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Introducing Vimeow

Dae Mellencamp
April 1, 2013 by Dae Mellencamp Alum
![]( Today is a very exciting day. For the last half-dozen years, we have been working to develop a new kind of online experience: one that combines the digital freedom of the web with the analog pleasure of luxuriating in a patch of sunlight on your living room floor. We’ve been building an innovative platform — one that you can sit on and survey your domain; tenderly rub up against; or scratch fervently, as if trying to claw the eyes out of the human who refuses to put more food in your bowl. It’s a place to hide when people come over, and a way to connect with other feral, potentially rabid strays. It’s the home for your cat videos. It’s called **Vimeow**. ![]( company formerly known as Vimeo has not been one to pounce on Internet trends. The Hula Hoop, for example — not for us. But it cannot be denied that cat videos, with their unforgettable characters and riveting plot lines, are here to stay. If you recall, the world’s first cat video was actually not a video at all — it was a cave painting of a bold Paleozoic tabby confronting an angry mastodon. The tabby stares at the mastodon in resolute boredom, as if the mastodon couldn’t just stab it to death with one of its gigantic tusk things. It’s that kind of creative confidence that we hope Vimeow will instill in our creators. With that in mind, we are unveiling the first look at our new felis catus-centric service. Here are just some of the thrilling features: **Room for all your cat videos** Think of Vimeow as a small, cramped house with a lot of stuff in it, and a weird smell, and there are already a bunch of cats living there, but you can keep taking in more and more cats, because, well, they each have their own unique personality and, to be totally honest, you're kind of lonely. **Following is now called Patiently Stalking** Keep a close eye on your favorite cat video creators and wait for the perfect moment to start watching. **The Forum is now called The Litterbox** All the functionality you’ve come to love, with better absorbency and a more neutral odor. Dig in! **Add aloofness to any video** Make it more like your favorite indifferent feline. **Your mouse is now an actual mouse** Chase it around your computer screen or let it live another day — it’s up to you! And that’s just the beginning. Soon, we’ll introduce Tummyrub, which enables you to show your appreciation for any cat video. And stay tuned for Vimeow Purrks, a virtual e-program that gives you all the benefits of actual cat ownership, including the ability to freak out when you can’t find someone to come over and check on your precious Chairman Meow when you go away for the weekend. It’s not like they have to feed or even pet him — just make sure he didn’t get into the microwave again!!! We hope you enjoy Vimeow. *LOVE,* **Dae Mellencat** Pawsident


Kenahn Ghazal

Are we required to have cat talent sign release forms?

Jonathan Mills

I'll be shortly uploading my latest cat epic. First though I need to check out all those church-seating vids on PewTube...

Sid B.

This is fantastic! Although I do wish I can see actual videos in my discover tab.

rachel Webb

Be cool and play nice? Don't you mean be a fool and catch mice? April.... what day?


You can never have too many cat videos. I heard they're a big deal now.

Alex Dao Staff

This is pretty serious, but we're glad you like it!

Kino Berlino

If I type in my browser, I am redirected to a wordpress blog.
The wet cat video there is from youtube and has almost 48m clicks!
So this will be an April 1st -joke thing! Like cats, some of us need more attention!

But it might be a cool way to amp your vimeo followers count!
Have fun with these pets (cats and dogs):

Graeme-xxy Plus

I've been waiting patiently for the April Fools day prank, I think this is it. I decided to wear my 'cat hat' a few days ago just as a reminder, which seems even more appropriate now.

Didn't spoil anything did I? :)

Chris Diken Staff

You may find yourself with a case of the friskies as the day goes on.

Giorgio Tonella

The new Vimeow looks really great!!!

MIAO! (what Italian cats say!)
Have you thought about translating "Vimeow" into more languages???


You guys must have red my profile - Vimeow is the best! ;-)

Beg=÷o÷=+dogshit÷=+x+=÷Bug Plus

Am I the only one who is allergic to cat's...I like new your ideas....please don't change your name...I do not agree with cat fetishes...or any fetish...outside of masturbation....whoops...sorry, I just make horrible videos for my dog....we like cat's...just everyone I know is allergic to cat's & I'm sorry that is there probably a problem...damn suicide notes, the pen never works...sorry get back to that & have some fun....well fill me in...kind of idiot over up in there....please don't watch my videos...sucker comments

Bill Stratford

loving the April fools Vimeo er.......sorry Vimeow :)

Breyen (Brian) Katz

Meow meow... MEOW!!! meow meow "meow"! Meow meowwww: meow meow? Purrrrrrr....

Meow, meow meow!

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I have no idea what this post means! Very confused!


WTF??? I don't want to see it! I prefer old VIMEO whithot any cats!

Alex Dao Staff

We realize this is a controversial decision, but we crunched the numbers and we're excited about our new purrrrpose.


Doubtful pleasure! How long it will last?


We all know it was unavoidable. The WWW is owned by cats. It was only a question of time.

Amaris in Wonderland

Glad to see that you chose today, of all days, to pounce on the opportunity.

Mark Bader PRO

is it april 1st by any chance ... very funny ... i hate cats !!!!

Doug Thompson Plus

My wife and I have five cats. We don't own them. Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. After seeing this, it occurs to us that we have never features any of our felines in our videos. That is something that has to change, assuming of course that the cats who see us as staff approve. Great piece.

Martin Rotaveria

Yessss, the world needed more cat videos.
Good one VimeoW!

martin mc donnell

Is there some kind of Claws on how many vimeow hairballs we can (cough) up load ....

josh + vince

Hey guys im having some trouble meow-loading my cattime videos i knead some help - thanks meow


feliz día inocentes jajaja

Ryan Gannon

Oh my god make this actually happen. (A separate site of course) A place for really artsy, high production value cat video :3

Michael Cohen

as most video professionals are already aware, the HD video format was created in order to better showcase cat breeds on Japanese television.

Miguel Chichorro Plus

Apple will follow you for sure with "Final Cat Pro X" - Video tools for true cat lovers.

Rogier Beckers

This might come in handy since YouTube is closing so I need a new place for my cat videos:)

Andrew Martis

You've cat to be kitten me right meow! This is purrrrrr-fect!

Papis M Sylla

I love cats but is this an April fool lol???? If so well done! lol I loged in early in the morning and saw cats and thought this was a spam site. So I went back to sleep till now and I'm really seeing cats *.*

Ian Thomas Ash PRO

Meanwhile in Tokyo, thousands of school girls scream "KAWAII" and a new internet craze is born in Japan.

You guys rock!

Renārs Vilnis

I want an option to keep it liek that all the time :D

David G. Tran

I love munching on some catnip and watching these meowtastic videos!!!!


{Hmph! Sourpuss Cody.} I think it's a purrfect change, glad you had the furballs to do it! Now storytellers can post their tails without the hissy fits. The announcement has me feline great, no longer boxed in by the litter of the old way. Magnificat!


Hope the fact that you rolled it out of AFD will ameowliorate the cynics.


Oh please let Vimeow be!!! :)))
And we need Meownhacer to easily add cats + purrs to our videos ))))))))))

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