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Video 101: Trimming & Cutting with Windows Live Movie Maker

Mark Cersosimo
February 15, 2013 by Mark Cersosimo Staff

Now that you've got your files on your computer and into a timeline in Windows Live Movie Maker, it's time to begin editing. Woo!

You can drag the files around in the timeline to set the order you'd like. This will help you create a coherent storyline and help you rearrange the video clips into the order you want. If you want to cut a clip, or shorten it, click on the place on the clip where you want to cut and a line will appear where you clicked. You can then click 'Edit' and use the 'Trim' or 'Split' tool to perform the action of your choice. Play around, anything you do can be reversed and you never edit the actual original video files, just copies of them.

If you choose trim, you can then choose your start and end points in the preview window on the left using the play bar below the video. Choose 'Save Trim' to save your changes. This tool is helpful to sort of trim the fat at the beginning and end of clips, or if there is a mistake, in the middle of a clip. It's easy to just cut it right out!

Let's Recap!

  • Drag clips around in the timeline to put them in the order you want

  • To cut a clip, click where in the clip you want to cut and use the 'Trim' or 'Split' tool

  • Make sure your clips are nice and tight with no extra footage leftover that you don't want Continue to the next step, Editing Sound and Music

  1. 1.
    Text and titles can be added to your videos to create title cards, credits and anything else you'd like. Let's find out how to do that now!
  2. 2.
    Transitions and effects in moderation can really make your video pop! These can take an otherwise boring and flat video the next level. Let's learn how!
  3. 3.
    You can edit the sound in your videos and add music to create a more dynamic feel to your videos and add a little extra emotion. Let's learn how!
  4. 4.
    It's time to learn the basics of editing. If you're on a PC, you can use Windows Live Movie Maker to take your videos from your camera, all the way to Vimeo. It's really simple!
  5. 5.
    Exporting your video is the final step before you upload your video to Vimeo. It's important to get these settings just right for an optimal viewing experience. It's really easy though, let's get star
  6. 6.
    One of the first steps to editing a video is getting that footage into your editing program. This lesson will show you how to import your videos into Windows Live Movie Maker so you can start editing
  7. This lesson covers the basics of editing a video together in Windows Live Movie Maker. It's not that hard, I promise.


Michele Gare

Is there a way to do a video only cut/edit? I have four clips assembled in my 'project' but one of them features a 'jump-cut' from the original television video shoot. I have a close-up shot to cover this but can't seem to find a way to insert a video only shot and keep the audio the same.

I have tried to insert the c.u. shot but this makes a break in the audio; which in this case is an interview. I just need to lay the c.u. over the existing video jump cut.

Thanks for any help.


Windows Movie Maker is okay, but it is a little bit slow when it comes to editing, that is why I use this tool: for trimming and editing, but when you have no other choice then Windows Movie Maker works good too.

Mick Zfox

Mark C Thank for this, but a little thin. It would be nice to know how and what to save or cut. As for the middle "it's easy to just cut it right out" ! I know eventually after a few tries I'll get it but what the point of a tutorial. Or it's just me...?

William Lee

I usually use Windows Movie Maker, very nice. But when it was discontinued, I just find another good alternative to it: Simple yet effective video cutting tool.

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