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Big news: Vimeo goes live

Anjali Sud
September 26, 2017 by Anjali Sud Staff

I’m excited to announce that Vimeo has taken two big leaps forward into live video. This morning we launched Vimeo Live, a new set of membership plans that provides professional live streaming capabilities through our platform. In addition, to deepen our commitment to event creators, we have agreed to acquire Livestream, the leading live solution which has driven innovation in streaming technology and products for the past decade. Together, we’ll be able to offer you the most complete video workflow on the planet — for both live and hosted videos — no matter what your needs are, and what kind of stories you tell.

Vimeo’s mission is to empower you to tell exceptional stories, and connect with audiences and communities. And over the years, live streaming has emerged as an important medium for creators to connect in real-time with audiences and invite them into authentic experiences. In fact, live streaming was the #1 feature request from you this year.

That’s where Vimeo Live comes in. Creators and businesses who live stream often have to choose between ad-based platforms that lack quality, reliability, and control, or expensive services that lack flexibility and convenience. With Vimeo Live, you can now:

  • Broadcast events in full HD 1080p with built-in cloud transcoding
  • Embed your live stream anywhere, and engage your audience with live chat and email capture
  • Track how your event performs and learn about your audience with live stats
  • Automatically archive and manage your post-event videos in one place
  • Get all the professional privacy controls, review tools, and customization options Vimeo is known for
  • Sell post-event videos directly to audiences worldwide as a rental, purchase, or subscription
  • Enjoy one home for all your video hosting and live streaming needs

In short, it’s everything you love about Vimeo, only live.

But we didn’t stop there. We understand that professional live streaming is complex and stressful, and that’s why we are teaming up with Livestream. Their incredible team was one of the first to invest in live before it was mainstream. Today, they power over 10 million events a year, and have built a suite of innovative products ranging from the world’s most versatile live event camera, to live production software and switchers, to production services to ensure your event goes perfectly. Once our acquisition is completed, these products will become part of a single powerful live offering, giving you all the tools you need to capture, edit, broadcast, and archive your live events in one workflow.

With these steps, we will empower a diverse range of creators to produce beautiful live experiences with professionalism and ease. And this is just the beginning. Over the next few months we intend to bring a new level of quality, convenience, and craft to live video. And we’ll be able to move faster and smarter with the combined force of two companies, who share the same passion for helping storytellers do their thing.

We hope you check out Vimeo Live, and stay tuned for more news on our full suite of live products. And if you are already a customer of both Vimeo and Livestream, we’ll be in touch once we complete the acquisition and begin building out our combined platform. In the meantime, rest assured that we’ll keep working hard to make Vimeo the home where your videos come first.

Thanks as always for your inspiration and support, and welcome to the fam, Livestream!



Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @adworkshop – Thanks for the kind words! 360° live streaming is definitely on our radar, though we've got a few more live features we're focused on rolling out in the coming months. I'll share this with our product teams, and we’ll be posting updates here, so stay tuned!

Willie Evans Jr PRO

Very cool! A little worried though. I have/use a MEVO and there is a small tailored plan allowing it to stream to multiple platforms. I'm already a Vimeo Pro user and the live plans are a little out of range for me. Any plans for the MEVO users?

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Willie – It’s still early days (day one, in fact!), so we don’t have any details to share at the moment. As we build out a combined platform, we’ll be in touch about how these changes effect existing members and the best ways to move forward as such.

Engage! TV PRO

I am sure that Vimeo will work hard to offer a smooth and beautiful live (and ad free!) viewer experience so I am very excited about this development. I don't really understand your price plans though: 5 streaming hours per month is nothing. Especially because we often start a stream hours before the actual event to test the network and the stream. I also don't understand the 5-hour event length limitation in the pricey Business Live account. We often broadcast business conferences that last all day. Other platforms have a much more competitive price point or a more flexible pricing structure. We'll see whether the added value of the interactivity tools, statistics, privacy etc is worth the extra monthly commitment. - Gerbrand

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi Gerbrand! Thanks for sharing details about how you use live streaming – it's super helpful! With Vimeo Live, we wanted to offer a high quality streaming solution with a straightforward pricing structure. As a result, all Vimeo Live plans come with cloud transcoding and unlimited viewers, so creators won't worry about unexpected overage fees.

Both PRO Live and Business Live have a maximum 5-hour duration for a single event because they are not meant to support linear channels (we do offer 24/7 linear channels on custom plans). As you mentioned, there are legitimate use cases for longer events that are clearly not linear channels, so I'll share your use case with our product team.

Michael Darby Business

Hey guys sorry just silly question. So if I purchase live do I simply activate it on my phone/iPad, start recording and it streams live? No other equipment required?

Trinity Wedding Cinema Premium

It’s a tad worrisome that the Broadcaster or at least the Broadcaster Pro is not on this list of supported devices. I echo the comments here on pricing. 5 hrs is a big change from unlimited and in chatting with Vimeo support earlier I learned that if you reach 5 hours the stream ends and archiving begins. The only option is to upgrade to the significantly more expensive Business account.

Michael Cohen Staff

I totally understand your concerns about our pricing. Please know that we price our plans as low as possible in order to empower creators to have as many tools at their disposal as we can. Unfortunately, live video accrues an enormous cost on the back-end and our plans must be organized the way they are in order to compensate.

Our list of Preferred Partner encoders was derived from the encoder companies who worked with us prior to launch to develop integrations with their respective software/hardware. We also designed Vimeo Live to use RTMP streaming so that we are compatible with nearly all encoders on the market, not just our partners. If you have any specific compatibility problems, please write into our Help Center and I would be happy to assist you in troubleshooting.

PLAYERunite Tutorials

We are on the Livestream Basic plan which is $500/year and allows unlimited, 24/7 streaming. There is no Vimeo Live plan that is comparable to that, though. Will this be changed?

Steven Kelly

Ditto this question. A large number on the Basic plan have a similar structure, streaming 1-3 events a week of 2-4 hours each. They're not the people who pay the most today, but they're key players in the growth of livestreaming and bringing customers to Livestream. Just like the Vimeo non-live packages for $0 and $5 / month, you really want to keep these people on board if you want to get the most benefit from your acquisition.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Thanks for your thoughts, PLAYERunite and @stevekmcc. Part of why we acquired Livestream is to improve the Vimeo Live offering over time. For the immediate future, Livestream will continue to operate as usual. As we begin to integrate Livestream within Vimeo's platform, we’ll be in touch with existing members about the changes and the best ways to move forward.

Robotboot Plus

Vimeo is clearly for business's forcing the artists and viewers to switch to youtube.

Suri Ratnatunga Staff

Hi @robotboot – Vimeo was founded by creators, for creators. When we first started out, we focused a lot of our efforts on casual uploaders and filmmakers — but as our community grew, so too did the types of people creating videos, and soon we had a large number of business and brands with specific video needs that we wanted to better address. We understand that Vimeo Live may not the best fit for everyone, and that's why from Basic memberships (which are free!) on up through Vimeo PRO and Business, we aim to offer a number of tools and features that fit a variety of our community's needs and budgets. We’d love to know what your specific concerns are so we can address them directly, so please feel free to reach out to us by clicking the "Contact us" link at the top of our Help Center

Trinity Wedding Cinema Premium

My concern is the very limiting 5 hours on the Pro account. 5 hours is hardly “Pro”. We stream wedding ceremonies and during peak season months this will be an issue.

Michael Cohen Staff

As I've mentioned above, our plans are organized due to the cost of live transcoding. If you require more than the 5 hours per month then the Vimeo Business Live plan seems like a much better option for your business. Please let me know if you have any other questions about our plans.

NovaStream Premium

im pumped - love vimeo and love streaming live - glad to have under one roof

Michael Cohen Staff

Awesome! We're pumped too! Let me know if you have any questions about our plans.

Kevin Prince Plus

When do you think the mevo cam by livestream will be compatible with Vimeo live streaming? I currently have Vimeo pro, will I have to add an additional streaming service plan? Thanks!

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Kevin, We just launched an integration with the Mevo this week! You will have to upgrade to Vimeo PRO Live if you want to stream on Vimeo, as Vimeo Live and Livestream are still two separate platforms.

Johnnie Walker

I know there's already a comment regarding Mevo cameras, but can you tell me if Live Streaming will be possible with just a Vimeo Live account and a Mevo camera or will additional hardware/software be required?

Also, is/will there be an option for Pay Per View, if not would embedding the stream on a page only accessible to paid members be a possible solution for charging to view the live stream?


Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Johnnie, With the new Mevo integration, all you need is a PC to access Vimeo and your Mevo camera in order to stream to your Vimeo Live account.

While we don't have the ability to sell your live streams yet, this is something we are adding in the near future. You are correct, there is a work around where you can embed your live stream on a page only accessible to paid members. Additionally, you can sell your archived live streams using our existing VOD selling platform.

Michael Cohen Staff

Hi Jonnie, sorry for the delay in responding. Glad you have found the answer and thanks for sharing the link! We're really exited about this integration!

Johnnie Walker

Thanks for responding, when you say that you need a PC to access Vimeo, could this not be done on a mobile phone/tablet, I'm assuming that a Live Stream can be conducted with just a Mevo camera and a mobile phone/tablet with the Mevo app installed? ( and an adequate internet connection obviously! )

Michael Cohen Staff

That is correct, with our new Mevo integration you can stream right from the Mevo with just the Mevo App from a phone of tablet. This is a brand new change, as prior to this the only way to stream to Vimeo Live was with a computer and a dedicated encoder.

Raghavendra Kopalle

Once a live stream ends and gets archived, is it possible to host the videos on Vimeo Plus/Pro plans? We have a membership site where we want the archived videos to be accessible. Since Vimeo Plus/Pro have "Domain-level privacy" we were wondering if that's possible. Thanks.

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