Video Collaboration

The ultimate guide to storing videos (and 8 of the best storage solutions)

Storing all of your company's videos can be a headache. It's important to find a solution that is easily organized and searched - here are our thoughts on the matter.

Video for Business

Here are 10 reasons why your small business should up its video advertising

Not sure if video advertising is worth it for your small business? Here's a handful of reasons to make the leap.

Fun fact:

73% of customers are more likely to click "buy" if they've seen your video.

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Video for Business

What is OTT? Big media for every creator.

What is OTT? It’s how today’s audiences prefer to view your content. Find out what OTT means and how changing audience expectations have led to a 75% increase in streaming video viewing.

Video for Business

How to add text to TikTok — and why you should

With other social media platforms becoming more pay-to-play, the exposure brands can get on TikTok is a major asset.

Video Collaboration

Hybrid work: what it is and why it’s the future of work

The future of work is here. Learn everything you need to know about hybrid work and how to set your team up for success with video.

Video Collaboration

Thinking of creating a knowledge base? Here's what you'll need

A knowledge base can be a great resource for both internal and external stakeholders, from customers to new hires. Learn more right here.

Video Collaboration

What is enterprise content management? (ECM)

Using an enterprise content management system helps companies automate processes, boost productivity, and optimize cross-team collaboration.

Video for Business

OTT marketing: A guide to advertising your business in 2021.

Learn to advertise directly to your customers with OTT.

Video for Business

Creating an online store? Here’s how to drive more sales with a video-first strategy

Unsure how to start an online store? Here’s how, plus tips for selling more online with video.

Video Collaboration

What is the best file storage solution? Here are 14 Dropbox alternatives

Searching for the perfect file storage solution can be tricky. Here are some options for you to consider based on your specific content storage needs.

Video Marketing

Brand video ideas that'll make your business pop

It’s never been more important to create brand videos that tell your story. Here’s why you need brand videos in your marketing repertoire.

Video Collaboration

What is Video Asset Management? (VAM)

Video asset management can be incredibly helpful in organizing video content and project managing production efforts. Learn more here.

Live Streaming

The ultimate guide to webinar presentations: tips for hosts

Webinars are a powerful asset in a marketer’s toolkit. Discover how to create a webinar presentation with this comprehensive guide.

Video Collaboration

Everything you need to know about Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Organizing all of your digital files can be incredibly tricky. With digital asset management software, you can streamline the process effortlessly.