Instagram Shopping is a major game changer that provides businesses with tools to sell products in-app and stretch their reach. Keeping your followers on your Instagram page removes obstacles in their path to purchase, making it easier than ever to click “buy.”

Every small business selling material goods should consider setting up an Instagram Shop in 2021.

Here’s how to get started. 

So what is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping allows people to shop directly from your photos and videos without ever having to leave the app. Instagram introduced in-app payments in 2019, solidifying an important transition from organic content to ecommerce.

Now, Instagram Shopping includes tons of features like analytics, insights, and resources right in the Instagram app and a Professional Dashboard for business and creators. 

How to set up an Instagram shop for your business 

Instagram Shopping makes it easier than ever to connect with consumers and make direct sales. While it’s still important to invest in other facets of your small business, including high quality invoicing tools, in-house videos and creative, and a strong marketing strategy, Instagram shopping can merge your social media management efforts with your larger sales goals. Win, win.

To get access to the new shopping features on instagram, you need to set up Instagram Shopping. Here’s how:

  1. Change your personal Instagram to a business account.
  2. Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram business account.
  3. Upload your product catalog from the catalog manager or through an eCommerce platform like Shopify.
  4. Sign up for Shopping and submit your account for review.
  5. Once you’re approved, you can start tagging your products!

How do I get approved for Instagram Shopping?

Your account will be reviewed according to these guidelines:

  • Compliance with Facebook and Instagram policies.
  • Product listings must be available on your website.
  • Location in a supported market.
  • You must provide a clearly stated return policy and pricing.

How to make your products shoppable 

To take full advantage of Instagram Shopping as a business owner, you will want to incorporate product tags in the photos and videos that you post. 

All you have to do to enable product tagging on your professional Instagram account is hit Next after adding captions and filters and tap Tag Products. Then click on the products in your photo or video that you want to tag, use the search box to find and select your products. Tap Done and Share, then boom! Your post is shoppable. You can also go back and tag products in your existing posts. 

How many products can I tag per image? Per carousel?

You can tag up to five products per photo, and up to 20 products per carousel post.

Here’s what you’ll need before getting started with Instagram Shopping

An Instagram Business or Creator Account 

First things first, you’ll need to change your personal Instagram account to a business account if you haven’t already. Analytics are really important for businesses, and free general analytics tools that come with a business account can be particularly useful for small businesses who aren’t ready to invest in a more comprehensive program.

  • Go to your Settings > Account and hit Switch to Professional Account.
  • Find your product category and then tap Business.
  • Complete your profile and your Instagram business account is all set. 

A Facebook page

In order to use Instagram Shopping features, you are required to connect your Business or Creator account to an active Facebook page that you use for business. This is important because Facebook and Instagram will use this page to verify your Instagram shopping account. 

Scroll-stopping product photography and video 

Creating content can be time consuming and time is more valuable than money. It is vital that small businesses find ways to streamline their product photography and video production. 

Here’s why Vimeo Create is a perfect solution for making product imagery pop: 

  • Guided templates make it easy to create a video in minutes. All you have to do is answer a few questions, upload some product photos, and our AI-powered guided templates will splice together a professional-quality video for you. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create top-tier content. 
  • Create product videos to show off your offerings. Remember — one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to content marketing. Choose from dozens of product video templates to enhance your marketing strategy through teasers, animated explainer videos, and customer testimonials. 
  • Share shoppable content on your page. Use video content to get the attention of consumers on the Instagram Explore shopping channel by sharing directly to your page after you are done editing your product video. 

How do I set up Instagram Shopping with my Shopify store?

  1. From the Shopify admin page select Facebook Sales Channel > Overview.
  2. From the Instagram Shopping section click Set up to Start.
  3. Ensure that your Facebook Page is connected to the Facebook sales channel.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and then hit Request Approval.
  5. From Instagram settings select  Business > Shopping.
  6. Confirm your Facebook account and product catalog then hit Done. 

9 tips to strengthen your Instagram shop: 

  1. Upload your product catalog thoughtfully. Focus on best-selling products, viral favorites, and trending products. Think about what niche your product catalog fits into and how you can keep followers wanting more from your brand.
  1. Tag your products consistently. This helps show your followers that you’re consistently selling and a reliable source of business. Who wants to pay for something only for it never to arrive? Reliability on Instagram and positive customer experiences matter. 
  1. Optimize your product titles and descriptions. As more businesses shift to e-commerce, content needs to be clear, succinct, and true to your brand.
  1. Add shopping stickers to your Instagram Stories. You don’t have to make shoppable stories every single day, but it’s helpful to add them into your rotation of marketing techniques. 
  1. Take advantage of Instagram ads, too. Repurpose creative content from your Stories or shop photography and turn them into ads. 
  1. Use Instagram Reels to create lifestyle videos. These will inspire your audience without heavily selling to them. Plus, they are ways to communicate with your followers, emphasize a mood or a feeling, and show off your products in action
  1. Set up Instagram Checkout. This means customers can buy natively without ever leaving the app. Without this extra step in the checkout process, it’s oh-so-easy to impulse buy.
  1. Save your favorite creators’ shoppable posts. It never hurts to support other small businesses and creators, plus you’ll have a steady stream of inspo to keep you thinking creatively.  
  1. Don’t forget to make videos shoppable, too. It doesn’t just apply to static posts! You can also tag products within an IGTV video. When the user swipes up on the video, they’ll see which products are shoppable. 

What’s next for Instagram Shopping 

Creating a direct-buying platform has been the major focus for Instagram and you can expect to see more Instagram Shopping developments. They plan to expand on their existing AR shopping, try-on, and product video tagging tools along with more advanced shopping options. You might even see some intuitive adjustments to your home feed as well.

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