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Edit and share cinematic videos with the new Cameo

Vimeo Staff
June 18, 2015 by Vimeo Staff Staff

We first folded Cameo into Vimeo’s video-loving family in March of 2014. Since then, the team has been busy at work on the all-new (but still free!) video editing wunderkind you’ll see in the App Store today. This freshly exported version of Cameo makes it ridiculously easy for anyone with an iPhone to:

  • Import clips directly from your Camera Roll
  • Trim and splice them together in just a few swipes
  • Add high-quality music and effects
  • Share videos directly to Vimeo (and everywhere else) in gorgeous 1080p HD    

Once you download the app and take a closer look, here are some additionally wonderful things you’ll notice: 

Simpler design

You know the saying, “less is more amazing?” Our pared-down design lets you focus on what matters most — creating something awesome. 

Higher quality

We twisted tons of pixels to bring you the best in mobile video playback. Now you can make and upload videos in full 1080p HD right from your phone. 

Faster editing

The all-new Cameo app relies on local rendering, which allows for freakishly fast video creation, even offline. 

Gorgeous themes

Cameo’s high-quality themes go way beyond your average filter. Give your video extra character by applying effects, adjusting their intensity, adding a title, and creating a custom thumbnail. 

Free soundtracks

Choose from hundreds of free and licensed tracks by artists likes Autre Ne Veut, Peter Matthew Bauer, Jacques Renault, and more in our carefully curated (and regularly updated) music catalog.

Super swift sharing

Now that Vimeo and Cameo are fully integrated, you can upload your mobile masterpieces directly to your Vimeo account, along with sharing them across your social channels.

Ready to learn more about easy editing and mobile filmmaking? Read on or download the app for free.

Once you’ve made something great, send it our way (tweet us @cameoapp). We may just feature it on our Best of Cameo channel — think Vimeo Staff Picks, but for videos made with Cameo.



Will it be developed on Android too ?

Vimeo Staff Staff

We're focused on making the best video creation app for iOS right now, but we're super excited about exploring other platforms in the near future.


This "super-excitement" is something you guys have been taunting us Droid-fans with since the early days of your now defunct Android app. Excuse us for not being as "super-excited" as you guys seem to be, after this long and hopeless wait. I'm pretty sure that in one year from now we'll be talking about the same "super-excitement" that bears no fruit.

The Android community

Anna T

What Hyerophant said

Bob Sherwood

Yes!!! Some of us don't go the Iphone route, vimeo. So it would be much appreciated if you help us Android users out.

Dourado Plus

Guys where can we see some examples, for no IOS users.
Thanks, cheers.

DJ Paine PRO

Looks wayyyy better than version 1! excited!

Sarah Haas

Any way to cut the music in from a different time in the song? Or use multiple songs?

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