1. This place feels cursed now. There has to be something better. Something new. Into the great unknown.

    Music video for 'Kepler' by The Hubschrauber, the first single of their debut album 'Kepler-186f'.

    Out now:

    Produced by GUAP

    Director: Ahmed Hammadi
    Edit & Vfx: Danny Houtkamp
    Cinematographer: Rens Beks

    Special thanks to Sanjay Singh

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  3. • director & editor: Rebecca Fin Simonetti
    • assistant direction & choreography: Alexandra Drewchin, Sigrid Lauren, Monica Mirabile
    • cinematography: Jain Res, Alexandra Drewchin, Sigrid Lauren, Monica Mirabile, Rebecca Fin Simonetti
    • music: FIN

    this project was made possible by generous support from The Metropolitan Museum of Art (KOCH Industries)

    • F • E • S • M

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  4. 'My Sway' is the first upcoming video clip of 'Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident' from their latest album 'Let me be gone' !!! The clip is a small posthumous homage to 6 years of life shared between 'Slow Joe' and The Ginger Accident (Cedric de la Chapelle, the redhead and his band ...). A minimalist piece in the form of a collage-video clip-documentary created from photos and archive videos.

    // Background //
    Joseph Manuel Rocha more known like 'Slow Joe', was born in Mumbai the 22 of March of 1943. Cedric de la Chapelle (The Ginger), first encounters 'Slow Joe' in Goa (India), where he offered himself as a tour guide. Joe was 64 years old and had a past of drug addiction and alcoholism but also had an innate musical talent.

    Lover of freedom, Joe was a character of unleashed spirit and the freewill was for years his philosophy of life. After 50 years of wandering, taking poetry and using drugs, and without having previously climbed to a stage, in December 2009 he left India to give the first concert of his life at the Festival of 'Transmusicales' in Rennes (FR).

    This chance encounter two years earlier changed the lives of both men and began a fascinating human and professional adventure beyond the differences of age, culture or social status.

    Slow Joe died of natural causes in May 2016 just after completing the recording of "Let Me Be Gone", his third and last album that will be published posthumously next February of 2017.

    Réalisation : Hic&Nunc Filmworks
    Direction / Animation / Postproduction : Alex Guimerà
    Coordination : Guillem Ventura
    Calligraphie : Ricardo Rousselot (Grupo Erre)
    Scannage HD : Daniel Caño (Haut Touch Retouching Studio)

    Photos / vidéos : Johnny Rocha, Cyril Erbin, Marion Gaillard, Yohann Sento, Baghir, Pascal Vila, Laurence Papoutchian, Mathieu Roland-Gosselin, Marie Colibri, Alice Grosnier, Thierry Collet, Raphael Gianelli-Meriano, Hic&Nunc, Alan Giboudeaux, Cédric de la Chapelle, Romain Clément, Pierre Gros

    Écrit, composé, arrangé et réalisé par Slow Joe & The Ginger Accident

    Slow Joe - chant
    Régis Monte - claviers
    Cédric de la Chapelle - chœurs, percussions
    Alexis Morel Journel - basse, fuzz
    Josselin Varengo - batterie

    Enregistré et mixé avec Ray Borneo @ Studio Petrol Chips
    Masterisé par Chab @ Plus XXX

    (P) & (C) 2017 Musique Sauvage / Distribué par [ Pias ] France

    Merci : Carlos and Cynthia Rousselot, Xavi Mirapeix, Senén Armengol, Maite Cardò, Sala Monasterio, Johanna Tonini, Movies for Festivals, Romain Clement, Sonia Morales and Pol Guimerà.

    Facebook :
    ITunes :

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  5. denial of service - Onryō (official music video)
    all sound & vision by the denial.of.service ©2016-17

    STASH >

    * Contour & Shape /Onryō EP * tbr 1st qtr 2017 on 12'' audiophile vinyl / FILM Schallplatten /Berlin
    - 3DSMax / VRay, FumeFX, Processing 3.x, Max-Jitter, Ready, After Effects, PFTrack
    - Ableton Live, NI FM8/Kontakt/Reaktor, Eventide Suite, GForce Suite, Sound Forge /Waves, Roland TR808 /TR606 /SH101, Clavia NL IIx, Doepfer A100 /MSQ16-3, Yamaha CS10
    most of the reaction-diffusion sequences were created in Max/Jitter courtesy of Paul Fennell's generosity and ultra-efficient & mathematically/chemically correct open-source code which
    I modified to suit. - some were concocted on Ready. most overlays were the result of copious P3.x multiscale Turing noise patterns experimentation, as well as, sonifications courtesy of Tomasz Sulej.
    reference >
    - Reaction–diffusion systems
    - Paul Fennell
    -Tomasz Sulej
    - Onryō

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