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Samsung + Vimeo connect to create a new series

Jeff Hurlow
June 17, 2015 by Jeff Hurlow Alum

Technology is a tremendous force in our lives today, and it’s one that is constantly changing — and as technology changes, so does our relationship with it. It wasn’t so long ago that a phone was simply a tool used to call people, a camera merely a way to capture a moment, and on the flipside, a record player was an innovation instead of hipster décor.

But in the last decade, our devices have become a vital part of how we see and interact with the world — the effects of which are still up for debate.

The Connected Series: First Look from Bas Berkhout on Vimeo.

With the topic of technology and connection looming large, we teamed up with Samsung to explore the idea and infinite meanings of connection in today’s world.

Created by 11 Vimeo filmmakers (who have been collectively Staff Picked 60 times), the Connected Series is a set of 10 original stories that examine the human relationship with technology. The filmmakers responded to the concept of connection in a variety of ways; each provides a different perspective that highlights scale, emotional impact, a visual immersion, or relationships in relation to technology and innovation today.

The complete Connected Series will be viewable on Tumblr or through each filmmaker’s Vimeo profile page. Five films are available to watch today, and the rest will be released in the weeks ahead. Over the next month, we’ll continue the conversation with filmmaker Q&As about their inspiration and process for the Connected Series and their own love/hate relationships with the concept of connection in 2015.

But we’d love to know — what does being connected mean to you? Watch the videos, then hit us up in the comments.

Left to Your Own Devices from Larry Cohen on Vimeo.

Elemental from kogonada on Vimeo.

Hearing Colors from Greg Brunkalla on Vimeo.

Department of Communication from Drew Christie on Vimeo.


Mark Martino

Left to Your Own Devices is very clever and well executed.

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