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An easier, more beautiful way to showcase your videos

Vimeo Staff
February 13, 2018 by Vimeo Staff Staff

Update: albums are customizable! Add your logo, pick new layouts, and showcase your videos against a sleek dark background. Try it out!

We’re happy to announce that albums — one of the most popular features on Vimeo — has a new home, and a new look! Starting today, you can create, manage, and share albums right from your Videos page.

With albums, you can organize videos together to showcase publicly or privately — whether that’s with the world, with your community on Vimeo, or with an individual client. Password protection gives you the privacy and flexibility to share your albums however you want. (For organization and collaboration, our newly introduced projects let you add team members to private workspaces within your account.)

Creating an album is super easy. Just click the Create album button within the albums section of your Videos page. From there, you can add the album’s title and description, which will appear to anyone you share the album with, and adjust the privacy settings.

After you’ve added videos, you can easily drag and drop to adjust the viewing order, and there’s a handy Preview button to show you how the album will look when you share it. What videos can you add to an album? Your own, of course, and some videos from other creators — this is something the video’s owner sets in the video’s privacy settings.

By centralizing albums in the Videos page, we hope to make the feature a more intuitive, powerful distribution tool that streamlines your overall process. On top of that, we’ve also given albums a sleek new redesign. So, not only are albums easier to create and manage, but they look clean and professional, showcasing the quality of your videos first and foremost.

Albums are available to everyone on Vimeo. Basic members can create up to three, while all other members can create an unlimited amount.

Let us know how this helps you, and stay tuned for more updates to albums in the coming months. You can find answers to any lingering questions in our Help Center.



How do you add videos from Likes to an existing album? When I click on edit it only allows me to change name or privacy settings - there's no add button??

Amy Horton Staff

Hi @screenworksorg - sorry for any confusion! While you can add your own videos by dragging and dropping them in the albums, adding other people's videos has to be done through the video page.

Atlantic Edge Films PRO

How do you add videos into the album - the new lay out is not intuitive at all - ADD videos doesnt do anything!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Apologies that this is a bit misleading - we are updating what empty albums look like to be clearer. Please note that you add your own videos by dragging and dropping them in the albums, but you can add other people's videos through the video page.

WIFR Creative Services PRO

Hey Vimeo - LOVE this, but asking for a feature request: if there's a way to group videos and then share them as review links, that would be killer. It would be awesome for a client to go to each review if we're sending more than one spot instead of having to send one at a time.

Amy Horton Staff

Thank you for the feedback! We'll pass this along to our product team.

Axalta Technical Training Premium

Is there a way to add unlisted videos to an album and have that album "private to anyone with link" similar to how individually videos can be shared? We have a business account and don't want any video publicity searchable but want to be able to share public album links with select customers.

Jamie McAleney Support

If you add any of your private videos to a public album, the private videos in that album will only be visible to you (the video owner).

If you add any of your private videos to a password-protected album, people with access to the album will see the private videos after entering the album password.

Axalta Technical Training Premium

Is there anyway in the future to enable this functionality? I know it would be an extremely useful tool to share groups of videos, that you wish to remain unsearchable to the general public, but shareable to anyone with the link. This would be similar to the functionality to videos that are "only people with private link"

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! There isn't any way to enable this functionality, but I am happy to send your suggestion along to our product team.

Finn Aberdein Plus

Hi Amy. Same point - trying to do this. Want the client to access an album of private videos via a single link - i.e. the client pastes the album URL, then enters the album password and, viola, can then can view the collection of otherwise private videos. Thanks!

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Finn! Sorry for any confusion. What you are asking for is actually how our private albums currently work! If you set up a private album with private videos inside and share that album URL with your clients, once they enter the album password, they would be able to access all of the otherwise private videos inside.

Flat-e PRO

Yeah, but the album title is visible to the public at /user/collections. How do I hide them from the public?

Jamie McAleney Support

Sorry, but at this time there isn't a way to hide the title of the album from your /collections page. However, we'll be sure to pass along your interest in the feature to our product team.

Axalta Technical Training Premium

Also, are there any plans to allow album organization, such as an album within an album, or folders of content within an album. It would be great to have a link to an album but have the content split up into a few sub-albums or folders.

Jamie McAleney Support

At this time there are no plan to add sub-collections, but we're making note of your interest and we're passing this along to our product team!

Soleducational Plus

I am also very interested in ways to organize albums into different groupings!

Amy Horton Staff

Thank you for your interest! We'll pass this along to our product team.

Bay Area Church PRO

It would be amazing to be able to add several albums to a channel as well, so I could link that channel to my website and have all my videos organized by album (topic).

ICC Brisbane PRO

Agreed! It would make organization much easier. It'll also reduce the amount of work needed on our website as we could just link people to our Vimeo page, rather than creating individual links to channels/albums manually.

db Plus

Perhaps I am missing something, but placing videos in a custom order seems to be much more difficult with the new album home page.

I have an album with 60 videos.

New videos are added at the bottom. I just added 12, and need to get them to the top.

In Safari 11.0.3 I can;t get the screen to scroll while dragging a movie up. So I have to increment each individual movie up the screen until it reaches the top. This is a big step backwards for me.

Also, it would be lovely if multiple movies could be grouped and moved in a group.

Again, perhaps I am missing something so please let me know :)


Jamie McAleney Support

Oh no, thank you for letting us know. We'd love to collect more feedback on this-- would you mind contacting our support desk ( so we can troubleshoot this with you?

db Plus

I contacted support.

They said this behavior is to be expected in the new version.

This is truly awful interface design and a huge step backwards. Each new movie is added at the bottom of a collection and it takes forever to move it to the top.



Jamie McAleney Support

So sorry for the trouble. We've made note of your feedback and passed it to our product team.

Savannah Entertainment Plus

I tried to share one video with a client and all my other videos appeared in "next up" this is NO GOOD FOR ME... all other videos are private. The old method of one video being shared works best. Please, what is the FIX?

Jamie McAleney Support

Recommendations vary based on how the viewer navigated to the video. If a viewer navigates to your video from your profile or a public direct link to your video page, they will see more of your videos recommended.

As a Plus member, you have a few ways to share your videos without further recommendations:
* Post it in a channel with only one video
* Embed it on any website and choose any end screen option you wish
* Make the video private with a password (note: this won't remove recommendations on mobile devices)

If you upgrade to PRO, you could also use Review Pages and Portfolios.

If you have questions about any of the options listed above, let me know and I’d be happy to help.

David Cook PRO

Hi - I have placed several work videos in a portfolio. When I share the link to the portfolio, it appears the way I want it to. However, after one video is played, it says "see more from David Cook" and shows thumbnails from videos that are mine, but not a part of the portfolio I've shared. When making a portfolio, can I restrict access to just those videos in the portfolio as opposed to everything I've uploaded?

Jamie McAleney Support

Hey David -- thanks for reaching out. To hide or change the end screen for any video in your portfolio, head to the Embed tab of the video settings page. From there, you can change the setting in the end screen section at the right-hand menu. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

Life Focus Television PRO

Can you provide picture description on how to add and drop videos into an album? When I try to create a new album, I don't see how you can move videos .

Jamie McAleney Support

There are numerous ways to add videos to albums! The first is simply visiting the Album's settings, navigating to the 'Videos' tab and then selecting the "+Add more videos" option. This will bring up a menu where you can select from your existing videos.

Another way to add videos to albums would be by doing it from the video's page itself. Click the "Add to collections" button (directly on the player on the top right corner) and select which album(s) you'd like to add the video to!

Lastly, you can add videos to albums from your page. Click on any and all videos you want to add, then select the "Add to collections" option on the top of the page.

If you need any more help please contact our email team directly at and we can help further!

Jose Luis Cosio M


Foundation Church

It would be nice I there could be an option to embed albums on websites natively from Vimeo.

Jamie McAleney Support

Thank you for reaching out! Vimeo’s legacy widgets (Hubnut and Montage) are no longer supported because they aren’t mobile compatible. That said, we do plan to offer new and improved ways to embed playlists of videos in the future! If you have any ideas that you'd like us to make note of, please feel free to contact us directly at

md farid

Hi Frind Im new So Farands

Kai S. Pieck Plus

es wäre schön, endlich Eure Texte auch mal in Deutsch zu bekommen.

Eric Pomert Plus

How do I sort the order of my 20 or so albums? It used to be intuitive and easy in the previous version...

Jamie McAleney Support

In streamlining the look of albums, some features of the old albums design weren’t included in the new one, including albums sorting albums by name, duration or number of videos.

With that said, we are actively collecting feedback about these changes to share with our product and design teams. I understand that this feature was important for your workflow, and you’re disappointed it was removed, so I'll be sure to pass along your interest in this to our devs.

Eric Pomert Plus

Thanks for acknowledging my disappointment. I can understand that important features sometimes get dropped in the excitement of innovation, but it's really important to double back and scoop up some of the pieces that were dropped to take care of the customers who are they key to your business.

Jamie McAleney Support

We appreciate your additional thoughts and will absolutely take this into consideration, Eric.

Timothy Kendall Plus

After custom-organizing an album, I'm unable to add another video to the album. Also, the custom organization of videos returns to the original order after leaving and returning to the album. When I preview, it shows the custom organization but not in the album. So if I ever want to change the order... there is no way to see the custom organization.

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out. It sounds like you might be experiencing a bug. Would you be able to write into our support team at with some screenshots of what you are seeing on your end?


Is er ook een Nederlandse vertaling ?
Waarom niet ?

Pathways Gathering Space Business

You haven't fixed an important loss to albums functionality. Cnat upload an album cover. WHY?! also many of my albums recently created have that vimeo "blank striped unfinished" cover which I object to seeing. No reason that I can figure. Put back cover photos! I had a work-around which no longer works....I would upload an image to the top video which for a while would display as an album cover but then you changed that I guess. Not impressed with the "album upgrade"

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for bringing these suggestions to our attention. We will be sure to pass this along to our product team.

Amy Horton Staff

If you are still having issues, please send an email to! Someone from our support team can assist you further.

MentorLink International PRO

I do miss the fact that you can no longer add a customized album cover. Do you intend to bring this feature back?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. We do have plans to eventually add this back. We appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

I’m very confused by Vimeo albums. First, they don’t show up on my iPhone or AppleTV. Second, I can’t give a group of people access to an album without forcing them to deal with a password. I have 120 videos so far, and my family keeps telling me they have to wade thru the videos of strangers. We also need Search to apply only to a followee or an album. So many basic usage scenarios seem to be overlooked here...

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Todd! Sorry for any confusion regarding albums. You are correct - they are not available on the iPhone app or on the mobile site, so you will have to use the desktop site to access any albums. Also, albums are available on the old Apple TV app, but are currently not accessible on the new Apple TV app. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

As for your second inquiry, if you set an album to private, all videos will be available to anyone with the password to that album. If you set an album to public, the privacy setting for the individual video (including password-protected videos) will still be in place. Unfortunately, there is no way around this, but I am happy to pass your feedback along to our product team.

And lastly, in regards to your family searching through your video, you can create multiple albums containing only the videos that you want specific viewers to see! Many of our users utilize this functionality for this exact reason.

Video 4 Creative PRO

Albums are available on Old Apple TV but not new? Can you tell us if that is going to change? That is exactly what we need to do. Also, we need each video to play automatically so that when the first one ends the next one in the album starts (like an vinyl LP record, or an audio CD or a DVD) I can't see a way to do that.

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

Also, my followers are seeing my films in non-chronological order. The files are named specifically to keep them in order, like “1968-05-21 ...” But every Vimeo client other than your website is listing them in upload order, with no way to change the sorting. That is an unacceptable UX. Are your designers asleep at the wheel?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi again Todd! You can sort your albums by chronological order. Just follow the below steps:

1. Go to

2. Select an album from the left-hand menu

3. Under the title, check off the box next to "Order by custom"

4. Then click the downward facing arrow to select a different way to sort (for chronological, select newest first or oldest first, depending on your preference)

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

A password should not be the only way to secure an album. In my case, my family’s films are in one album. My wife’s are in another. I want my family to see ALL of my films and SOME of my wife’s films. And the opposite for her family. The only way to do this is to painstakingly assign each account to each film. That takes forever and is error-prone. And then when someone new finally signs up, I have to sweep through 120 videos to add them with your clunky UI. A much better way would be to give accounts access to an entire album by default, in one motion. And then maybe allow each contained video the ability to define exceptions to the album’s permissions. In any case, passwords are a bad solution. People already have to deal with too many passwords, so they become a mental blocker.

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

Where are the Vimeo’s app’s basic sorting controls? How do I set the intended sort order for my followers? And how can they search into my videos only? Again, we’re just privately sharing old home movies and starting to comment on them. They don’t care about other people’s films. At least not yet...

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

Where are the Vimeo’s app’s basic sorting controls? How do I set the intended sort order for my followers? And how can they search into my videos only? Again, we’re just privately sharing old home movies and starting to comment on them. They don’t care about other people’s films. At least not yet...

Scenario RETROfilm PRO

For example, if I search for “skiing” and change the search bar’s scope to My Videos, I’m told nothing was found. Really? You’re not searching the description fields I just spent 2 nights writing?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Sorry for the inconvenience! Currently you can only search via title within your videos, not by description. I'm taking note of your use case and letting our product team know! Please let me know if you have any additional questions about this or anything I mentioned above.

Multivision Video & Film PRO

Is there a way to remove the Vimeo branding at the header of an album? I don't see an option in the EDIT function to do that. I want to put my company's logo, not Vimeo's. Thanks.


Maybe I'm missing something, but what's the difference between an album and a portfolio?

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there! Sorry for the confusion. While both do allow you to showcase your videos, there are some differences. For example, Albums are entirely on-site and have the Vimeo logo at the top of the page. Portfolios are on a separate domain, allow you to use your own custom domain, and gives you the option to remove any Vimeo branding.

For more information, we recommend taking a look at our Help Center articles listed below! If you have any additional questions, please let us know.


Rachel Gouveia

Is it possible to add a video to more than one album? I am looking to use the albums as category headings and there are a few of my videos that fall into multiple categories. Thank you

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Rachel! Yes, you can absolutely add a video to more than one album. Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Peter Hale PRO

How can I change the hero image that is in the email share? It isn't the main video in my list but is my last uploaded video. I don't want it to be that one.
Thank you

Amy Horton Staff

Hi there Peter! By hero image, do you mean the default video thumbnail that is appearing in the email when you share your album? Unfortunately, there isn't a way to manually change which thumbnail appears there.

Martin Tanco Plus

Can I organise my front page to show the albums , so people can just go to the album they want, instead of having on the front page just videos? thanks

Franck Borgomano Plus

Hi, I have a problem with the mobile interface. I use albums to group and share some kind of videos with people. But today many of them use mobile phone to watch video, and albums are unabled on mobile interface. Do you have any solution to find an album by his name on mobile ? best regards

Amy Horton Staff

Hi Franck! Sorry for the trouble. You cannot search for albums on the mobile site, but you can view albums on your phone. Can you clarify the exactly issue you are experiencing? If you have screenshots that can help clarify, please email us at with those as attachments!

Brent Hannigan Plus

How does my client download cuts from an album page, there's no button to download and no setting for it on my end. Pretty useless without this feature for me.

Torah Class Seed of Abraham PRO

I have my videos sorted in my albums but can I sort the albums in the way I want them to display? Example: I added an album and it shows at the top of the list but I want it to be at the bottom of the list.

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