Live Streaming

44 terms to know if you create live video

From bitrates to uplinks, and everything in between. Cruise these key terms to get you live streaming in no time.

Live Streaming

Streaming live from the Playa

Burning questions answered by the man behind the Burning Man Project’s 24/7 live stream.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Live Streaming

What it takes to live stream a global event

Planning a live stream that your fellow colleagues actually want to watch can feel daunting. Here’s an overview of who (and what) can help make it a success.

Live Streaming

Meet Vimeo Enterprise: Video for the modern business

Get every team member aligned on an enterprise-level video platform with features like single sign-on, dedicated account management, and uptime SLAs.

Live Streaming

How to build an effective internal communications strategy

From live video to brain science, we got the scoop from internal comms experts on how to create engaging town halls, trainings, and live events for your team.

Live Streaming

Why video for corporate communications just makes sense

Making sure your team is in sync, up to speed, and informed is a challenge for many companies. Fortunately, live video can help connect the dots. Here’s how.

Live Streaming

Live Q&A: A new tool for live event engagement

Live Q&A is a simple, effective way to get a conversation going with the people watching your live events.

Now you can go live, right from your webcam

New updates make going live easier than ever: stream from your webcam (no encoder needed), and get more stats across channels.

Powerful engagement and insights for your live events

Stats, better simulcasting, and more. Check out our exciting Vimeo Premium updates for our live streaming community.

Live Streaming

Stream like a pro with (free) live encoding software

Studio 5 creates even more value for your live streams. Now, Vimeo Premium members can access all of Studio's amazing features for free.

Live Streaming

NAB 2018: Awards, new products, live streaming, and then some

For our return to NAB, we unveiled exciting product updates, went live, racked up some meaningful awards, and hosted incredible creator panels.

Our NAB 2018 releases: OTT Live, new hardware and software

What’s new for Vimeo at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2018? Studio software improvements, a brand new hardware product, and a whole lotta live streaming.

Live Streaming

The best ways to live stream your big event

Our producer shares some insight on getting your live event off the ground with minimal chaos and maximum success.

Live Streaming

What to do before going live on camera

Ready for your live event? Here are four things to consider before stepping in front of the lens.