Distribution is arguably the most important step of any video or live stream. You’ve planned, you’ve worked hard, and you’re ready to share your video with the world. We’re introducing two new tools to simplify your distribution workflow, and to help your videos succeed out in the wild. For live events, you can now stream simultaneously across multiple social platforms, including Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn’s new live video offering. You can also publish your uploaded videos as native social posts. These updates give creators a central hub for managing and distributing their videos

Vimeo Live, now on LinkedIn

We’re excited to share that Premium and Enterprise members can now stream natively to LinkedIn, straight from Vimeo. With the click of a button, you can simulcast to LinkedIn — and its 645 million members and 30 million businesses — all while streaming to other destinations, too. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or global business, our native integration with LinkedIn Live lets you reach professionals and businesses of all sizes in a uniquely engaging way. Currently, LinkedIn requires its members to apply to get access for live streaming. But, once you do, your live content will stand out in the feed. That means more engagement, and more eyeballs on your videos.

Simulcast to Facebook (and everywhere else) with no limitations

Previously you could not stream live to Facebook and any additional destinations. But, just recently Facebook removed that past restriction. We’re excited that live plans can now stream simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, custom RTMP, and now also LinkedIn — along with wherever you embed the Vimeo player. Live streaming (or simulcasting) across multiple destinations is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience, reduce bandwidth, and simplify your workflow.  In addition, you will soon be able to go live to Facebook in 1080p with Vimeo simulcast. That’s a much higher stream quality for your audience at no additional cost. Heads up: This doesn’t replace your live stream in the Vimeo player. You can still embed your event wherever you want, and fully customize that experience. Now, you can do all that while streaming across your social channels. When you’re done live streaming, your event will be automatically archived in the highest quality. From there you can easily download, review, and even replace post-event videos.

Publishing videos as native social posts

We’re also expanding the ability to publish videos as native posts to social destinations like Facebook and YouTube. Now, the feature is available to all paid Vimeo memberships. Because platforms tend to favor native uploads, publishing natively boosts your videos’ visibility, and helps you succeed wherever you choose to distribute videos. Instead of having to upload videos to each social account, you can publish from your Videos page in a couple clicks. Vimeo even has LinkedIn video post creation templates to get you started! Plus, you can track stats for your social posts right from your Vimeo stats dashboard. You can learn a lot more in this article.

Make it happen

Try it yourself. You can publish a video right from your videos page (click Share > Publish to Social on any video). Live members can add social platforms from the Destinations tab of their event’s settings page.

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