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DJI Phantom 4 drones gear review

Andrea Allen
May 3, 2016 by Andrea Allen PRO

What gear we review: DJI Phantom 4 — as well as drones in general, alongside two experts who film on the high seas, Gavin Garrison and Ashleigh Allam.

Who it’s perfect for: Even though this drone seems super intuitive, enlisting an experienced drone filmmaker and drone pilot is good best practice. You still need to know how to capture cinematic moves and quality shots — and safely! — so that your footage soars, and your drone does not crash land into the ocean depths.

The Vimeo take: The ease of use with features like tap-to-fly, obstacle avoidance, and the new follow-me mode make this an excellent choice for creators branching out into the drone world.

That’s all for this series — but there’s tons more info on gear, tips for filmmaking, and helpful lessons for creators to be had! Visit Vimeo Video School to get your fill. 

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  5. Drones baby, drones.


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