinder it however purely commercial content is generally for a different audience, maybe consider some type of feature video that directs viewers to the full length features on say you tube, keeping the clear, uncluttered smart appearance of a corporate intro video on the Vimeo platform. Many options. Sorry Blake, not meaning to drive people to other sites with that suggestion :) There is a line, many videos on plus could be considered commercial in some way, i guess the intent is what makes it different.

Sid Lee PRO

Dear Vimeo makers,

Object: Vimeo PRO vs Vimeo Plus

I would love to see a comparative table between PRO and PLUS.

- PRO offers detailled stats how detailled than PLUS Advanced statistics

- PRO lives as a separate service. With PLUS I could keep content secret and allow access directly with a Password how different is it compare to PRO

- PRO and PLUS guarantees not displaying ads on myvideo, right ?

Thank you.

Andrew Pile Staff

Hi sidlee-

The primary difference is PRO is for businesses. If you are a business and want to upload content that doesn't comply with the Community Guidelines (, you have to use PRO.

As far as the questions you had:

- PRO and Plus Advanced stats are the same.

- PRO and Plus privacy features are the same for PRO users with the Community Pass enabled. By default, all PRO videos are private. Both have password privacy.

- PRO users have no ads displayed on any of their pages. Plus users never SEE ads. So there is a difference there. We never show in-video ads for ANY type of user (including basic)!

Pierre Sauvage PRO

On Plus, one is limited to one password per video, with no ability to set a timeframe for expiration of the link?

Is it no different for PRO? I need to be able to use several passwords on a video, so I can cancel access to those who shouldn't have permanent access to the video, and retain a password for those who can continue to access the video.

Merely changing a password blocks access to people for whom I don't want to block accesss.

Andrew Pile Staff

We don't have that right now, it's just one password per video.


sorry, i didn't mean Vimeo add the redirection feature - i meant the user adding the text or link in the outro


So how many monthly / yearly views are you allowed with Vimeo Plus?


So Plus allows more views then the Pro version?


So strange.

Blake Whitman Staff

Not really, it's a different service intended for different types of use.


Is the API for remote uploads active for PRO accounts?

Does the player support VAST 2.0/VPAID? any Ad Server/Ad networks?

Andrew Pile Staff

The API is the same across all account types. So 3rd party uploads will work with PRO as well as it will work with any other type of user.

As far as ad networks, no we don't support any in our player. However, we do support direct file access for PRO videos so you could use pretty much any 3rd party player player.

Angeline Gragasin Plus

You guys should call it Vimeo "Biz" because PRO implies that Plus and Basic users are not professional. But I guess it doesn't much matter since PRO users (or at least their content) won't be interacting with the greater Vimeo community. But wait, will we start to see commercial videos rising through the ranks of the discover page, staff picks, HD picks, etc. because of their inherent higher production value? Will there be some system in place for maintaining a healthy balance between featured commercial and community videos? I'd hate to see all the big budget media production companies dominating Vimeo stats just because their videos are of a consistently higher quality (naturally). Community interaction might be problematic if this turns into a "pay to play" game whereby PRO users start blowing the indie creatives out of the water, and out of reach (out of sight) of the rest of the community. You guys got a plan for that?

Soxiam Staff

We did consider a more "business" branding. In the end we've decided it was more than just about the business. Churches, non-profits, schools, institutions as well as small business were all potential customers of this product and we wanted to keep our branding contextual and flexible enough.

As for commercial content on vimeo... as stated above, nothing has changed with our community guidelines. PRO users cannot publicly share commercial content on

Blake Whitman Staff

Another reason we called it PRO, is because we have big plans for this service. This offering is really just the tip of the iceberg for PRO. There's lots more to come that will be great for both Businesses and other types of use.

As for the different content on the site, and like we mentioned above, nothing is changing in that regard. The Community Guidelines remain the same and we still don't allow commercial content on site. So don't worry, we did plan for that.

Angeline Gragasin Plus

Cool, thanks for responding to my questions Sox and Blake. I understand pioneering comes with lots of pressures--social, cultural, and economic--just trying to make sense of what this means for indie content creators online in general, and in the future. You guys are at the forefront of a big revolution in media production and distribution, buy you don't need me to tell you that! :)

Angeline Gragasin Plus

(I also made another comment earlier in the thread, am curious to hear your insights on it.)

Michael Powers

I just put it up on our company yammer...maybe we'll have channel soon. Thnx Vimeo!


I'd pay triple for a fuss free service like this, all plays have a logo, no coding & uploads directly to your own player without the hassles.

Can we embed a full portfolio/channel onto a web page or individual videos only, rather than redirecting to the portfolio i'd like the player on my own page on an existing site

Andrew Pile Staff

You can't embed a whole portfolio right now but is a sweet idea. We'll definitely think about this more.


Thanks Andrew, I've searched everywhere & tried several players & other services, when you weigh everything up some have all the whistles & bells but poor playback, everything you guys already know !!!! For a starter & small(ish) business I'll happily run a PRO & new domain link, to get what i want right now - you've actually saved me thousands i'd say.....Top Job

Whitehouse Content PRO

So, if we just paid our Plus subscription fee, does any of that transfer over to Pro? Very exciting!!

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